House of the Russian Federation AHJK list of documents
What documents should an apartment owner have? When purchasing an apartment, you need to make sure that
State fee for registration of property rights
Fee for registration of ownership of real estate - how to pay, details and cost
Legal topics are very complex, but in this article we will try to answer the question “Legal
Since 2020, maternity capital is paid at the birth of the first child
Division of mortgage with maternity capital during divorce
Is it possible and how to withdraw money? Where can I cash out maternity capital? How to do it before
Can a grandson claim an inheritance if it is not in the will?
Inheritance rights The Civil Code clearly defines the order of inheritance. In accordance with Article 1142 k
Open a current account for LLCs and individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank of Russia
Home / Real estate / Land / Purchase and sale / With a house Back Published: 01/11/2017
registration of title to a house without a building permit
Is it possible to build a house without the appropriate permit? The fine for citizens varies from 1
Rules for the use of residential premises in apartment buildings in 2019-2020 - overview of changes
Article 7.21. Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Violation of the rules for the use of residential premises
The rules for the use of houses and apartments are established by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 21, 2006 No. 25. B
Salary for the chairman of the board of MKD
The possibility of paying remuneration to members of the house council and the chairman of the council is prescribed in Part 8.1 of Art. 161.1
Who can prevent the redevelopment of the garage in GSK
How to draw up a statement of claim for recognition of ownership of a garage; the name of the court where
Is it possible to rent out an apartment with a military mortgage?
What are the risks of renting out an apartment with a military mortgage?
05/17/2016 The possibility of renting out real estate purchased under a “Military Mortgage” is a pressing issue for
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