Death certificate according to form No. 11 (No. 33)

What information is contained in the document?

Where can I get certificates forms 7 and 9? First, it’s worth understanding under what circumstances such documents may be useful.

They are usually requested if:

  • it is necessary to formalize a legal transaction with property;
  • there is a need to confirm registration or characteristics of the property;
  • redevelopment is planned and legalized;
  • There are plans for litigation related to housing.

Various categories of citizens can request such extracts. True, third parties cannot issue the appropriate forms. This is simply not provided for by current legislation.

Where to get statements on Form 7 or 9 is now clear. What documents will the applicant have to prepare? Usually a passport is enough. Homeowners can also prepare a certificate of title to the property.

If a citizen sends his representative, the latter will have to present:

  • a copy of the customer's passport;
  • your personal ID;
  • officially executed power of attorney.

Nothing more is required. The absence of the listed documents is grounds for refusal of service.

The “Form 9” certificate contains information about all persons registered in a residential premises, be it an apartment or a private house. Sometimes it includes information about people who have been deregistered. The list is headed by the owner of the property, his full name is indicated, then the lines and columns are filled in one by one.

They record the names, patronymics and surnames of each person registered in the premises, their date of birth, date of registration (and expiration date), family or other connection with the owner of the property. Both permanent and temporary registration are indicated. If the list includes persons deregistered, information about the reason for deregistration is sometimes added.

Next, Form 9 provides information about the apartment or house itself: living and total area, number of rooms, type of property and background information about debt on utility bills. This is a complete list of the information provided, but in some cases, organizations issuing the document are limited to only listing registered residents.

Where can I get a Form 9 certificate? In the Department of Move-In and Registration of Citizens at the location of the living space, in the passport office or housing office. The service for issuing a certificate is provided free of charge upon personal application to the organization that is authorized to issue registration information.

The system works differently in different regions of Russia, so before asking for help, check the operating hours of a particular organization and the opening hours for visitors.

The question of where to get a certificate of registration in the city interests visitors. Indigenous people know how to obtain a Form 9 certificate and other documentation. Form 9 is not always required. In some cases, Russians have to find out what the sample looks like: Certificate from place of residence. What is a certificate of residence? This is the name of documentation confirming the address of residence and the availability of a place of permanent/temporary residence for various institutions.

The document issued on the right about residence at the place of residence requires:

  • for kindergarten;
  • for school.

It is necessary to obtain a certificate from the place of residence of registered persons when applying for subsidies, benefits, or alienation of real estate.

Having looked at the sample certificate here from the place of residence, you can see that it is displayed:

  • applicant details;
  • full details of registered Russians indicating the degree of relationship with the applicant;
  • registration form (permanent or temporary);
  • information about all previously registered;
  • residential data.

The sample Certificate of Residence contains information about where this documentation is to be submitted.

Through the Internet, Russians have the right to find out what a residence certificate looks like, for example here. The registration document can be obtained from the FMS. A certificate of residence is issued on the day of application upon presentation of:

  • passports with registration;
  • real estate documentation;
  • statements.

A sample form for completing the application is available at the territorial department of the Federal Migration Service.

When sending your child to school, you will have to find out how information about the child’s registration in the specified apartment is provided.

Russians often require documents in forms 7 and 9. Having figured out how to obtain a certificate of form 9, it is easy to figure out how to obtain form 7. The document characterizes residential premises and is required when making a number of transactions:

  • obtaining a mortgage loan;
  • registration of inheritance;
  • sale of housing.

Form 7 certificate is issued at passport offices. The validity period of the certificate is not limited, but many organizations accept Form 7 from passport offices, issued no more than 7-30 days ago.

Certificate Form 7 contains the following information:

  • footage of the home;
  • apartment floor;
  • number of rooms;
  • redevelopment carried out;
  • defects found in the premises;
  • availability of communications;
  • carrying out the last major renovation of the house.

Certificate Form 7 is a shortened version of the apartment registration certificate issued by the BTI.

Parents do not always know where to obtain a certificate of registration of their child. A child’s registration certificate is required when:

  • registering a child for school;
  • parents' divorce;
  • the child's admission to kindergarten.

A certificate of registration of a child is issued in form 8, 9 or 3. Certificate form 9 displays everyone registered in the premises. How to obtain a certificate from the place of residence for a child to go to school? You must contact the passport officer who issues Form 9.

You can find out what is displayed in the documentation by looking at what the sample certificate of residence displays.

Form 7 for an apartment - what is it? Documents for selling an apartment

Collecting documents for selling a home is a responsible matter. Sometimes citizens do not know how and where to get this or that paper. Such circumstances significantly slow down the deal. It is safe to say that to sell a home you will need Form 7 for the apartment. What is this? Where can I get such a document? What does he look like? We will definitely find answers to all these questions below. In fact, with proper preparation for the operation, selling your home will not be difficult. The main thing is to worry in advance about the availability of a certain package of papers for the transaction.

So, Form 7 for an apartment - what is it? For what purposes is this paper required? The document being studied is needed for transactions with real estate. It is for informational purposes only, and another name for the document is “Characteristics of residential premises.”

Certificate in Form 7 contains complete information about the property. With its help, the buyer will be able to study the property even before his personal inspection.

What information is contained in the document?

Where can I get certificates forms 7 and 9? It is worth paying attention to the fact that not every citizen can request the relevant documents. And therefore, in the process of achieving the desired goal, problems are not excluded.

At the moment, the above certificates can be issued by:

  • residents of an apartment or house;
  • owner of the premises;
  • heirs;
  • government agencies;
  • representatives of the above persons.

Accordingly, it will not be possible to complete the previously mentioned forms without an official power of attorney. Third parties simply do not have such a right.

What is indicated in the Extract from the House Register

We would like to draw special attention to the fact that in accordance with the Administrative Regulations, from April 17, 2020, house (apartment) books (Form 11), apartment cards (Form 10), as well as a registration card (Form 9) were canceled. The legislator does not directly indicate what to do with the existing house (apartment books) cards. Due to the inability to keep records and issue certificates, it is logical to transfer house (apartment) books to registration authorities or archives.

Sometimes in life there are situations when there is an urgent need to have a large sum of money on hand.

Authorized officials of multifunctional centers for the provision of state (municipal) services.

The certificate indicates the technical characteristics (floor, room height, number of rooms, square footage) of the residential premises: apartments or parts of apartments; Houses; rooms. In addition, the characteristics of the house as a whole are indicated (year of construction, wall material, year of last major renovation, number of floors, type of heating and water supply).

Validity period

To date, the legislative and regulatory framework does not indicate a specific validity period. In practice, information from Form No. 9 is considered valid within a range of 30 days from the date of issue. However, different institutions and organizations themselves approve validity periods ranging from 10 to 14 days. This means that if a certificate is needed by the scheduled date, you should obtain it in advance, taking these facts into account.

What is the validity period of certificates forms 7 and 9? Usually the exact period of validity of documents is established by the authorities that require the corresponding extract.

At the moment, forms 7 and 9 are considered valid for a maximum of 1 month from the date of their issue. Documents lose their relevance ahead of schedule if citizens are discharged/registered and the characteristics of housing change.

Legally, this document does not have a statute of limitations, that is, the law does not indicate how long it is valid. It is generally accepted that information from Form 9 is valid for 1 month from the date of issue. However, some companies that should submit the document independently set its validity period from 10 to 14 calendar days. Therefore, if you need a “Form 9” certificate by a certain day, apply for it shortly before the required date.

Authorized Services

Need to request Form 7 or 9? Then the citizen will have to choose where to turn for help. Today, you can request these certificates from various government services.

For example, at the passport office or at the passport and visa center, in the department of accommodation and registration of citizens. They fill out both forms 7 and 9.

You can also contact a “one-stop shop” service or a multifunctional center. Departments of the Federal Migration Service and migration services also provide such services.

Another option for the development of events is to turn to the help of private intermediary companies. Such organizations, for a fee, facilitate the preparation of various civil certificates.

Important: when ordering one form or another, you need to contact the service at the intended place of registration of the citizen.

Through housing office, MFC, etc.

You can get Form 9 by contacting the authorities that perform responsibilities for servicing residential premises (Housing Office) or the authorities involved in maintaining various types of records (passport office, MFC). You can get a document with registration information by personally contacting one of these authorities and providing it to a specialist , all necessary documents.

The certificate is also issued to representatives of the owner.

In this case, it is necessary to prepare a power of attorney in advance, which will be certified in the prescribed manner. If for one reason or another it is not possible to appear in person at one of the specified bodies, then you should resort to. In this case, you need to submit your own application from the Internet, fill it out, attach a package of documents to the form, and send it by registered mail with a list of attachments. The application must indicate how to send the response.

Ways to apply for statements

How do I request the forms mentioned earlier? There are different ways to cope with this task.

For example, at the moment you can:

  • personally contact the authorized service;
  • request a document via postal services;
  • seek help from official representatives.

At the same time, everyone chooses for themselves how to act. It is best to use the first scenario. It is the fastest and most reliable.

Legal verification of the title of the apartment

Many real estate buyers are mistaken and think that the main criterion when choosing an apartment is its market value and location. We, as lawyers, put the purity of the title of the purchased apartment first.

We recommend reading: How to separate a share in a house from common shared property

All of the above comes down to one thought: it is important not only to buy an apartment, but also to do it in such a way that it is not later sued by the former owners. For transactions with apartments (rooms) to be valid, a number of conditions must be met:

What is needed to obtain a Form 9 certificate?

You will need the following papers:

  • Identification document (passport with a registration stamp for the owner of the apartment and any person registered in it).
  • A power of attorney executed in the prescribed manner (confirmation of the authority of an individual to act on behalf of third parties) and an identification document for a person not registered in this residential premises.

When you contact a specialist to obtain information, you will be issued a “Form 9” certificate. The form must be filled out, indicating your full name, passport details, registration address and date of request. Sometimes passport office employees issue Form 9 upon verbal request, excluding the stage of filling out forms from the work process, because now everyone works with computers where all the necessary information is stored.

Official documentation showing the number of registered Russians is required:

  • when making real estate transactions;
  • to confirm registration;
  • when registering an inheritance;
  • when privatizing residential premises;
  • in other cases.

Where can I get a certificate of residence? You should contact the registration authorities or housing maintenance departments.

A certificate of those registered in the apartment is issued free of charge upon application. The registration time does not exceed 20 minutes. MFC has the right to issue Form No. 9.

A certificate of registration is issued to residents who have received registration in the apartment about which data is required. Having figured out where to get it, you should find out what documents are needed to provide information:

  • requesting that a certificate f9 be provided;
  • passport of the applicant.

House management passport officers often require confirmation of the absence of debt on utility bills. This condition is illegal. Form 9 registration certificate is issued to applicants without delay upon presentation of the required documentation. In case of refusal to issue documentation at the place of residence for utility debtors, the following procedure is provided for challenging the actions of the passport officer:

  • requirement of a written refusal, indicating why a certificate of registration is not issued;
  • complaint to the FMS manager;
  • going to court.

A certificate in Form 9 is issued to authorized persons upon presentation of the corresponding power of attorney. Guardians of incapacitated persons have the right to obtain data from the passport office.

The legislation does not limit the expiration date of documentation. But most organizations require that the registration certificate Form 9 be issued no more than 2 weeks ago.

A certificate of registration at the place of residence to confirm registration displays:

  • who applied for the issuance of documentation;
  • area of ​​the premises, number of rooms;
  • the number of registered persons, indicating the degree of relationship with the applicant.

Archival certificate Form 9 contains information about all residents registered at the specified address. Where can I obtain such documentation? It is issued at the passport office in the area where the residential premises are located.

To obtain the document you need the following information:

  1. Certificate of identity (a document containing registration details for any registered person).
  2. A power of attorney drawn up in accordance with the rules (confirming a person’s right to act on behalf and in the interests of third parties) and a passport for a person who is not registered in this premises.

When contacting an employee of the relevant department, the citizen will be provided with a certificate form “Form No. 9”. The document must be filled out, indicating all the necessary data, postal address and current date. In some cases, a verbal request procedure is provided, bypassing the process of personal completion, since modern Internet technologies and capabilities make it possible to quickly carry out all levels of verification. The certificate is provided on the day of application. In some cases, the signature of the head of the department is required after receiving information about the absence of utility debts.

Form No. 7

This form is a certificate with brief information about the condition of the property that will be used as collateral. It contains characteristics of the room, indicating the total footage, floor, height of the room, number of rooms. This certificate will also be needed for any type of real estate that can be used as collateral, including a room.

In addition to the characteristics, the certificate contains information about the redevelopment, if any, the presence of defects and other important details regarding the object in question (including the year of construction, wall material, date of last repair, features of communication systems). In fact, the validity period of this form is unlimited, that is, it is enough to request it only once at the passport office at your place of residence and it will be relevant for a long time. However, when concluding a new contract, the company requests a certificate with the latest data and limits its validity to approximately one month.

To get the form, you need to go to the passport office, provide your passport, after which you just have to wait until everything is processed properly. In essence, this is a summary of the technical passport for real estate.

We personally request extracts

Where can I get certificates forms 7 and 9? The answer to this kind of question will no longer put a person in an awkward position. How to act in this or that case?

Suppose a citizen decides to personally apply for certificates in the established forms. Then he will have to:

  1. Prepare a package of documents. It will not be too large, but we will still get acquainted with its components further.
  2. Contact the authorized body with a request to issue a particular certificate.
  3. Receive a document of the established form within the specified time frame.

Everything is extremely simple and clear. Sometimes citizens verbally ask for forms 7 and 9. In practice, they may be asked to fill out an application of the established form. This is a very common practice. But even without a written request, you can still get certificates of registration and characteristics of housing.

Important: it is necessary to act in the same way if a citizen sends his representative to the authorized body.

Possibility of refusal to issue a certificate

It happens that the passport office or registration department refuses to issue a Form 9 to a visitor. This happens if the owner’s account has unpaid payments for an apartment or house (electricity, heating, hot and cold water, etc.).

In any of two possible situations (you received a verbal refusal to issue a certificate or you were given written confirmation of the refusal of the request), you can contact the prosecutor’s office, referring to Article 19.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Arbitrariness”. Employees of these organizations do not have the right to refuse to issue a Form 9 certificate solely on the basis of utility debt.

Situations often occur when the accounting and registration department, passport office or other authorized organization refuses to provide a person with this document. This happens, as a rule, in cases where accounting data indicates that the owner has unpaid debts or a significant delay in utility payments for a house or apartment (heating, electricity, cold and hot water), as well as debts on property taxes .

If a visitor receives a written or oral refusal to provide a certificate, he has the right to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office at his place of residence, arguing it with Article 19.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Arbitrariness”. And he will be right, since specialists from these institutions cannot refuse to provide a certificate of “Form No. 9” for these reasons.

Mail help

You can contact the previously listed services by mail. This is not the best solution - it takes a lot of time, money and effort. But in practice, such a situation still occurs.

Would you like to order form 7 or 9 by mail? Then it is recommended:

  1. Make copies of documents prepared in advance and then have them certified by a notary.
  2. Fill out an application for issuing a certificate of one type or another.
  3. Send an application with copies of documents to the authorized body. It is better to immediately send a letter to the local migration service.
  4. Get your hands on the standard form. Usually it is also sent to the customer by post.

Not too quickly, but sometimes this is the situation that helps to get certificates for housing.

It is important to know

All information contained in the Form 9 certificate is subject to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On Personal Data”. This means that you cannot obtain information about the place of registration of another person without his consent. Specialists and operators who have received personal information are obliged not to distribute or disclose data to third parties without the consent of the subject, unless federal law provides otherwise.

If documents are needed to apply for benefits or other payments to the whole family, and the spouses are registered at different addresses, you will need to take “Form 9” from each place of residence.

Sometimes the information contained in the document is needed to confirm the footage of the living space, since since 1998 the measurement system for determining the size of the living space has changed (up to tenths, and not up to hundredths of a square meter). A note about this should be made in the technical passport, but many citizens leave this fact unnoticed and do not correct the information.

So, we told you how to get a Form 9 certificate and what it is needed for. Don't let any bureaucratic complications ruin your life!

Certificate in form 12 or archival certificate in form 9

d) refusal to accept documents, the provision of which is provided for by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, regulatory legal acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the provision of services, from the applicant;

b) last name, first name, patronymic (the latter - if available), information about the place of residence of the applicant - an individual, as well as contact telephone number(s), email address(es) (if available) and postal address to which the a response has been sent to the applicant;

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