Repair of interpanel seams in an apartment building
Sample application to the homeowners association for repair of seams
Primary and secondary sealing It is carried out at the stage of construction of a panel house. After completion of installation
the amount of tax deduction for a disabled child
Should a disabled person pay child support?
Disabled child: benefits for parents in 2020 Schoolchildren with disabilities have the same rights
Paying taxes when receiving property as a gift
Stages of donating a share of a house and land
According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, a residential private house is understood as a separate building where there should be
Sample power of attorney for obtaining an electronic signature verification key certificate
I made a power of attorney for a friend so that he could receive the keys and documents for the apartment from the developer.
What is a power of attorney? A power of attorney is a written document that gives the trustee certain powers.
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To prepare the documents necessary to receive these subsidies, you must contact the district IP office. Agreement on the provision of subsidies from the budget of the city of Moscow for maintenance and current repairs
Rights and powers of the HOA partnership is authorized to carry out house management activities, that is, to carry out
The Tax Office Requires a Receipt for Receipt of Money
Receipt from the seller about receipt of money for the apartment for tax purposes, sample In such transactions
Power of attorney for payment of utility bills
Re-registration of a personal account through the MFC But after signing the relevant agreement you will still have to go
How to make money, hostels, for workers, in Moscow
Documents for opening a hostel
The Moscow government is now concerned about the problem of expensive housing, so it has seriously taken to supporting the initiative to create inexpensive
Print a receipt confirming receipt of money for the land plot
Receipt for receipt of money for a summer cottage sample
Share You are buying a plot of land and want to protect yourself as much as possible from outside troubles
Power outage complaint
What is the procedure for turning off electricity for non-payment? Probably there are no people who would not know
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