Deed of gift or will? What is the best way to pass on the dacha to children?
How to transfer a dacha to another person
Transfer a summer cottage plot to a relative after death This can be done by expert companies or BTI employees.
Fine for using land without documents
Definition of concepts After acquiring a land plot, citizens are responsible for preparing documents. First
Unauthorized buildings will be dealt with in 2020
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 There are more than 60 million registered in the Russian Federation
Do I need a cadastral passport for a garden house?
Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a technical passport for a residential building in 2020 according to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia regulating
What is and how to obtain a cadastral passport of a land plot
Register the land plot with the cadastral register. Next, you need to contact the Cadastral Chamber and present the above
Previously recorded status of the land plot
Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia) dated January 11, 2011 No. 1 Moscow “On the timing and procedure for inclusion in the state real estate cadastre of information
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What is a land easement?
Entry to the site through the Economy ditch An economical option for organizing entry, which is intended for entry
How to register land as a property if there are no documents for it
On what basis can a land plot be registered in ONT?
Conditions for privatization In addition to the law on dacha amnesty, requirements have again been weakened since 2020
The functional use of a land plot indicates the type of economic activity for which it is used, and is one of the criteria for establishing the land tax rate
Briefly about the service What to do if, in accordance with all documents, the functional purpose of the premises
How to Find out the Owner of a Garage by Address
All articles 4506 2020-03-14 The proposed material will help you understand how to check real estate (land
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