Tariffs for water supply and sanitation

Rules for water supply and sanitation: calculating the balance of water supply and consumption rates

It is believed that the average person consumes 200-250 liters of water per day. Then daily consumption for a family of 4 people will be 800-1000 liters, and monthly consumption will be 24,000-30,000 liters (24-30 cubic meters). In private houses in the courtyards there are swimming pools, outdoor showers, drip irrigation systems, i.e. part of the water consumption is irrevocably carried out onto the street.

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Both examples are conditional, but a table with a real calculation of water consumption and disposal, which can only be done by a qualified engineer, should be available to all economic entities (enterprises, housing stock) that collect water for drinking, sanitary and hygienic, industrial needs and discharge drains.

Cold and hot water supply: settlements with subscribers and applicable tariffs

The fact that legislation in the field of water supply and sanitation is not perfect is evidenced by the established arbitration practice, including Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation dated October 18, 2011 No. 5257/11. It expresses the position of the senior arbiters on the issue of application of the Rules for the use of public water supply and sewerage systems, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 12, 1999 No. 167 (hereinafter referred to as the Water Supply Rules), in terms of clauses 72 and 76.

The essence of the dispute

A dispute arose between a water supply and sewerage organization and a generating company that heats cold water in order to supply hot water to end consumers (management companies) through heating networks (which are in its temporary use). Let us remind you that according to paragraph 72 of section. VI “Calculations for supply (receipt) of drinking water and reception (discharge) of wastewater and pollutants” of the Water Supply Rules, payment for drinking water received by a heat supply organization for centralized hot water supply and for its own needs is made for the entire actual volume of drinking water received, determined by readings of measuring instruments. At the same time, in accordance with paragraph 76 of the same section, if sub-subscribers are connected to the subscriber, payments for the supply of water to them and the receipt of wastewater and pollutants from them are made by the sub-subscribers with the subscriber under agreements concluded between them, unless a different payment procedure is established local government bodies. In addition, this paragraph provides that by agreement between the subscriber and the subsubscriber with the water supply and sewerage organization, such calculations can be made by the subsubscriber directly with the water supply and sewerage organization.

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