Is it possible to obtain temporary registration at the place of stay via mail and how to do it?

How to register at Russian Post for foreigners

How does registration at Russian Post work for foreigners?

Laws oblige foreigners and stateless persons to register for migration.

For this, a seven-day period is allotted from the moment of arrival in the country. Only working days are taken into account.

Registration via post office is allowed. You will need to come to the post office with the property owner.

Migration registration of foreigners has a notification value. This means that you will need to notify the migration service about the registration of a person at a certain address.

Previously, registration was permissive. It was necessary to obtain permission from the Federal Migration Service for a person to live in an apartment. To renew registration, you cannot contact the post office.

Temporary registration procedure by mail

After the transfer is received, the papers are checked by the FMS authorities. The submission of all documents is accompanied by a list of attachments. The service itself is paid and will cost the sender 118 Russian rubles. Shipping costs are calculated separately and in accordance with current tariffs. The sender is required to present a document that serves as proof of identity.

Confirmation of residence of a foreigner, sent if a residence permit has been issued. The completed paper is given to the operator, who verifies the information and checks that the form is filled out correctly. If everything is correct, the notice will be sent in the proper manner, and the notifier will be given an inventory of the contents, a detachable part of the document and a postal receipt.

A migrant arriving in Russia must register. If this is not done, then not only the foreigner will be punished, but also the owner of the property, who may be accused of concealing the illegal residence of the tenant. Therefore, temporary registration must be issued on time.

The registration procedure by mail for foreigners is not particularly difficult. The completed form is accompanied by:

  • a copy of a passport or any other document that serves as an identification document;
  • official paper serving as proof of residence in the residential premises, a suitable paper would be a lease agreement;
  • arrival address sheet.

Certificate of temporary registration in Moscow

The issuance of a certificate of temporary registration is carried out at the State Department of Migration. It can also be sent by mail to the address provided. The migrant must keep the document with him. The owner of Russian housing will receive a notification that a foreign citizen has registered with him.

The notification of arrival is submitted by the foreigner himself, who resides in the territory of the Russian Federation on permanent terms, or by a legal entity acting as the receiving party.

List of documents

You need to collect:

  • an act by which the identity of the owner of the apartment is verified;
  • passport of a citizen of another country;
  • translation of a passport (must be certified by a notary office);
  • migration documents;
  • if you have a visa, a copy of it;
  • notification of a person's arrival in the country.

The notification is made in two copies. The owner of the apartment will need to be present during registration. If the owner cannot, you need to issue a power of attorney. The person who registers in the room does not have to be present.

How long will the procedure take?

The deadline for temporary registration is three days . It is calculated from the moment the documents are received by the registration authority. The period depends on the method of sending the appeal. But the law does not establish a separate time for postal delivery. That is, the period in this case will be three days plus the period that the shipment will take.

The time required to send a response should also be taken into account. Since registered mail travels quite quickly, the total period will be approximately ten days.

We wrote about the validity of temporary registration and the duration of its registration here, and here you will find out whether it is possible to extend it.

Registration of temporary registration via mail has no distinctive features, except for the place where the package of papers is sent. The procedure for temporary registration is simple: you need to collect the necessary documents, fill out an application and send it to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The difference lies in the overall duration. It is necessary to take into account the time of sending the letter and response .

Filling out the form

The form contains samples of letters and numbers with which the document is filled out. To fill out the paperwork, the receiving party must know which document is used to verify the identity of the foreigner.

You will need to indicate the series and number, the day on which it was issued. Last name and initials are reflected in full, abbreviations are not allowed.

In addition, the migrant’s date of birth and occupation are entered. If there are corrections or blots, you will have to fill out the form again.

Description of the procedure

You can obtain the paperwork to fill out when you contact the post office or print it out yourself from the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Possibility of registering foreign citizens at the post office

After filling out, the postal employee checks that the data is reflected correctly and whether the entire package of papers has been collected. You will need to submit original documents for registration; they will then be sent to the Main Department of Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Documents for registration of foreign citizens via mail

Sending documents in Moscow at the post office or in any other region is in many ways similar to the procedure for submitting documentation, for example, at a multifunctional center.
A citizen needs to collect certain documents and write a statement confirming his will to undergo the registration procedure. You can contact absolutely any post office close to the person’s place of residence. The answer to consent or refusal of registration is also given via mail, by sending a registered letter.

For Russian citizens

For Russian citizens, when leaving their permanent place of residence for a long time (more than ninety days), it is necessary to register at the new place of stay (apartment, house, etc.).

To do this, you can contact any post office and submit a certain package of documents, which includes:

  1. Passport.
  2. Statement.
  3. Consent of the owner of the residential premises (as well as his address) to carry out the registration procedure for a Russian citizen.

A person registered temporarily in another place, who is a military personnel under the legislation of the Russian Federation, is obliged to notify the military registration and enlistment office of his new location no later than within a week.

Citizens living in these countries have the right to freely visit Russia for work, study or other purposes. Such persons are called migrants.

Migration registration of such citizens is carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is this body that identifies illegal immigrants and begins the procedure for their forced deportation in case of violation of Russian legislation.

Documents can be sent by such foreigners via mail. In this case, the procedure is similar to the registration of Russians.

Guest “registration” is issued for a certain period. As a rule, it does not exceed ninety days.

Registration can only be carried out with the consent of the owner of the residential premises in which the foreigner intends to live. Such written consent must be attached to other documents and sent through any post office. Application forms can be found on the website of the competent department. You can do a similar registration through the MFC (or the State Services service).

Documents required for guest registration:

  1. Passport.
  2. Statement.
  3. Migration card.
  4. Consent of the property owner.

The notification sample is a two-sided form that is filled out by a foreign citizen.

It should indicate the following:

  1. Completed field about the person’s last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth and citizenship.
  2. Proposed place of residence.
  3. Passport information.
  4. Purpose of arrival, etc.

This form must be filled out in block letters. Some of the information is indicated by an official of the migration registration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with: Keeping records of receivables and payables

The basis for contacting the appropriate authority is the receipt by a foreigner of a notification of arrival. This document is filled out by the receiving party (for example, the administration of the hotel where the citizen is staying).

As a rule, all the hassle associated with contacting the necessary authorities is taken upon itself by the receiving party.

After arriving at the place of residence, the foreigner provides the administrator of the establishment with his identity card and migration card, which is issued when crossing the border of the Russian Federation.

Temporary registration of foreign citizens at the post office is impossible without providing the documents listed below:

  • identity cards of a foreign person;
  • notification completed by the applicant;
  • migration card;
  • written consent of the owner of the property or the host party to move in the citizen;
  • applications for registration of a person (the form is obtained from employees of the post office, MFC or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation);
  • passport of the applicant submitting documents on behalf of the foreigner.

Registration of foreigners is a notification of arrival in Russia. Documents are sent by registered mail with an inventory and declared value of the attachment. The sender pays for the service at the current rate. The procedure is carried out only upon presentation of a passport.

To apply for registration via mail, the following documents are required:

  • passport;
  • visa or migration card (for foreigners);
  • statement;
  • notification.

The notice must be completed in block letters. 2 forms are required. They are accompanied by copies of your passport, visa and migration card. After checking the papers, the post office employee issues a receipt, inventory, and a detachable part of the notice with a stamp.

When starting to register in the private sector, you should find out what documents may be needed for registration in a private house.

You can learn about the difference between registration at the place of residence and registration at the place of stay here.

When applying for temporary stay by Russian citizens, they need to prepare the following papers:

  • registration application signed by the owner of the property (tenant) and the applicant;
  • copy of passport;
  • a copy of the document providing the basis for residence, certified by a notary (lease agreement, rental agreement, certificate of ownership, etc.);
  • arrival address sheet.

A statistical sheet is needed if a person plans to temporarily stay in the specified living space for more than 9 months.

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