Disposal of the premises on the basis of the state service, extract from the Unified State Register. How to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register through the public services portal?

What is the difference between the Unified State Register and the Unified State Register?

The Unified State Register is an outdated structure, which was replaced by the Unified State Register of Real Estate. This is a powerful information resource that helps you avoid fraudulent activities in the purchase and sale of housing and conduct transactions in a legally clear manner. EGRN compared to EGRP have a number of advantages in terms of organization and speed of service provision:

  1. Extracts from the Unified State Register of Real Estate contain more information about the real estate of citizens than in the database of the State Register of Rights.
  2. High level of data protection. It is impossible to falsify information in the Unified State Register of Real Estate; previously, in order to protect information, information was written down on paper and entered electronically.
  3. Technical and legal parameters used to be issued on several certificates, now the owner receives one.
  4. Registration of the right to an apartment under the former Unified State Register and State Property Committee took place separately and for a long time. The duration of the procedure under the Unified State Register of Real Estate is 10 days.
  5. USRN certificates are prepared many times faster, an extract is issued within 3 working days, and if you apply via an online application, the request will be processed in half an hour.

The procedure for obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRE) through a single portal of State Services

Next, you should view the list of services in Rosreestr, and then select “Receive an extract from the Unified State Register”.
After this, you will need to fill in the necessary data, that is, specify what kind of object you are interested in. And then you need to choose a receiving method, for example, by email, at the Multifunctional Center or at the Rosreestr office. A lot depends on what format is required, paper or electronic. First, let's figure out what an extract from the Unified Register is, which is required for most property transactions. As you know, a person is required to register his rights to a house in order to establish himself as the owner. And to do this, he must visit the Registration Chamber to apply for the procedure. In order for the registration to take place, he will have to provide some documents that will confirm his rights to the apartment.

Is it possible to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate through State Services?

Despite the fact that the State Services portal has been improved by 2020, some types of services in electronic form are still unavailable today. At the same time, State Services work in contact with federal and regional structures. If it is impossible to fill out an application through the portal, links are provided to go to the department where the applicant has the right to receive the service. The traditional option is also possible through a personal visit to the institution or through a legal representative. The application can also be sent by mail.

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After registering on the State Services website, on the main page the interested person selects the “Authorities” section. In the list of departments we find Rosreestr.

The government agency’s page states that it is impossible to order an extract from the Unified State Register online through State Services. In this case, the service will tell you where and how this can be done. In the list we find “Providing information contained in the Unified State Register of Real Estate”. Next, the service displays the available types of available statements that can be requested.

There is also an explanation of how to submit an application and then receive papers.

Despite the fact that in the list on the portal there is no link to the Rosreestr website, the website of the Federal Service contains a link to go to, available to users of State Services. Thus, persons who have registered on the Unified Portal have the opportunity to access Rosreestr’s personal account without registration. This method is convenient for electronic requests.

Extract and registration through State Services

An electronic application form for deregistration will open in front of you. Take your time to fill out personal information, pay attention to ALL fields. Most likely, your full name and passport details will be registered automatically (after registering on the site).

Go to the State Services website and click on the item on the right “ Personal Account ” (with a blue key). You will see a login form to the site. Enter login and password. If you have forgotten your password, request it via the “Recover Password” link (a message with further instructions will be sent to your email or mobile phone).

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How to order an extract from the USRN through Rosreestr: step-by-step instructions

You can access your personal account of the federal service through State Services. An alternative option is to enter the address of the official website rosreestr.ru in the search bar, go to your personal account, a link to it is on the top panel. After clicking on it, the applicant gets access to the list of services.

Step 1. Search for a service

On the right is a window marked “This is convenient.” Here are the main services available to the user. If not, expand the list with the “See all” button at the bottom. In the complete list we find “Obtaining USRN information”.

After entering the section, a questionnaire consisting of 4 sheets opens.

Step 2. Information about the object and the applicant

We indicate the type of object - is it a house or a plot of land, the exact location (coordinates and cadastral number are considered additional information and are requested individually only if the applicant needs an extended extract). We indicate the phone number and email address for feedback and information about the readiness of the extract. You don’t have to waste time filling out columns without an exclamation mark, but those marked are required to be filled out. Each question offers answer options for ease of entering information.

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Step 3. Attached documents

If the request is made on the basis of a power of attorney, information about this is entered in the appropriate field and proceed to data verification.

Step 4. Send a request

We check the entered data and confirm the request.

The system will inform the applicant of the request number and code for further ability to track the status of the application and download the finished paper.

In cases where the request is rejected, a message will appear indicating that the verification failed. Lack of data or its unreliability, errors when filling out serve as reasons for refusal.

The message “Waiting for payment” means that the applicant will have to pay the state fee.

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a USRN extract through State Services

You will be able to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register on State Services if you use the instructions and follow the recommendations of the site.

First of all, we open the portal. Your identity must be verified after pre-registration. When everything is ready, we proceed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Log in to your personal account on State Services.
  2. Follow the link “Service Catalog”;
  3. Find “Authorities”

  4. Find “Rosreestr” and click on the link.

  5. The system will redirect to a new page, where you need to find the item “Providing data from the Unified State Register of Real Estate”.

  6. Click on the inscription “Receiving an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate”.

  7. You will automatically be taken to a page from which you will learn how the service is provided with its full description.

Now there are several ways to proceed: order a certificate in person, go to the Rosreestr portal and submit an online application there, or go to the MFC. As you can see, the option of obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register at State Services is not available via the Internet. So, you will have to use the second option and apply for an extract online.

State duty amount

Extracts from Rosreestr are not provided free of charge. The types of USRN are different, which determines their cost. An individual will pay 750 rubles for a certificate at the center. An extract to a company representative will cost 2,200 rubles. An electronic statement costs 300 and 600 rubles, respectively.

If additional information is needed about the papers that give the right to property, individuals will pay 600 rubles, legal entities - 1,700 rubles. Electronic options cost 400 and 800 rubles, respectively.

An extract about property owned by a specific person in a specific region costs 650 rubles. If there is more than one property or they are located in different regions of the Russian Federation, the price increases.

Information about shared construction and owners will cost firms 2,950 rubles, and individuals 1,500 rubles. In the electronic version, papers cost 1,400 for companies and 700 for individuals.

If the owner of the property is declared incompetent, only private individuals receive a certificate. 950 rubles – the price for a certificate in paper form, in electronic form – 400.

Registration of an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate through the State Services portal

Data on real estate objects registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, according to changes in legislation, since 2020 have been combined into the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN). The register contains information about property owners, copyright holders, restrictions on the use of buildings, structures, and ship seizures of property. Information about the emergence, change or transfer of ownership rights is necessarily updated in the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

  • technical parameters of the real estate property (cadastral number, name, intended purpose, area, address);
  • information about copyright holders (full name, name of organization, government agency, number, date of registration information, equity participation);
  • restrictions, encumbrances on rights of use (mortgages, pledges, seizures);
  • information about legal claims and demands filed in court.

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Get an extract from the Unified State Register through government services

For citizens who have such a need for the first time, the pressing question becomes how to order such a document. An extract from the Unified State Register database is a mandatory document for purchase and sale transactions, execution of a gift or will agreement, for entering into an inheritance, renting out premises or land for use, etc.

And soon it will be possible to register real estate transactions on the Internet. Today, St. Petersburg residents can receive electronic government services on four main portals: gosuslugi.ru, gu.spb.ru, the official websites of the “Unified Document Center” and the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr).

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