The procedure for registration through the MFC

  • The procedure for registration or discharge through the MFC
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      How to register a citizen of another state?
  • How to check out and register at the same time?
  • Is it possible to check out at the MFC remotely?
  • Do I need to pay utilities if I do not live according to registration?
  • Is it possible to register at a dacha in a private house?
  • How to register a citizen in an apartment with shared ownership?
  • Registration in residential premises and change of registration through the MFC in St. Petersburg is carried out most often. Despite the fact that migration services are in charge of registration issues, they have long delegated the authority to carry out the procedure to several government agencies.

    The most convenient and fastest way to register is rightfully considered to be using “My Documents”. How to do this for adults and children will be discussed in the article.

    The procedure for registration or discharge through the MFC

    Former Soviet citizens still remember the word “propiska”. Therefore, the concepts of “registration” and “registration” are often confused with each other. The latter term was introduced not so long ago and means recording information about the chosen place of residence (in the article the definition of “registration” will be used with the designation of registration). First of all, it is necessary for the state, as well as interested parties. At the same time, government bodies do not have the right to restrict a citizen in choosing a place for registration. He is free and can live, and therefore register, anywhere if he has the legal right to square meters.

    If we talk about registration, it should be noted that it exists in 2 types:

    • permanent - the applicant reports that he plans to live in the same place for a long time (usually the owners of residential premises and their family members are designated in this way);
    • temporary - it is necessary when leaving for a period of more than 3 months (this option is suitable for people who leave for work for a long time).

    Before visiting government agencies, you need to remember that registering at a new place of residence through the MFC is not possible in all premises. Permitted include only those that have residential status. This group includes:

    • private houses;
    • country houses;
    • apartment buildings;
    • room in a communal apartment.

    The procedure can also be carried out by those who have the right to a share in a cottage or apartment. But non-residential premises, despite their size and location, do not give their owners the right to register on square meters.

    Carrying out registration actions through multifunctional centers has many advantages:

    • flexible operating hours of representative offices;
    • wide network of offices;
    • consulting services;
    • resolving all issues through one specialist;
    • the opportunity to undergo the procedure without waiting in queues by appointment.

    The registration process itself is quite simple, but before visiting the center’s office, you need to clarify several nuances. The easiest way is to register for square meters by their owner. He, by his own right, can register family members and strangers. But it is worth considering that the size of monthly payments for utilities directly depends on the number of people registered in the living space.

    If registration is issued for a person who is not related to the apartment or house, then he will not be able to do without the owner. The MFC will require his personal presence or permission for registration actions certified by a notary. All of the above points must be thought through in advance.

    The algorithm of actions when contacting the MFC is as follows:

    1. Make an appointment (it’s more convenient to do this by phone).
    2. Collecting a complete package of documents (otherwise you will have to come to the center at least one more time).
    3. Visit to the office at the agreed time (if the first item on the list is not relevant, then the visitor has the right to come to “My Documents” at any time according to the work schedule).
    4. Receive a coupon, which reflects the request number and the number of people in the queue.
    5. Transfer of documents and their verification.
    6. Receiving a receipt from the employee.
    7. Visit to the MFC at the agreed time to receive an identity card with a registration stamp.

    The center employees themselves do not carry out registration - they only advise visitors and accept papers from them. Then all documents are submitted for verification by migration services and they carry out all the necessary actions.

    Is it possible to check out and register at the MFC?

    Registration of citizens after moving to another residential area for short-term or permanent residence, as well as their deregistration, is included in the mandatory list of services provided in all MFC contact centers. This obligation is spelled out in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 797 of September 27, 2011.

    This option is especially convenient for people who have moved to another city for permanent residence when a remote statement is required. When you apply to the MFC at your new place of residence for registration, you will automatically be issued an extract at your old address. True, a little more time will be spent on registration.

    Employees of multifunctional centers do not carry out registration work themselves. Their activity consists of accepting the application, checking for the presence of all required papers, checking for errors and false information, and transferring it to the migration authority.

    How to register a child through the MFC?

    Registering children in an apartment does not seem difficult, but it has its own nuances and subtleties. Visitors should also be aware of them in advance so as not to return to the multifunctional center again due to incorrectly collected papers or ignorance of the legal framework.

    Parents are given a seven-day period for all manipulations after receiving a birth certificate. If they do not meet the deadline, they will pay a fine.

    The easiest way is to register a newborn at the MFC at the new place of residence. It is important that the baby is registered automatically - this action does not require the consent or presence of the homeowner. He can only find out after the fact that a child is registered in his area.

    An infant cannot be registered in a living space to which his parents have no connection. The mother and father of the child may not be the owners of the square meters, but must be registered on them.

    The baby is registered at the address of any parent, if according to the documents they are registered in different apartments or houses. The choice of location is up to the new mom and dad.

    When registering for a child’s living space, parents should know that:

    • the child will not be able to change his registration without the permission of the guardianship authorities;
    • A certificate will be issued as confirmation of registration.

    Children under 14 years of age must also be registered with one of their official representatives - mom or dad. Registration with grandparents is allowed, as they are close relatives of the minor. All documents for the child are signed by his parents, and the registration mark is placed in a separate document.

    After receiving a passport, the child can be registered on any square meter, even in another city. But until he officially reaches the age of 18, his parents will still sign documents for him. From the age of 14, marks about registration actions are already placed on the teenager’s identity card.

    The only difference in registering adults and children is that to register children, the parent must also provide the child’s birth certificate.

    Registration through MFC

    Advice from lawyers:

    1. Can I, without local registration, open a personal account on the government services website through the MFC?

    1.1. Hello! For individuals on the state website. services, there are three types of accounts - “simplified”, “standard” and “verified”; they can only be obtained in that order through the unified identification and authentication system. Best wishes to you!

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    Consultation on your issue


    Calls from landlines and mobiles are free throughout Russia

    2. Can I re-register a car through the MFC when changing my registration?

    2.1. Hello, Alexander Alexandrovich! You can re-register a vehicle by contacting the traffic police MREO at your place of residence.

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    3. Can I obtain citizenship for a child through the MFC, not by registration?

    3.1. At the MFC branch in the Kargopol district, foreign citizens are provided with only migration registration services. Read more >>>

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    4. Documents for registration were submitted through the MFC. As a result, the Federal Migration Service cannot find the documents, and the MFC says that everything was sent to the Federal Migration Service. What should I do? And how can I get my documents back?

    4.1. Do you still have the receipt? If yes, then write an application to the higher police department to conduct an inspection.

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    5. My son turned 14 years old and submitted documents to receive a Russian passport through the MFC. When receiving a passport, my son does not have a registration, I say no, when he was registered immediately after birth. They said it’s not in the database and you need to contact the Federal Migration Service. Whose fault is it, and what should I do?, I’m really outraged!

    5.1. Natalya, contact the MFC again with your son’s passport to put a mark on your son’s registration at his place of residence.

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    5.2. Take an extended extract from the place where you applied for registration at the birth of your son through the MFC portal of public services. The procedure for providing public services is defined in the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the provision of public services for the issuance and replacement of passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation, identifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation, approved by Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dated November 13, 2020 N 851

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    5.3. Perhaps the databases were simply transferred incorrectly. Please contact the Federal Migration Service with your request,

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    6. Please, is it possible to get a temporary registration for a child through the MFC, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, while I am in Chelyabinsk, and if I apply here in the city, they will be able to transfer the request there?

    6.1. List of documents for registration To obtain registration you will need: an application (form No. 6 for permanent registration, No. 1 for temporary registration), can be filled out in advance or on the spot: passport; a certificate of state registration of the right (the applicant’s ownership of the residential premises or its share) or a social tenancy agreement, or another document confirming the right to use the residential premises; if a person applies for registration in a living space of which he is not the owner, then an application from the owner and his passport are required (the owner must be personally present when submitting the application); in the case of registration on square meters, the use of which is carried out under a social tenancy agreement, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the tenant and other adult members of his family registered there (and if the person being registered is not a direct relative - a spouse, child or parent - then the consent of the landlord is also required). If it is necessary to obtain permanent or temporary registration, a person must contact the multifunctional center with a full package of necessary documents and an application. Yes, you can.

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    7. The two-room apartment is located in the Republic of Yakutia. Not privatized. It contains a father and an adult daughter. Is it possible to register three more children there without her consent? And is it possible to submit documents from another city through the MFC? I want to do this: submit documents for registration of children, get on the train and upon arrival (4 days later) pick up the ready-made ones. Is this possible?

    7.1. Register with the consent of the owner of the premises, Article 209 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If the owner agrees, then you can. Is the answer clear?

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    8. In 2007, I was registered at an address, I went to another city, a year later I returned and found out through the passport office that I had been discharged, but the stamp remained in my passport. In 2020, I handed over a replacement passport to the MFC, and they returned it to me with a registration stamp. Question: 1) What fine awaits me when I apply for an extract and for real registration? And 2) I want to purchase a share in a company (LLC), will the tax authorities cancel my share subsequently?

    8.1. 1. There will be no fine, since you did not put the stamp on the registration from which you were removed. 2. The tax office does not have the right to cancel the transaction for your acquisition of a share in the company.

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    9. A person, due to forced circumstances, left for another city without having time to register at the place of his new property after selling the apartment. The property is registered. Can he, while continuing to be in another city, register for registration at the place of his property remotely, for example through the MFC, by presenting documents for this property, without leaving for that city.

    9.1. Hello Elena Registration at the place of residence (propiska) is essentially an official confirmation of the current place of residence of a particular citizen, and you have already left for another city. In this regard, everything related to the migration registration of citizens is carried out and formalized only in personal presence.

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    10. I registered my son through the MFC, 2 years have passed and I requested a certificate of family composition from the passport office. And they told me that my son was not registered! I gave them a registration, they entered it and now they have issued an invoice for the previous 2 years! Can I somehow challenge this debt? It's not my fault!

    10.1. Hello, you can challenge it, but they will refuse you, since the demand is legitimate, the amount of payment for an apartment is calculated based on the number of citizens living. And the fact that the son was not listed as a resident according to the documents does not exclude the fact of his actual residence and use of housing and communal resources. And the Criminal Code makes a calculation based on the number of registered persons, now that it turns out that the person was registered, but the payment was not accrued, they sent you an invoice, everything is legal here.

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    11. I am registered in Moscow, but live in a city near Moscow. For example, I can get a medical certificate for exchanging rights here at a local clinic. Although I had to go to Moscow to get certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist. Can I exchange my license at the traffic police department of this city near Moscow? Or, after all, will you have to go to your place of registration? For example, if you change your license through the MFC, then you definitely need to go to Moscow. 'Information from the legal social network was used'

    11.1. You can exchange your driver's license only at your place of permanent registration.

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    12. I want to give birth to 3 children in Sochi, but my registration is in Ryazan. Can I collect all my documents through the MFC so as not to have to go to Ryazan?

    12.1. What specific documents are you talking about? A child's birth certificate can be obtained in Sochi.

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    13. We want to divorce my wife by mutual consent without any complaints. There is a 7 year old child. The marriage was registered in the Altai Territory, and they are registered permanently there. We live in the Novosibirsk region with temporary registration. Tell me: is it possible to get a divorce without going to the Altai Territory? Or should I still go there to get a certificate of termination? How to reduce the number of trips? Divorce through court, registry office or MFC? Thank you.

    13.1. Good afternoon. You can get a divorce at the place of temporary registration. To do this, you need to correctly draft a claim and file it in court.

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    14. How to check out of an apartment without further registration at another address? I am selling an apartment, I plan to buy a new one only in half a year, there is nowhere to register for a while, they refuse to issue an extract (at the MFC and the passport office).

    14.1. They cannot refuse to check you out of your apartment; you can name any address where you will temporarily reside.

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    15. Such a question. I am registered in the Voronezh region. Now I live in the Moscow region. The deadline for replacing my passport has arrived. Upon reaching 20 years of age, I went to the MFC and did everything to get a new passport. After a while, the passport arrived, but without registration, and in that passport there was registration, although in For 14 years I also received a passport in the Moscow region and then they gave me a residence permit, but this time they didn’t tell me what to do next.

    15.1. Find out at the MFC why they didn’t put a registration stamp in your passport.

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    16. My son is studying in another city. He urgently needs to get a hunting license. Can he do this through the MFC only by registration or through the MFC in the city where he studies?

    16.1. You can go to the MFC at your place of residence.

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    17. We were told at the MFC that the passport will be ready in 30 days, because we have temporary registration. Can a passport be issued at the wrong time? Is there a possibility of a delay? Or, as they indicated that you need to come and get it on November 15, is that what they will do?

    17.1. As a rule, documents are issued in advance.

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    18. I bought an apartment, registered in it and at the same time checked out of the old municipal apartment on September 3. Through MFC. My daughter stayed with the municipality and is registered. Payments are still being made. How do I stay registered there? It turns out that registration fees are charged in two places. I can’t prove anything in the Criminal Code. They say contact the city administration. And ask them to remove me from the registration of the social contract and rental agreement. What should I do?

    18.1. Irina, terminate the social tenancy agreement, and your daughter must enter into a social tenancy agreement. Payments are issued because you did not terminate the contract.

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    19. Submitted documents for foreign travel. Passport through the MFC at the place of registration, I went 1000 km to another region, there is no opportunity to come and get a passport. Is it possible to receive a foreign passport upon request or application by mail? By location?

    19.1. No, this option is not provided; documents must be received only at the MFC where they were submitted.

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    20. We bought an apartment. The former owner went to another city and settled in there and registered through the MFC, they say that the information about the discharge will come in 6 months. My wife and I will register in the purchased apartment and there will already be 4 of us registered. The housing office charges rent for 4. They explain that when the papers arrive, we will recalculate only for garbage removal, it turns out that we will pay an additional 6 months for 2 people just like that? Alexander.

    20.1. Don't you have meters in your apartment? The only utility resource charged based on the number of registered ones is the removal of MSW (garbage). They will count it for you. The rest is all calculated using counters or quadrature.

    Did the answer help you?YesNo

    Is it possible to check out of an apartment and register at another address through the MFC? What documents are needed for discharge and registration?

    Is it possible to be discharged from a permanent place of registration without being in that city, for example through an MFC in another? Or do you have to go to the Passport office at your place of registration?

    Is it possible to be discharged from a permanent place of registration without being in that city, for example through an MFC in another? Or do you have to go to the Passport office at your place of registration?

    I live in the Ryazan region. The daughter is registered with her father in the Moscow region.

    My brother’s temporary registration in the Krasnodar region ends on July 31. Can I have it tomorrow

    Where to contact regarding a land plot? I have four children, recognized as low-income, a certificate of large families, permanent Moscow registration...

    I live in Moscow, permanent registration in the Orenburg region, can I change my permanent place of registration from Moscow (through a notary, MFC...)

    EnergoSbyk, which currently sends receipts for garbage removal, asks for copies of documents (passport, registration, number of registered, etc.).

    Due to the move, I sold my apartment in one city and am moving to another.

    My husband’s registration has expired; he submitted documents through the MFC. They set a date to come to the Federal Migration Service.

    Registration Tver region, I work and am in Moscow, how to change my passport through the MFC in Moscow.

    Temporary registration through the MFC in St. Petersburg

    Anyone who has left their official place of residence for a period of more than 3 months must obtain a temporary registration at their place of stay.

    This rule is relevant for Russians and guests of the country planning to work in this region for a long time. If a citizen knows for sure that he is leaving for a long time, he must take an absentee ballot. At his new location, this document will allow him to complete the registration necessary to comply with the law.

    In a foreign city, the only way to fulfill your obligations is to register with the owner who provides housing for rent. But the plan can be realized only with his consent. If the owner is categorically against it, then an application still needs to be submitted. In the future, this fact will allow you to avoid a fine for lack of temporary registration.

    In a situation where the owner’s consent is obtained, the procedure at the MFC is carried out in the same way as in the standard mode described above.

    What documents are needed for registration at the MFC?

    To register without any hitches or delays, you need to worry about collecting documents in advance. For a permanent look you will need:

    • identification;
    • departure slip;
    • certificate of the number of persons registered on these square meters;
    • standard form (form No. 6).

    If the registration is completed by the owner of the property, then he adds a certificate of ownership or a social contract to the above. hiring

    In a situation where the applicant does not have any rights to residential premises, he needs to supplement the above list with the following papers:

    • identification card of the owner (this does not replace the need for his personal presence);
    • social rental agreement.

    In the latter case, you will also need permission to register from everyone who lives in this apartment.

    If temporary registration is planned, applicants provide:

    • form (form No. 1);
    • identification;
    • certificate from the place of permanent residence;
    • identification card and title papers of the owner of the square meters.

    You can download forms for permanent and temporary registration in .doc format:

    • form No. 6;
    • form No. 1.

    For temporary registration, foreigners are required to have documents from the same list, but in addition they are required to have their passport translated into Russian and have it certified by a notary.

    In the case of temporary registration of citizens, the presence of home owners is also considered mandatory. Without this, registration actions will not be possible.

    Sample application for registration

    When filling out the form, the applicant must exclude errors and blots. The law does not prohibit entering data by hand; if desired, the application can be filled out on a computer.

    Despite the fact that the forms for permanent and temporary registration have different forms, they contain quite a lot of identical information:

    • passport details;
    • information about the place of departure;
    • information about the owner and title papers.

    It is advisable to fill out the paperwork under the guidance of a center employee. This significantly reduces the risk of errors and speeds up the procedure.

    A sample of filling out an application to the MFC can be downloaded from the appropriate links:

    • for the initial registration of a baby;
    • for registration of a child;
    • for registration at the place of stay;

    What documents are needed

    To register at your place of residence, you need to bring documents to the MFC. When all the papers are ready, they are given to the department employee along with the passport.

    A citizen can register in the property of another owner or in his own living space. In the first case, the employer or owner must be present when filling out the application at the MFC.

    The standard package of documents required by everyone includes:

    • two applications (form 1 and for discharge);
    • written consent of the tenant or property owner;
    • if the living space is in municipal ownership, then the consent of all residents or owners;
    • passport or other identification document;
    • documents confirming the owner's right to real estate.

    The owner has the right to refuse an MFC employee’s request to provide documents for real estate, since the law stipulates registration of registration without these papers.

    If a citizen has already been discharged from his previous place of residence, then an MFC employee fills out a departure form. This form, as well as the arrival sheet and apartment cards, is filled out only by officials in the department.

    Then the original documents and copies will be verified, the employee will check the presence of each homeowner and the correctness of filling out the applications.

    Both adults and minors can register at their place of residence. To register children you will need additional papers:

    • passports of both parents (one if the other is absent for a valid reason);
    • birth certificate and copy;
    • marriage or divorce certificate and a copy.

    In the case of a newborn child, he is automatically registered at the mother’s place of residence after six months, unless the parents register the child at a different address.

    If the parents live separately, then the MFC will also need to report:

    • written consent of the mother to register the child at the specified address;
    • When registering, the father is required to provide proof that the child is not registered elsewhere;
    • application for child registration.

    After checking and approving all papers, the citizen will receive a certificate confirming the consideration of the application. Documents can be given either personally to an MFC employee or online on the State Services portal.

    In some cases, registration takes a long time, so a citizen must obtain a document that temporarily replaces a passport.

    Terms and cost of receiving the service

    The period for registration at the place of residence completely coincides with the length of time it takes to register upon the fact of your stay. Registration takes from 3 to 10 days. Most often, readiness is reported within 3-5 days.

    The easiest way to find out when registration is ready is to send a message to the phone number specified in the receipt issued during the first visit to the office. The center's employees send out mailings immediately after they receive documents. After receiving the message, you can go to receive it along with a receipt.

    Registration in an apartment through the MFC “My Documents” for citizens of the Russian Federation is carried out free of charge.

    The service is provided free of charge, and therefore any attempts to take money are outright fraud and are punishable by law of the Russian Federation.

    This right is guaranteed by the state, but in some cases you have to pay for related services. For example, notarization of documents will require money.

    Is it possible to check out of an apartment and register through the MFC?

    Expert opinion

    Stanislav Evseev

    Lawyer. Experience 12 years. Specialization: civil, family, inheritance law.

    The removal and registration of citizens at their place of residence is carried out by the bodies of the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This is where you should apply with the relevant statements.

    However, recently, for the convenience of citizens, the possibility of deregistration with simultaneous registration in another apartment through the State Budgetary Institution “My Documents” (MFC) was implemented.

    Many residents of the Russian Federation have already appreciated the convenience of such a procedure in this organization.


    Despite its apparent simplicity, registration actions raise a large number of questions among citizens. The most common ones are listed below with detailed answers.

    How to register a citizen of another state?

    You can register a citizen of Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Belarus in an apartment according to the same scheme as a Russian citizen. The main thing is that the applicant has:

    • departure certificate/certificate of permanent registration in the homeland;
    • translation of a passport certified by a notary.

    A foreigner can obtain both permanent and temporary registration in the country.

    How to check out and register at the same time?

    This possibility exists. But only for permanent registration. If a citizen purchased a new apartment and moved into it, then he may not be deregistered at his old place of residence - just fill out a standard form for registration at the new address. In this case, the departure will be made automatically.

    Is it possible to check out at the MFC remotely?

    Multifunctional centers provide such services. But to do this, the citizen will need to issue a power of attorney through a notary office and provide the attorney with his or her identification card. In the future, the trustee will do everything for him.

    Do I need to pay utility bills if I do not live at my registered address?

    In this case, the utility company conducts a recalculation. It is more convenient if a citizen writes a statement in advance stating that he will not live on the square meters for a certain period of time. The service company will remove part of the payments from him (for example, for garbage removal), and the absence of meter data will allow him not to pay for water and gas. However, the premises will be heated in winter, this payment must be made.

    Is it possible to register at a dacha in a private house?

    It is possible if the house is recognized as residential. The “dacha amnesty” allows gardeners to officially register their homes. If it was possible to transfer it to residential status, then registration of square meters is carried out according to standard rules.

    How to register a citizen in an apartment with shared ownership?

    If there is a share, the owner has the right to register only a child on his square meters. In other cases, the consent of all owners of the property is required.

    But if part of the share is registered as a gift in favor of a person planning to register here, the opinion of other owners is no longer taken into account.

    If you are unable to find the answer to your question, we recommend that you contact our lawyer. He will provide a consultation free of charge and provide the necessary information.

    If it happens that you find an error in the data provided on the site, please select the text and press the key combination Ctrl+Enter.

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