Risks when buying an apartment on your own
When purchasing an apartment, many buyers, wanting to save on the services of a realtor, look for options and take
How to properly draw up a will for an apartment?
The Civil Code of the Russian Federation regulates the rights of heirs in terms of receiving the property of the deceased. However, the order condition is not
Application form for tax benefits 1
Is it really possible not to pay taxes? Analysis of Article 45.1. Tax Code of the Russian Federation
Almost all types of activities are subject to taxes. The collected funds are redirected to the state budget. Some faces
How to legalize a garage without documents?
Statistics show that the vast majority of citizens who own garage boxes are their owners
What to do if the developer is bankrupt
If a developer goes bankrupt, what should equity holders do?
Money or meters? There are several options for requirements for a developer in case of bankruptcy. From 15
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Where to get title documents for an apartment Depending on how exactly the property is used
Woman reading documents against the background of the house
The procedure for legalizing unauthorized buildings in 2020
For the construction of any building on your own site, the presence of permits from the administration of the locality is required.
Termination of the contract with the realtor
Today, most transactions with residential real estate are carried out with the participation of professional realtors who deal
Where can you complain about housing and communal services in 2020?
Where to complain about the HOA If you do not have time to file a complaint in person,
Land before purchase. How to check?
Order an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate about the property Submit through the MFC or electronically
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