List of documents for registration - what is needed for registration in the owner’s apartment, how to register correctly and how much it costs

In accordance with current legislation, every citizen of the Russian Federation must be registered at the place of residence. Otherwise, administrative liability arises.

Therefore, in order to avoid breaking the law and enjoy all the benefits that the state provides to its citizen, you should obtain a document confirming his place of residence. If necessary, this document confirms the fact of registration at any time.

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What document can confirm registration at the place of residence?

The document that confirms the registration of a particular citizen is an information certificate, which indicates who is registered at what address and for how long.

The owner of the property can obtain such a certificate both from the migration service and from the management company that services the residential building.

The information certificate of the owner of residential property will contain information about all persons who are registered in a specific residential premises on the date of receipt of the document.

Such a certificate is issued completely free of charge and can be obtained by both the owner and any other citizen who is registered at the place of residence.

Regarding the certificates issued by the migration service, their form is the same for the entire country.

Depending on the information that needs to be obtained regarding registration, the following may be issued at the request of the interested person:

  • a simple statement containing information about all registered persons in a particular residential property. It can be received either by the owner of the real estate or by any other citizen who is registered at this address;
  • an archival extract containing information about all persons who have ever been registered at a specific address. It can only be requested by the owner of residential real estate or, by his power of attorney certified by a notary, his authorized representative;
  • a certificate that confirms the registration on a temporary basis of the interested person.

Where can I get a certificate of registration at the place of residence?

How to obtain a certificate about persons registered in the apartment, read here.

How to obtain a registration certificate in Form 8, read the link:

What information can be obtained from the information certificate?

The document issued by the migration service includes the following data:

  • full personal data of the recipient of the document;
  • information about all registered persons by address, indicating their date of birth and family relations;
  • a brief description of residential real estate, which includes information about the area, on which floor the apartment is located, how many rooms it has, and on the basis of which document the ownership of the housing is confirmed.

Each certificate is registered in the book of outgoing information with the assignment of an individual registration number and the date of issue of the document. The certificate indicates the name and position of the person who issued it. The signature is certified by the appropriate seal.

If a certificate is needed to confirm registration at the child’s place of residence, the information in it will be abbreviated. That is, only registered persons will be indicated, and characteristics of the living space will be missing.

You can obtain this document in several ways:

  • by personal contact with the migration service at the place of residence, the management company that services the residential building, housing and communal services, and MFC;
  • submit an electronic request through the State Services portal;
  • send your request by post.

A certificate of registration at the place of residence is not issued for an indefinite period, and the information it contains is current as of the date of its issue.

This requirement is due to the presence of facts of fraud in residential real estate. Therefore, the state tries to protect participants in transactions from negative consequences. And for the legal purity of transactions, the real estate market requires registration certificates with a recent issue date.

A registration certificate is often requested by banking institutions when applying for loans. As a general rule, its validity period in this case is one month.

When submitting a certificate to government agencies, the deadline for issuing the certificate does not play any role, since the information in it contains only an informational component.

A certificate of registration at the place of residence is issued on the day the request is received, or, in extreme cases, the next day. Therefore, every interested person can receive it completely without any problems.

MFC - temporary registration at the place of residence: documents, deadlines and algorithm

  • review documents for completeness;
  • issue, if necessary, an application form according to f. No. 1;
  • check originals and copies of papers;
  • make sure that those citizens whose papers were handed over to the window are present;
  • write a receipt for the seizure of original papers - passports, birth certificates of children under 14 years of age.

The lack of documents for housing cannot be a reason for refusal to accept the main package of documents (Administrative Regulations, clause 29). Employees of the MFC and the Federal Migration Service have the ability to access the electronic database of all this data, so they can check the availability of housing registration themselves, which will take more time.

How to obtain a certificate of registration at the place of residence

In order to obtain a certificate of registration at the place of residence, the interested person, having decided on the option for completing the request, prepares the following package of documents:

  • personal passport;
  • birth certificate of children, if there is a need to confirm the fact of registration of children at the place of residence;
  • application drawn up in the approved form. The application form can be downloaded from the State Services website.

The property owner does not have to apply for this document. If for some reason he cannot do this himself, then the documents can be presented by his authorized representative, who is vested with such powers by a notarized power of attorney.

The applicant can also use the services of the Russian Post, however, this will be financially expensive, since all documents that are sent must be notarized.

When submitting an application electronically, the applicant will receive the certificate personally, whose identity will be verified using a civil passport. Or an authorized person may appear with a notarized power of attorney.

This public service is provided to citizens of the Russian Federation completely free of charge and does not take much time.

What is a registration certificate?

A registration certificate is a document that confirms the temporary registration of a citizen at his place of residence.

The certificate form was approved by FMS Order No. 228 and has an A5 format. The registration certificate is a mandatory attachment to the document that certifies the identity of a citizen.

The registration certificate has a limited validity period, which is determined by the purpose of the citizen’s stay in a particular locality, and also depends on the will of the owner of the property, that is, for how long he allows the temporary registration of the citizen in his residential property.

The certificate form has its own registration number, information about which is entered into the database of the Federal Migration Service.

How to register at your place of residence in Moscow

If we are talking about housing that is privately owned, and you are its owner (or the owner of a share in it), you do not need to obtain anyone's consent. If you do not even own a share in the premises, you can register in it at your place of residence only with the consent of all owners. The consent of the owners is expressed in writing at a personal meeting with the registration authorities. If the owner does not have the opportunity to be present in person, he can issue a notarized consent.

  • at the place of residence - on a general basis (with the exception of soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen doing military service upon conscription);
  • at the place of stay - if you have a vacation ticket or travel certificate (if the duration of the vacation or business trip exceeds 90 days).

What documents are needed for temporary registration at the place of residence?

  1. For the military - officer identification card or military ID
  2. For those living abroad - international passport or passport
  3. Those released from prison receive a certificate of release.
  1. Documents of ownership of the leased property.
  2. Rental agreement for an apartment or house
  3. Application from the landlord who provided housing for registration

What documents are needed for a temporary residence permit in Moscow? Registration of temporary registration in Moscow is no different from registration of a temporary place of residence in other cities of Russia, except for the need to be present when submitting the application and receiving the certificate in person.

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Documents confirming registration at the place of residence

However, such a document is provided only in rare cases. If for some reason a citizen applies to the passport office with an already invalid passport, then its registration cannot occur until the passport is replaced with a valid one. Separately, it is worth noting the situation when a passport is considered invalid:

  • if the document has expired, for example, if it was not replaced on time within the deadlines established by law;
  • if it has become unusable;
  • if any inaccuracy was found in the document;
  • if the passport contains an erroneous entry;
  • if the document was not changed after the last name or first name was changed.

Confirmation of registration at the place of residence The legislation provides for a certain procedure according to which a specific residential address is assigned to a person.

It could be:

  • apartment;
  • house;
  • a room in a communal apartment;
  • dorm room;
  • service housing;
  • hotel room, etc.

The main requirement for such a premises will be its suitability for habitation. A citizen must live or stay in this room most of his time.

Citizens are required to notify the authority in charge of migration registration that a certain premises is their place of residence or stay. In the Russian Federation this is the Migration Service (FMS).

It carries out registration of citizens. That is, it registers them at the place of residence or stay. Accordingly, registration can be permanent - at the place of residence, or temporary - at the place of stay. Residents of our country are free to choose such a place. But the state is required to notify the results.


If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please contact the online consultant form on the right or call the free consultation numbers: You can find out what documents are needed for registration in a private house from our article. Registration address The registration address is indicated in the general passport and means the residential premises in which the person lives. Registration address is an officially confirmed address about which a citizen notifies government authorities.

Registration can take place at the place of residence or at the place of stay, and registration can be permanent (place of residence) or temporary (place of stay). Actual residential address What does actual residential address mean? How to understand? The address of actual residence (place of residence) means the premises in which the citizen lives most of the time.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate of registration of place of residence in 2020

In general, a certificate of residence will be needed when it is requested by an authority, enterprise or organization to confirm the residence address of the citizen who has asked the question. In order to receive a document indicating the residence address, a citizen must be registered temporarily or permanently.

Types of registration at place of residence

All Russian citizens are required to register at their place of permanent or temporary residence on time. There are two types of such civil status at the place of residence and stay:

  • registration at place of residence. That is, the premises where a citizen lives permanently or most of the time , being the owner of living space, service living quarters, a boarding house for veterans, disabled people, a home for single and elderly citizens, renting housing, under a sublease agreement, social tenancy, rental or by other legally required document;
  • registration at the place of stay. That is, the temporary residence address of a citizen. For example, a sanatorium, a hotel, a campsite, a boarding house, a hotel, a medical institution, a tourist center. For a period of up to 90 days, a citizen can live in another place of residence without registration.

If you change your residential address, you must register at the new address within seven days.

Registration, deregistration and issuance of certificates at the passport office

Where are the actions related to registration at the place of residence, stay and issuance of the relevant papers carried out? Registration of citizens at their place of residence, deregistration, and issuance of certificates confirming these actions is carried out by the passport office. Its functions include:

  • registration at the place of residence;
  • registration at the place of stay;
  • registration deregistration;
  • acceptance of documents and registration of passport;
  • registration and issuance of relevant certificates;
  • registration of financial and personal account;
  • issuance of certificates.

The passport office issues certificates to citizens in accordance with the functions assigned to it. These are documents about registration at the address, which are usually called a certificate of residence , as well as about family composition, about replacing a passport, about the absence of a warrant, and about a dozen other various information documents.

Temporary registration of a minor child at the place of stay

“Registration of a citizen of the Russian Federation at the place of residence is carried out within a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of arrival of the citizen in the residential premises. Registration at the place of residence is carried out without removing the citizen from registration at the place of residence.”

  • Paper confirming temporary registration (if the parent is registered at the same time as the child). This could be a lease or rental agreement, or a statement from the responsible tenant with his consent to move in.
  • Consent of the second parent (if the registration addresses of the father and mother do not match).

How to make temporary registration at the place of stay? Documents, deadlines

It is important to remember that temporary registration cannot serve as a reason for deregistration at your permanent place of residence. The purpose of registration is to provide the citizen with protection of his rights. In addition, this is how the Federal Migration Service (FMS) monitors the movement of people across the territory of the Russian Federation. Why is it necessary to monitor the location of citizens? This measure is necessary for calculating rent, obtaining passports, PF certificates, applying for loans, employment, and enrolling children in schools and kindergartens.

For parents planning to send their child to a specific school, there is no other option than to temporarily change his place of residence. But only those children who have permanent registration have an advantage in enrollment. When registering temporarily, you can only count on the places remaining after the main stream of future students has been admitted. For example, a particular educational institution is more popular, then a child with temporary registration runs the risk of being left off the list altogether. In this case, parents will only have to submit an application to the school that is located at the place of permanent registration.

List of documents required for temporary registration

Administrative regulations allow the submission of an application for temporary registration of a citizen at his place of residence by mail. This method is convenient for providing documents for temporary registration in Moscow and other large cities with a large number of citizens visiting FMS offices.

Administration staff of the institution where you plan to stay for more than three months are required to independently complete temporary registration. At your request, after arriving at the place or after 90 days of stay there, they must notify the arriving citizen about what documents are needed for temporary registration and request them from him. Otherwise, you should read the link to see what the penalty for lack of registration is:

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