Which USRN extract is needed for registration?

Definition of the concept

Registration is the residence address of a citizen, a specific place where he is permanently located and which is indicated in the passport. Every person is required to register at their place of residence. Even if he has been discharged from his old place of residence, he must apply for a new registration no later than a week.

Registration is necessary for the state to keep records of the number of residents living in a certain territory. It can be permanent or temporary. The latter is required for those who live in one place for more than 90 days. Registration is needed to get a job, receive benefits and medical care. If a person violates the registration deadlines, he faces administrative punishment (fine).

How to temporarily register a person in your apartment

Citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan are allowed to stay on the territory of Russia for up to 3 months, despite the fact that they are allowed not to notify the FMS service about this. If the duration of stay is more than 3 months, then it is necessary to obtain a residence permit or register temporarily.

Is it possible to temporarily register a person in an apartment in 2020? It depends on certain nuances. Temporary registration is a document with registration when a person is registered by the FMS based on his actual stay, not living at his permanent place of residence. The Migration Service obliges every person who is not at his place of residence for work or study, and his period of stay is more than 3 months, to be registered with the Federal Migration Service.

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Is it legal to buy a residence permit?

In Russia, registration for money exists; such an action is not prohibited by law. A citizen of the Russian Federation can move another person into the apartment and register him there. The owner quite legally sells several square meters of space, and the buyer has the right to fit into them. The transaction is recognized as legal, because the law does not limit the share limit.

In most cases, the question “How to register for money?” it is solved very simply. You can buy on the basis of a lease agreement for premises, and such an action will be completely legal and recognized by the authorities of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Consequences of a person registering in an apartment

A person actually has to register all this at their registration address. Social benefits are often brought by the postman, and the employer wants to know, without providing housing, that the applicant, the future employee, expects long-term cooperation. Registration will also be an advantage for foreign citizens. When it's not there, there are consequences. It will not be possible to completely adapt to a new locality.

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It is impossible to sell housing without registering all registered persons. It is during the sale that most often the owners have to regret that they registered someone else in the apartment. Each person must contact the passport office with a request to remove him from registration. The consequences of rash actions in the past will not be long in coming at this moment. What to do if a person has moved to an unknown location, but the registration is not temporary? Alas, we will have to find it. Otherwise, after some time, the transaction for the sale of living space may be declared illegal and invalid. The buyer's lawyer must check the information carefully from the very beginning, take care of the interests of his client, ensure the legality and legality of the transaction or refuse to carry it out. The consequences of selling living space without registering all registered persons can be very serious.

Legal nuances of registration

It is the legality of the transaction that worries all visitors. After all, most of them are afraid of getting caught by scammers or unscrupulous homeowners. The main rules that will protect you from deception and help you legally register temporarily for money are not to give money to the apartment owner in advance, hoping for his honesty, and be sure to formalize the procedure with the Main Directorate for Migration.

Legal registration

During the investigation, you should act in accordance with the requirements of the law: to register with the Main Department of Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, come together with the owner of the apartment and prepare all the documents. The law can regard the purchase of registration in two ways. On the one hand, if the procedure follows all the rules, then the registration is legal, but the fact that they paid for it may entail a fine and recognition of the registration as fictitious.

To make registration in Moscow legal, you must adhere to the rules and carefully choose a person or company that provides such services:

  • Only the owner can register in the apartment, so you should verify his right to the property;
  • the contract specifically states the amount, validity period and other points of the transaction;
  • under no circumstances give money in advance;
  • bail should not be given.

In order for the registration to be recognized as valid, all registration rules must be followed. In this case, the money transferred will be considered only as gratitude, and registration will become legal.

Illegal residence

Living in housing without registration is illegal. But many use this option at their own peril and risk. Living illegally, especially if it becomes known to federal authorities, may result in a fine.

How to register for money

How much it costs to obtain temporary or permanent registration depends on the region where you need to register. In more remote regions the price will be lower, in the capital it will be higher.

  • write a statement to the GUVM authorities;
  • collect documents (passport, military ID, document on removal from the previous place of registration);
  • the owner of the property provides a statement of consent to the procedure and provides documents (passport, ownership of the apartment);
  • written consent of the other homeowners is required.

Documents must be drawn up together with the owner of the living space or his authorized representative. It is better to choose an apartment without utility debts or creditor claims.

Cost of providing the service

Demand creates supply, which is why in Russia today there are many companies providing similar services. You can contact legal centers or ask ordinary citizens. The price of temporary registration depends on the region and the intermediary company, because official companies will charge a higher fee.

How much does temporary registration cost? The approximate cost per year in Moscow is 2000-3000 rubles. To live without additional renewal of papers for 5 years, you will have to pay about 25 thousand rubles in Moscow, and several thousand less in St. Petersburg.

Temporary registration

Specially created legal centers will help you buy temporary registration. The price depends on the selected city and duration of registration.

To the question “How much does temporary registration in Moscow cost?” It’s difficult to answer, because companies charge different prices for their services. The approximate price ranges from 3500-5000 rubles per year. For small cities, the cost of registration for 5 years is no more than 5-6 thousand rubles.

Permanent registration

To buy a residence permit on a permanent basis, you will have to pay a lot more, since it provides its owner with a full range of social guarantees. You can find the service in intermediary companies or through advertisements from ordinary citizens.

How much does permanent registration cost? Depends on many factors: type of property, living conditions, region. In Moscow, the price for the service can reach 80 thousand rubles per year, in cities remote from the capital, the cost is more affordable - 45-40 thousand per year.


The current legislation of the Russian Federation determines the rights and obligations of citizens regarding registration at the place of residence.

  1. Permanent registration can be obtained in your own home or in the home of your relative.
  2. Temporary registration can be carried out in any residential premises, with prior consent from the owner.

The main difference between temporary registration and permanent registration is that it does not give the citizen rights to occupied housing.

An owner who has given consent to register another person in his or her home has the right to revoke it by notifying the FMS of his intention. Upon receipt of such an application, the temporary registration will be cancelled.

Currently, the basic rules and conditions relating to the registration of citizens are established by the following regulations:

The law distinguishes two types of registration of citizens:

  • constant;
  • temporary.
  1. Permanent registration determines the citizen's place of residence.
  2. Temporary does not cancel permanent registration, but is a necessary condition when a citizen lives for a long time outside his place of permanent residence (more than 3 months ).

Video: all the nuances

How much does it cost to register temporarily?

According to the law, temporary registration can be issued for a maximum of 5 years , and a minimum period of six months .

Thus , it will not be possible to obtain temporary registration for 2-3 months , as this will be a direct violation of the law.

It is not always possible to find a home owner who is ready not only to rent it out for a certain period of time, but also to issue a temporary registration for a new tenant.

In this regard, the service of selling temporary registration is popular in almost all large cities.

In order to find out how much temporary registration costs, citizens should monitor the market. According to statistics, the price will differ depending on the citizenship of the subject.

For example, registration in Moscow will cost:

  • for citizens of the Russian Federation, the cost will be up to 4,500 rubles per year ;
  • for citizens of the CIS or countries with which there is a visa-free regime with the Russian Federation, services will amount to up to 4,000 per year ;
  • citizens with whom the Russian Federation has a visa regime, the cost of services will also be up to 10,000 per year.

When purchasing registration for money, it is important to remember that representatives of such services do not always work in good faith. It is not uncommon for false documentation to be provided. Therefore, special care should be taken.

It is worth noting that no matter how much registration is completed, for 6 months or a year , when applying to the Federal Migration Service or the passport office, the citizen is not required to pay anything.

Newborn baby

The procedure for registering a newborn child is free. The main costs may be associated with paperwork.

It is worth noting that if the child’s registration deadlines are violated, his parents will be fined under Article 19.15.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (fine amount from 2 to 7 thousand rubles ).

Thus , on the one hand, a free procedure may incur significant costs.

Foreign citizens

Registration of a foreign citizen is the only type of registration that requires payment in the form of a state fee. The average fee is 350 rubles.

The indicated amount is not standardized and may vary depending on the region. You can find out the exact information at your local FMS office.

The registration procedure itself is carried out using a temporary residence permit, which is issued for a period of no more than 12 months. For 3 years, registration can be issued for highly qualified specialists.

How to change your registration through State Services is written here.

Registration through a law firm

Law firms and legal centers offer registration services to all citizens. The centers are more reliable and charge much less for registration. The operating principle of such companies is similar: the intermediary looks for living space and handles paperwork, and the client pays for the services.

The cost of registration in an apartment depends on the type of living space, period, and city. With the help of companies you can obtain registration in:

  • private house;
  • hostel;
  • communal or ordinary apartment;
  • in the country.

If the intermediary is a private person, it is recommended to discuss in advance all the nuances of the transaction, the responsibilities of each party, and transfer payment only after all stages have been completed.

Purchase options

Registration of temporary and permanent registration for citizens of the Russian Federation is completely free. This method is valid only if the citizen has a friend or relative who is ready to register him in his living space. For foreigners, a host is required, which is responsible for registering the person on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Intermediaries include specialized companies providing citizen registration services. The principle of operation is based on providing the client with the necessary living space for registration and complete paperwork with the provision of appropriate confirmation. The cost of the service depends on the period of registration, city and living space conditions (apartment, hostel or private house).

An intermediary can also be a private person who has an individual database of clients who provide housing for rent or for registration. The difference from the company is the absence of any guarantees in the provision of services.

Therefore, it is recommended to discuss the details in advance, as well as the method of transferring funds and time. It is recommended to make payment only after completing all stages of registration. The owner essentially does not risk anything, and the applicant for registration will be confident in the honesty of the intermediary.

Sample certificate of registration at the place of stay

Legal centers

Legal centers provide all the same services for registering citizens, but are more reliable, affordable prices and a wide client base.

Thanks to this, a person has the opportunity to register in:

Sample of filling out an application for registration at the place of residence

Registration by purchasing a share of real estate

Buying a few meters of residential real estate and legally registering in it is another way to obtain registration. Until recently, the law did not specify restrictions on the share of real estate that allows a new tenant to be assigned. This led to the fact that one citizen was able to register about 2 thousand foreigners in his living space.

Consequences of registration

The lack of registration limits a person and does not allow him to feel part of society. After receiving temporary or permanent registration, the following opportunities are provided:

  • send your child to kindergarten or school;
  • social benefits, benefits;
  • free medical care;
  • obtaining IP, INN, SNILS certificates;
  • official employment;
  • obtaining insurance or a driver's license.

If the owner of the apartment has registered another person, then he has no rights to dispose of the living space. He can only live in it.

How to avoid being scammed

To avoid being deceived by intermediary companies, you should read reviews about them in advance and choose only a company with a good reputation.

To avoid falling for scammers, you should:

  • find a company that provides this service, read reviews;
  • check all documents (for housing, whether the owner of the apartment has a residence permit);
  • visit representatives of the migration service for consultation;
  • check the presence of a registration stamp or temporary registration insert;
  • The document must bear the seal of the migration service.

Registration services are quite expensive, so you should be wary of offers with too low a price. And it is better to entrust the issue of finding housing to a law company than to negotiate with the owner yourself. Indeed, in the latter option, no one will guarantee that the transaction will take place legally and honestly.

Independent registration

You can personally register for a certain time only in your home: in an apartment, a room owned by individual or shared ownership. To register, you need to come to the MFC or to a passport specialist, if the management company has one, with a passport.

In rented housing

If the housing is rented, the owner (with the consent of all co-owners) must personally write an application for temporary registration of an outsider. Documents needed:

  • owner's passport;
  • passport of the person being registered.

Through agencies

There are many agencies and private realtors in the capital that provide temporary registration services. Apartment owners turn to such agencies in order to make money on temporary registration.

Agents independently obtain temporary registration for money.

How much does it cost to register in Moscow at your place of residence?

For citizens who do not own any real estate in Moscow, acquiring permanent registration in residential premises located in the capital is of great importance. Having the coveted stamp in a passport with Moscow registration opens up prospects for secure employment, receiving social benefits and municipal surcharges guaranteed by the city government.

Almost always, such a circumstance as registering permanently in Moscow is the only condition for admission to work, to school, to a preschool institution. We will talk about the features of registration in Moscow for citizens of the Russian Federation in the article - https://propiskainfo.ru/2364-oformlenie-postoyannoi-registratsii-v-moskve-dlya-grazhdan-rf

Obtaining a residence permit in the capital is quite easy - the only question is the legality of the procedures and the price.

Few people can buy an apartment, and the most popular solution to the problem is the decision to buy a residence permit in Moscow. The price tag, which determines how much Moscow registration costs for nonresident Russian citizens and foreigners, in this case takes on paramount importance.

Registration in municipal and departmental housing

Municipal housing includes residential premises used through a social tenancy agreement or provided by a military authority.

In these cases, the law provides for a limited number of registered people per square meter of living space.

Local governments use regional coefficients. These indicators are necessary to set a limit on living space. For example, in the city of Saratov, in an apartment whose area is 40 square meters. m you can register only two people.

Since 16 square meters are allocated per person. m. These 16 sq. m and will be the regional coefficient of the footage limit upon registration.

In other regions and cities, the footage limit is from 6 square meters. m and above, but the maximum threshold cannot exceed 16 square meters. m.

Important! Registration of relatives in municipal housing is possible, even if the square meters do not allow. But this can really be done with the unanimous consent of all other residents of this housing. ST. 70 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

In departmental apartments, registration is possible only with the written permission of the authority that issued the living space.

Most often, such apartments are issued by military organizations, to families in which one of the family members is directly related to the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

We recommend reading the article on how to privatize an apartment under a social tenancy agreement.

The information in the article on how to register in a private house may also be useful to you.

Options for purchasing registration in Moscow

Registration in Moscow can be purchased officially. Registration in Moscow, issued on the basis of a residential lease agreement, is recognized unconditionally by FMS employees, and such confirmation of registration in Moscow is a sufficiently reasoned circumstance for resolving controversial issues in favor of the tenant. The cost of registration in Moscow in case of concluding a lease agreement will be absolutely free - without paying state fees and FMS services. All costs relate to rent only.

A citizen also receives the right to purchase registration in Moscow when purchasing a share in a real estate property for registration - the cost of such a service varies from 50 to 100 thousand rubles (2020 prices). Its essence is as follows - the owner sells the minimum part of the apartment, amounting to only a few square meters, in order to acquire the right to register for them. Since the law does not limit the size of the share and the limit of registered citizens, such an action is completely legal. You can learn more about the topic of how many people can be registered in a one-room apartment on the page.

Risks when purchasing registration

In January 2013, the legislation on control over the registration of citizens changed; now the Code regulating administrative offenses contains an article where living without registration will result in a fine.

It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the proposed place of registration before transferring money to the company - make sure that such an address is available, that it is in acceptable condition, excluding emergency demolition, and, if possible, reviews of the apartment owners. Subject to these conditions, a citizen who registers for money reduces the following risks:

  • a possible quick sale of the apartment with the forced deregistration of all registered citizens through the court;
  • destruction of a house as a construction site;
  • the location of the house outside the area agreed upon with representatives of the intermediary company.

The most acceptable option is the registration procedure, carried out in a standard manner, in the presence of the owner and the registered citizen. This option confirms the consent of the owner and increases the chances that the money for registration will not be paid in vain.

What is temporary registration and how to apply for it

If, for certain reasons, a foreign citizen is faced with a situation where he does not have the opportunity to register temporarily. The reasons may be different: he did not agree with the owner of the living space or others, then he should contact an intermediary company and be sure to hire professionals in their field.

  1. Copies of passports of parents (legal representatives).
  2. A copy of the birth certificate.
  3. Extract from the house register at the place of registration.
  4. If the child moves in with only one of the parents, then the notarized consent of the second parent will be required.
  5. A copy of your marriage or divorce certificate.
  6. If a minor is moving in with a guardian, a copy of the adoption certificate will be required.

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