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Dmitry Nikitenko 02/13/2017 Disputes about eviction from official housing are a common category of cases in
Evicting tenants
Eviction from a residential premises without the provision of housing: for what sins can one be legally thrown out onto the street today?
Section I. General provisions Chapter 1. Basic provisions. Housing legislation Article 1 - Basic
Does the rent increase during temporary registration?
Home / Housing rights / Registration / How to apply for temporary registration Back Published: 06/21/2018
License to carry out activities related to the management of apartment buildings. Housing and communal services license. UK license.
The introduction of legislative changes in the field of management of housing and communal services from 2020 provides for a new procedure
mortgage repayment with maternity capital documents
How to get a mortgage using maternity capital?
Definition Maternity capital (MCC) is federal budget funds transferred to the Pension Fund for
Taxation on mortgages
Most people know that property owners need to pay taxes on it. Therefore, everyone
Who will get the apartment after the death of the owner?
Who has the right to inherit an apartment after the death of its owner?
General issues of inheritance The issue of inheritance has always been relevant, and even now it continues to arise
Young family
Social mortgage and young family in 2020: state program
What is a social mortgage? The state helps some families get housing under a special program
Article 678. Obligations of the tenant of residential premises
What quorum is established for various issues of the general meeting of SNT?
Types of ownership of real estate Before proceeding to the counting of votes at the OSS,
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