Decree of the Moscow Government On Compensation of Expenses to Combat Veterans for Utility Services Rendered (Heating, Gas Supply, Water Supply and Sewage, Electricity Supply

The bulk of the Government's efforts are aimed at providing material and other types of assistance to vulnerable segments of the population (poor, elderly, disabled, large families, orphans). However, there are also a number of benefits available to citizens not based on the criterion of need, but for certain merits. Such recipients of benefits include military veterans who protect the sovereignty of Russia. Let's figure out what benefits veterans of military operations in Moscow (military personnel) are entitled to in 2020 for real estate, housing and communal services, garbage collection, employment, and other areas of life.

Benefits for veterans of military operations in Moscow in categories I-VI

The list of benefits provided to combat veterans is distributed among beneficiaries depending on the category to which they belong (there are 6 in total):

Combat veteran categoryList of benefits
Benefits for military personnel of categories 1 to 4Preferential pension (1 day of service in the territory of an armed conflict = 3 days of military service)
An apartment under a social rental agreement or a subsidy for its purchase
50% compensation for rent, contributions to house management, contributions for major repairs
Connecting a landline phone without queuing
Professional retraining, obtaining additional education at the expense of the employer
Purchase of transport tickets, provision of services to cultural, educational and sports and recreational institutions out of turn
The right to take regular annual leave without taking into account the provisions of the vacation schedule (at any time), the right to receive unpaid leave up to 35 calendar days a year
Free prosthetics and prosthetic and orthopedic products (or reimbursement of expenses when purchasing them independently)
Providing medical care in medical institutions subordinate to the authorities in which the military man served
Priority right to join housing, garage and housing construction cooperatives and partnerships
Extraordinary purchase of land plots for vegetable gardening and horticulture
Benefits for Category 5 Combat VeteransProvision of municipal housing in the event of eviction from the office premises currently occupied by the beneficiary (only for disabled combat veterans)
Professional education at the expense of the employer
Additional leave of up to 35 calendar days per year
Free connection to a landline telephone
Preemptive right to purchase a garden plot of land
Discount vouchers to departmental sanatorium-resort institutions
Providing medical care without waiting in queues
Benefits for honorary status holders belonging to category 6Free trips to health resorts on a first-come, first-served basis
Providing regular annual leave at any convenient time
The right to purchase a garden plot without waiting in line

Pension provision for combat veterans in Moscow

Like all ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, combat veterans are subject to the same provisions of pension laws. However, in addition to this, the pension of military personnel is also influenced by the Federal Law of February 12, 1993 No. 4468-1. This means that the pension for BD veterans is assigned and accrued through the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as through its own departments (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, etc.) . In general, the situation of combat veterans is different in that they are entitled to:

  • 2 types of pensions;
  • a supplement of 32% to the fixed part of the pension benefit;
  • additional payment to the pension benefit in case of injury, contusion, or mutilation during service in the territories of hostilities;
  • annually indexed EDV (monthly cash payments in the amount of 2972 ​​rubles 82 kopecks ) + a set of social services or monetary compensation in case of refusal (amount of compensation - 1121.42 rubles ).

Social benefits and privileges for combatants: 2020 list

Such citizens are assigned a pension in the amount of half the cash benefit paid to them during the period of their official duty. If the service life exceeds 20 years, then for each year in excess of the established minimum a 3% premium is assigned. With mixed experience, only 1% is accrued for each additional year. The maximum pension amount is limited to 85% of salary.

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You have the right to retain only the social services that interest you, and monetize the rest. For example, if you have large expenses for medicines, you can only leave the service of providing them free of charge from the state, but due to the lack of travel opportunities, refuse vouchers to sanatoriums and discounted travel.

Housing benefits for military veterans in Moscow

If a serviceman holding the rank of combat veteran managed to get on the waiting list as someone in need of improved housing conditions before December 31, 2004 , he can be sure that he will have:

  • residential premises (apartment) have been provided under a social tenancy agreement with an area of ​​at least 18 sq.m. per person [the region's top priority];
  • or a subsidy has been paid, the amount of which is sufficient for the purchase of similar residential premises in the same region or the construction of a private house (up to 43,374 rubles per 1 sq.m. area in 2020) [in the event that no housing has appeared in the region].

Important! This housing program is financed from the federal budget, however, the powers to implement it are vested in the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the general procedure for allocating housing will apply here (the order is established by a specific region of Russia).

Another housing benefit to which military veterans are entitled is compensation of half of the rent and contributions for major repairs of an apartment building. Moreover, this privilege also applies to family members of the beneficiary (spouses, children, parents and dependents living together).

“The LDPR faction supports this change to the current legislation, because we welcome the actions that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is taking to popularize service in the armed forces, to improve the social and living conditions of military personnel, including the issue of providing them with housing. The point is that if a serviceman has taken advantage of the right to receive a housing subsidy or housing directly, and his family also has a family member who is trying to take advantage of the right to a similar benefit, because he also serves in the army, but before that he was included in as a member of the family for whom this subsidy was issued, so that today he is not limited in receiving a separate opportunity to obtain assistance in purchasing housing. This norm is necessary and important today.”

Sherin A.N., State Duma deputy, LDPR (on the bill No. 628525-7 “On amendments to Article 15 of the Federal Law “On the status of military personnel”)

Required Documentation

The first and main action that will ultimately allow you to receive benefits for utilities is the collection and preparation of the necessary documents. They represent a whole package of papers, without which subsidies cannot be received. At the same time, the documentation will not differ much, even if we are talking about different types of benefits, including when the subjects themselves are different. The approximate list is always the same.

The law defines the following types of documents that must be prepared to carry out the procedure for receiving benefits:

  • an application that is drawn up in writing directly by the person who is applying for benefits;
  • a passport that would identify the applicant and confirm Russian citizenship;
  • a certificate from the housing authority, which would reflect the composition of the family;
  • a document that would confirm the existence of rights to housing space;
  • income certificates, including those family members who do not work or are single mothers;
  • technical documentation for real estate, namely a cadastral passport, various diagrams and plans;
  • work record book of each family member, if any;
  • savings books that are opened in the name of each family member;
  • certificates from educational institutions that would reflect the amount of the scholarship received, if any;
  • a document that allows you to establish the fact of relationship, when the applicant is a family member of a combat veteran, this can be a birth, marriage or adoption certificate;
  • a document confirming the fact that the person is a combat veteran.

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Depending on the grounds on which the benefit is provided, some papers may still differ. For example, there are labor veterans; accordingly, it is necessary to attach a document that will establish this fact, which is not related to military operations.

For some categories of veterans, there is a simplified procedure for collecting documents, which requires the presence of only three papers to receive benefits. We are talking about military veterans. They only need to present a passport, a certificate confirming that they have not previously received benefits, as well as a document establishing the right to subsidies, that is, confirming that the applicant is a veteran.

Land benefits for military veterans in Moscow

Currently, combat veterans registered in Moscow can count on the following benefits associated with obtaining a plot of land:

  1. The primary right to purchase a plot of land for the purpose of gardening or vegetable gardening.
  2. Preemptive right to join various partnerships for the construction of private houses and country houses, as well as garage cooperatives.

Previously, holders of honorary status were offered to receive a free plot, however, the shortage of land, which is observed in the capital itself and in the Moscow region, forced the authorities to abandon such a measure of support for military personnel.

Tax benefits for military veterans in Moscow

When a serviceman officially confirms that he has the status of a combat veteran, he will immediately become eligible for several significant tax benefits:

No.Benefit when paying taxesDetails
1Complete exemption from payment of various state duties (or provision of discounts when paying state duties)For example, there is no state fee for filing an application with the court for most possible claims.
2Tax deduction for personal income tax (NDFL) – cannot be combined with other tax deductionsThe amount of tax deduction is 500 rubles,
clause 2, part 1, art. 218 Tax Code of the Russian Federation
3Tax deduction for land tax10,000 rubles (the amount will be deducted from the cadastral value), that is, the tax base
of clause 4, part 5, art. 391 Tax Code of the Russian Federation
4Complete exemption from property taxOnly for one object of each type of real estate (for example, for 1 of 2 apartments, for 1 of 3 garages, for 1 private house, for 1 parking space, for 1 outbuilding, etc.)
clause 4, part 1, art. . 407 Tax Code of the Russian Federation
5Exemption from payment of transport tax
(for Moscow)
For a vehicle with an engine power of up to 200 hp.

Important! The benefits approved by the Moscow authorities do not apply to combat veterans registered in the cities of the Moscow region - this is another subject of the Russian Federation.

Payment for gas supply services

“In the event that not a single citizen is registered in the residential premises (either at the place of residence or at the place of stay), there are no Protocols on administrative offenses expressed in the residence of citizens in the specified residential premises without registration in this residential premises, if In this case, the residential premises are not equipped with individual or common (apartment) metering devices for hot water, cold water, gas, electricity, and the presentation of payment for utilities for hot water supply, cold water supply, sewerage, electricity supply, gas supply is illegal. Including, for residential premises that are not equipped with individual or common (apartment) meters for hot water, cold water, gas, electricity, in which not a single citizen is registered, in the absence of Protocols on administrative violations expressed in the residence of citizens in the specified premises without registration, calculation of the cost of utilities consumed in a given residential premises, based on one resident, is contrary to the housing legislation of the Russian Federation. The number of permanently and temporarily residing citizens in such premises is zero.”

Advice from lawyers:

57. Payment for repairs of intra-house and (or) intra-apartment gas equipment is carried out by the customer at prices established by the contractor and valid on the date of receipt of the corresponding application for repairs from the customer. 58. Payment for repairs of in-house and (or) in-apartment gas equipment is carried out by the customer within the period stipulated by the contract for the maintenance and repair of in-house and (or) in-apartment gas equipment, and if such a period is not established by this agreement, no later than the 10th day the month following the month in which the work was performed (services were provided). 59. Payment for work performed (services provided) for the maintenance of in-house and (or) in-apartment gas equipment is carried out by the customer, including in the form of a subscription fee within the period stipulated by the agreement on the maintenance and repair of in-house and (or) in-apartment gas equipment, and if such a period is not established by the specified agreement, no later than the 10th day of the month following the month in which the work was performed (services were provided).

It is unlikely that the applicant will need the help of a lawyer or an expensive notary, since Federal laws (which regulate subsidies) are accessible and transparent to any citizen, even not a specialist in legal issues.

In order to obtain any service from municipal or state authorities, in Russia you usually need to go through a lot of bureaucratic red tape, collecting various papers. Rent benefits for combat veterans were no exception.

List of required documents

If all these necessary conditions are in place, then receiving benefits for housing and communal services for combat veterans will not be difficult, you just need to contact the relevant authorities and present the necessary package of documents. What documents and where exactly to apply will be discussed further.

The main requirement when providing housing and communal services benefits to combat veterans is the absence of debt. All outstanding rent payments must be cleared before contacting the authority for a refund. There are no other restrictions for citizens.

  • Citizens who participated in hostilities on the territory of the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.
  • Citizens involved in demining the territory of the USSR from 1945 to 1951.
  • Participants in military campaigns in Afghanistan and Syria.
  • Military personnel stationed at military bases of the USSR and on the territory of other states for their maintenance and maintenance.
  • Workers and employees who were in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, and fulfilled their civic duty.
  • Media employees who covered events from the battle zone.
  • As well as other groups of Russian military personnel who participated in military conflicts.

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Conditions of receipt

Subsidies and benefits represent the receipt of material assistance from the state and the provision of the right to receive discounts and concessions in various areas of life. These include free or discounted travel on public transport, receiving vouchers for sanatorium treatment and recreation, and providing free medical care in medical institutions. And including discounts on housing and communal services.

  1. Registration is possible only on one basis. That is, heating benefits for labor veterans cannot include benefits for WWII participants; the applicant must choose the most profitable one.
  2. An application of the established form with a request for benefits on a certain basis is submitted to the housing office at the place of residence.
  3. Required to collect:
  4. Documents giving the right to benefits (veteran's certificate, disability certificate, etc.);
  5. Certificate from the housing office confirming the absence of debt on housing and communal services;
  6. Account information for transferring compensation.
  7. The benefits begin from the next month after submitting the application. After the citizen pays the bill in full, part of the funds is returned to the specified account.

The application submitted to her was initially rejected, since Inna Makarovna had a debt of 5,400 rubles for housing and utility services supplied in August and September. The Housing Office explained that the opportunity to receive 50% compensation is only possible if there are no debts.

Example on heating benefits

Veterans and disabled people, citizens exposed to radiation as a result of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site can take advantage of the heating payment benefit.

Tariffs for payment of housing services are adopted by the decision of the general meeting of homeowners, standards for the total area of ​​housing established in the region: 33 sq. m - for a citizen living alone, 42 sq. m - for a family of 2 people, 54 sq. m - for a family of 3 or more people.

Other federal benefits for veterans of military operations in Moscow

In most cases, the federal government delegates the authority to implement benefits to regional authorities. In other words, the registration of privileges is carried out through departments of regional and municipal subordination, and the state only guarantees their receipt and finances programs from the country’s budget . Thus, the state guarantees the provision of combat veterans with:

  1. Free provision of medical care in medical organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, etc. (for the beneficiary himself and his family members).
  2. Installation and connection of a landline telephone without waiting in line.
  3. Manufacturing, installation and regular repair of dentures and prosthetic and orthopedic products.
  4. Receiving communication services, service at the box office and purchasing transport tickets out of turn.
  5. The right to take leave at the place of employment at any convenient time (without taking into account the vacation schedule).
  6. Possibility of receiving extraordinary leave at your own expense for up to 35 calendar days per year.

Who has the right to apply for benefits for veterans of military operations in Moscow in 2020

Important! The fact of participation in armed conflicts can be confirmed by orders of the RF Ministry of Defense, archival certificates, and extracts from the military personnel’s personal file. These documents will contain information about the country, region or territorial conduct of military operations.

To obtain the right to receive benefits that are exclusively available to combat veterans, you must first confirm the existence of the mentioned status. At the same time, it is important to know that when confirming veteran status, the very fact of being sent to serve in a region on the territory of which the Russian Federation (USSR) participated in armed conflicts is taken into account (the list of military operations in which a citizen deserves veteran status is contained in the text of the Appendices 1, 2 and 3 to the Federal Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-FZ “On Veterans”). Military personnel, as well as civilian personnel, are entitled to receive benefits:

Persons liable for military service entitled to benefits for combat veteransConditions for obtaining DB veteran status for civilian personnel
● Persons who served (or worked) in the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, state security agencies, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and the Russian Federation, other departments, and participated in armed clashes on the official direction of state authorities or due to their direct duties.
● Military personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the armed forces of the USSR, and state security units who took part in demining areas after the Second World War.

● Civilian personnel and military personnel who were deployed on special missions to Syria between September 30, 2015 or to Afghanistan between December 1979 and December 1989.

● Service personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the USSR, in case of injury or injury or awarded during the period of employment for certain merits.

  1. Carrying out your direct official duties during the entire period of employment.
  2. Working out the entire agreed period (the period of employment is prescribed by law, order from the command or in the contract).
  3. Staying during the performance of duties in the territory of an armed conflict at the direction of the employer, government departments or due to legal requirements (not without permission).

Important! If the civilian personnel's service is terminated for extenuating reasons before the expiration of the tour of duty, veteran status will be assigned on a general basis.

Who can receive

According to the legislative act, there are the following groups of beneficiaries:

  • participants of the Great Patriotic War - turning point battles and battles;
  • employees of the Soviet Army and Navy;
  • intelligence and counterintelligence agents;
  • media workers who were on assignment in a combat zone;
  • partisans and underground fighters.

These categories receive a 50% discount on housing and communal services.

The second group includes participants in military battles that took place on the territory of the modern Russian Federation or beyond:

  • reserve military personnel subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation who took part in battles by decision of this body;
  • privates and heads of state security services who participated in the demining of objects;
  • persons who served in Afghanistan or Syria as part of motor battalions, other units, as well as pilots;
  • citizens who worked in Afghanistan in 1979-1989;
  • people in peacekeeping battalions in Syria.

Dear readers! The article talks about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is individual. If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem , contact a consultant:

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They are entitled to preferences similar to the previous group. Utilities are not paid by holders of the title of Hero of the USSR and Hero of the Russian Federation, the Order of Glory.

Disabled war veterans receive a 50% discount on payments for housing and utilities. The list of services includes heating, electricity and gas fuel. The amount of funds due for refund is calculated according to regional consumption standards per person.

Art. 1-3 Federal Law No. 5 emphasize the time frame for conducting battles in various territories. In the case where a person served in a named area during a specific period of time, he is assigned the status of a UBD.

The benefit system applies to family members of people killed in the line of duty. These people include parents, children and spouses. Subsidies are used regardless of whether the residential building belongs to a particular fund.

Where to go to apply for benefits for combat veterans in Moscow

Depending on what benefits you plan to receive for combat veterans, you can contact the following departments:

No.Benefit that needs to be applied forDepartment to contactList of institutions in Moscow
1Tax benefits
(tax exemption, tax discount, tax deduction)
Branch of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) at the place of registration of the applicant (exemption, discount, deduction)
Accounting department at the place of employment (deduction)
2Housing benefits
(queuing up for an apartment, applying for a subsidy for the purchase of housing, receiving compensation for the purchase of residential premises, allocation of land)
Housing Department of the Settlement Administration, municipalitiesLink
3Medical benefits
(production and installation of dentures)
State and municipal dental offices that receive compensation for providing free services to beneficiaries (the list can be obtained from the SZN).
Sometimes expenses are reimbursed to private dentists, in the absence of public institutions in the city.
4Compensation for housing expenses
(reimbursement of the cost of housing and communal services, rent, paid contributions for major repairs of apartment buildings)
Social protection authorities at the place of registration or actual residence of the applicantLink
5Pension provision
(pension, EDV - monthly cash payment)
Branch of the Russian Pension Fund at the place of registration of the applicant
of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense, a number of other departments (here we are talking about pensions for former military personnel)

Important! Most benefits and payments can also be applied for at the branch of the Multifunctional Center closest to your home - this is often the fastest and most convenient way to submit documents due to the large number of “windows” and an electronic queue. Follow the link to see → list of MFC branches in Moscow.

Benefits for combat veterans in Moscow – reviews from real people 2020

“I got on the waiting list for an apartment before 2004. When I came in 2020 to inquire at what stage I was at, they kicked me off. They said there was a queue. I stood up as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a civilian - neither one nor the other moved. And I’m sure he’s not the only one.”

Nikolay, comment on the website about benefits dated March 20, 2020*

“I came out of the army in 2001 and immediately joined the queue. I received compensation in 2020 of 2 million at the rate of 1 + 2 children + maternity capital = two-room apartment. And then after contacting the Presidential Office. Krasnoyarsk.”

Vadim, comment on the website about benefits dated August 28, 2020*

*spelling of the commentary author has been preserved

Common mistakes when applying for benefits for combat veterans in Moscow

Error: A combat veteran submits documents to the Pension Fund, counting on an increase in the monthly cash payment (MCV) by 2 times.

In fact, a bill has been submitted to the Legislative Duma, according to which the monthly allowance for combat veterans can be increased by almost 2 times, as a result of which it will become equal to 0.5 of the subsistence level per capita. However, this bill has not yet been approved, so as of today the EDV has not been increased.

Error: A serviceman who has confirmed his status as a combat veteran applies to the Pension Fund for registration of a general civilian pension, believing that the retirement age has been reduced for military veterans.

In fact, the Legislative Duma is indeed considering the possibility of lowering the retirement age for combat veterans, however, at the moment no decision has been made on this issue.

Benefits for paying for electricity at 2020 tariffs

  • participants of the Second World War. This group includes not only veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but also people who worked in the rear, survived the siege of the city of Leningrad, visited concentration camps, disabled people of the Second World War, and some other categories;
  • disabled people This includes disabled people of all groups and people who received disabled status from birth. Benefits apply to the entire family;
  • other categories. These are low-income families, large families, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, labor veterans of retirement age, combatants;
  • orphans, heroes of Russia or the USSR, citizens who have the Order of Labor Glory.

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Every month, indicators are taken from the electricity meter, according to which calculations will be made. If a disabled person does not have such a device, then the average standard values ​​will be taken into account in the calculation. Therefore, you should not be surprised when the benefits for electricity for a disabled person of group 2 in 2020 are the same as for everyone, or the amounts in receipts for people with disabilities living in the same house will differ significantly. Indeed, in most cases, a person with a meter will pay less.

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