How to obtain a certificate of family composition?

What does the term “family composition” mean?

When an economic and social situation arises in a family, the concept of the term “family composition” is important for many citizens.

So, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, citizens who are included in the family are:

  1. The owner of the living space;
  2. Parents of the home owner;
  3. Relatives of the first and second degrees of kinship. These include: brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, wife or husband;
  4. Natural, foster and adopted children;
  5. Third-party citizens who are registered in the living space with the consent of the owner of the living space.

In order for the above citizens to be officially recognized as part of a family, they must meet certain criteria:

  • The owner of the living space has no claims against relatives or strangers, and has his consent to their residence in this housing;
  • Spouses must have official marriage registration;
  • The owner of the property officially registered the above-mentioned relatives in his living space.

An important indicator in the composition of the family is the overall financial budget, equality in the distribution of responsibilities to each other and joint management of the household.

Validity period of the family composition certificate

A certificate of family composition is issued by the MFC free of charge on the day of application, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the validity period of the certificate is 10 calendar days from the date of issue, you can find out about the readiness of the document yourself.

It should be taken into account that if the organization that requested confirmation of family composition from you sets a period of less than 10 days, such actions can be considered illegal and are subject to appeal in court or the prosecutor's office.

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If you ordered a certificate, but did not receive it on time, it is not destroyed, but is sent to the archive after 3 days, and is issued upon the first request.

The legislative framework

The family composition certificate has an approved official Document Form number 9, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

This document during registration and issuance is regulated by the following bills:

  • Law of the Russian Federation No. 131-FZ, adopted on October 6, 2003, which spells out the basis for the formation of regional autonomy at the state level.
  • Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Sample certificate No. 9

A certificate of family composition is an updated and expanded version of an extract from the house register. In addition to technical information about housing, all residents who have permanent or temporary registration are indicated here. Moreover, the document indicates not only their names, but also information about when the citizens were registered at the address, as well as who they are related to the owner of the property.

The certificate must indicate the full name and position of the employee who issued the document. The certificate is confirmed by a wet seal.

Why do you need a certificate?

The reasons for obtaining a certificate of family composition are the following situations:

  1. To apply for a subsidy to pay for utilities and housing;
  2. When applying for a subsidy for large and low-income families (as an example, a benefit for school meals is provided in the amount of about 30 rubles per day);
  3. In the process of applying for a housing subsidy for a young family;
  4. When applying for tax deductions for children;
  5. For compensation payments for kindergarten fees;
  6. In the process of submitting documents to be placed on a waiting list for a new living space, if the existing housing does not meet state standards for square footage (below) per family member;
  7. When completing a transaction for the sale of real estate;
  8. During the period of collection of alimony payments during the trial;
  9. If this living space is collateral when signing a loan agreement.

Why do you need a family composition certificate?

Where can I get a certificate in form No. 9?

In order to obtain a certificate of family composition, you must go to:

  • Multifunctional center (MFC);
  • Homeowners' Association or Housing Office;
  • Passport Issuing Department of the Migration Service;
  • BTI;
  • Local authorities - district education department in the administration;
  • Regional archive.

Note! An application for a certificate can also be submitted electronically. However, submitting an application via the Internet does not eliminate the need to go to one of the listed institutions with original documents to obtain a certificate.

Who can get a certificate?

Russian legislation provides a list of citizens who have the right to receive a certificate of family composition:

  • Persons living or registered in the specified housing;
  • Citizens who do not have registration, but can obtain a certificate in the presence of the owner of the property;
  • In accordance with the established legislative procedure, this document will be provided to a representative of the court or law enforcement agency, as well as lawyers and legal experts upon request;
  • When submitting a birth certificate, parents or guardians have the right to receive a certificate of family composition for a minor child.

What is required to obtain a certificate of family composition?

Before you start issuing a registration certificate in Form 9, you should find out what is required for this. Regardless of the method of obtaining a certificate of family composition, you will need to prepare several documents, without which no one will issue you this certificate. In principle, you don’t have to collect a large package of documents. Everything you need should be at your home.

To obtain a registration certificate in Form 9 you will need:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation of the applicant;
  • An extract from the house register at the place of registration of all family members;
  • A document confirming the ownership of housing.

Of course, the application itself will also be required. There is no point in preparing it in advance. You can write it directly when visiting the relevant authority or even submit it electronically. By the way, when receiving a certificate of family composition, you will need to indicate the details of the above documents, and then provide the originals for verification at the specified place.

Where can I get a certificate of family composition?

Certificate No. 9 is issued after personal submission of the corresponding application by the following municipal representative offices:

  • MFC (Multifunctional Public Service Center);
  • Archive of your city of residence;
  • Branch of the Migration Service according to the region;
  • Housing Cooperatives, or Housing and Operations Office (ZhEKom);
  • Passport Office;
  • Local authorities (as an example, city administration).

In addition to a personal visit to the above organizations, you can make a request via the Internet through the State Services website.
To do this, you need to follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  1. If you are not registered, please register on the website;
  2. Next, go to your Personal Account;
  3. You will need to fill out personal data: last name, first name, patronymic, INN and SNILS data;
  4. Next, you will receive an Activation Code, which can be provided within 14 days by email. Therefore, it is better to register earlier.

If you are not registered on the State Services website, it may provide you with the opportunity to obtain an electronic signature.

  • After you have received the activation code, go to your Personal Account, enter the code and SNILS. Are you registered;
  • To select the service Issuance of certificates of family composition, indicate your place of residence;
  • Select the line Individual;
  • By classification topic, indicate the service;
  • Next, follow all instructions from the service.

The service card makes it possible to get acquainted with information about the documents provided, their description, information about how much the service costs, what documents can be ordered in electronic format and the timing of this operation.

How to order a certificate of family composition through State Services

First of all, it should be noted that you can receive a certificate of family composition in person at the responsible department or MFC, and you can submit an electronic application on the State Services portal. Submitting an application for a certificate of family composition is available only to users registered on the portal and who have confirmed their identity. In addition, please note that this service is not available in all regions of Russia on the State Services portal.

So, step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a certificate of family composition (certificate f9) on State Services online:

  • You need to go to the regional portal and enter “Certificate of family composition” into the search;

  • Select the desired service and on the next page click on email;

  • On the page that opens, you can familiarize yourself with the procedure for providing the service, detailed information, and then click “Get src=” .png.pagespeed.ce.Rt5DHMAMGb.png" class="aligncenter" width="1183″ height="749″[/img]
  • Then you should carefully fill out all points of the application;

  • Mark your agreement with the terms of the user agreement;

  • And then choose the result of the service: electronically in your personal account of the State Services, or on paper - then you can choose the MFC that is convenient for you, where you can get a certificate of family composition on paper in your hand! All that remains is to send the application.

The application will be queued for dispatch and then registered with the responsible department.
The application must be registered within 24 hours from the moment of sending. File a complaint or leave a review

What documents are needed to obtain a certificate?

Having chosen the municipal authority that should issue this certificate, the citizen needs to provide the necessary documents.

These include:

The entire list of documentation must be clearly readable, submitted personally by the applicant and taken by him, there must be no corrections, added lines, or any damage.

Sample application

Find this link - Spravka-o-sostave-semi.

Cost of obtaining a certificate of family composition through State Services

The cost of obtaining a certificate of family composition through State Services - the service is provided free of charge!

You can receive a certificate in form No. 9 (aka Certificate of Registration or Extract from the House Register) in your hands:

  • in the housing department or housing office;
  • in multifunctional centers, if in your region an agreement has been concluded on the provision of this service between the MFC and the federal government;
  • in the territorial department of the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • in local governments;
  • at the passport office.

What does it contain?

The certificate contains the following information:

  1. Personal data of the citizen to whom the certificate is issued, including residential address;
  2. Full written name of the organization who issues the document;
  3. The purpose for providing the certificate, indicating the authority where it will be provided;
  4. A complete list of citizens registered in a given living space, their status in relation to the applicant (mother, child, wife, etc.), their data from passports or birth certificates, the date of their registration and date of birth;
  5. Indicators of residential premises: area, number of rooms;
  6. Information about the owner of the property;
  7. Date of issue of the Certificate;
  8. Signature of the employee of the organization who issues the certificate;
  9. Wet printing.

What does it look like?

Sample certificate of family composition.

When a husband and wife are registered in different places, then a request is made by both representatives, and the authorized municipal organization issues two certificates about family composition.

Necessary documents for reference No. 9

To issue a certificate, you need to indicate a certain list of data that not only identifies the person, but also speaks about the status (family, housing, tax). To do this you need to have the following documents in original:

  1. birth certificate;
  2. passport;
  3. documents confirming the rights to real estate ownership;
  4. if available: information about divorce, marriage, certificate from place of study, death, disability, guardianship.

These materials are sent to one of the institutions, where the certificate is ordered. Some are needed by a specialist for review, scans, copies, and filling out a questionnaire, while others remain directly at the institution. In this case, you need to know in advance the full list of individual documents (depending on the number of family members and their status).

Submitting such an application will take much more time, but if a person does not have a profile on State Services (the ability to register independently) or access to the Internet, then the option of receiving it in person at the office is preferable.


The family composition certificate is valid for 10 days from the date of issue. But this period also depends on the organization where it is provided, since they can set their own deadlines.

As an example, when applying to the court, the validity period is one month, and when submitted to the Social Security Authority for registration of preferential incentives - 14 days.

If a citizen appears 3 days later than the stated deadline, the certificate is transferred to the archive.

How to request a F9 certificate through the State Services website

You will need to register and be verified, then you can leave an application in electronic format. After the waiting time has expired, it will be possible to pick up the certificate at the MFC branch or at another specialized institution. Submitting an application through the website may not be possible in every region of the Russian Federation. But if this is possible in the territory where you live, then in this article we tell you in order what needs to be done:

Go to State in the search field;

Select the subject of direct search from the results, then click “Certificate of family composition”;

The link to which you will be directed contains many useful subtleties related to the preparation of the document; after reading them, click “Get a service”;

Compose an application, carefully double-checking the entered data;

Then you need to check the box confirming your agreement with the terms of the user agreement;

Finally, determine the method of receipt - physically or electronically on the website via a personal account. If you have decided to receive the F9 certificate in paper form, then additionally select the nearest point of issue where you can pick up the finished document in the future. Once everything is completed, complete the process by submitting your application.

A feature of State Services is the technicality of the service; within 24 hours your application is guaranteed to be registered.

Where they give a certificate of family composition: list of organizations

The document is also requested in order to confirm the presence of family ties, family relationships and to establish the number of people living together. In addition, in controversial situations, using a document of the established form, it is possible to prove that a specific person is not registered and does not live in the apartment. For example, if a citizen who was discharged a long time ago continues to be listed at the address in the house register. Let's consider in what other situations this document may be needed.

Thus, an official document allows you to obtain the necessary information about the living quarters, the list of persons living with the applicant in the same apartment, the actual number of members of one family and their family ties. Let us note that according to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the family includes the owner of the home, spouse, children, second-degree relatives, as well as other persons registered in the apartment at the request of the home owners. A certificate of family composition is issued on a special form according to Form No. 9.

The document contains the applicant’s data (full name), name and seal of the organization that issued it; a list of persons in the family registered at the specified address, indicating the date of birth, date and type of registration, degree of relationship; apartment area; information about the address of residence; name of the place of provision; date of preparation of the certificate. It is worth noting that such a municipal service as issuing a certificate of family composition is provided free of charge, except in the case of receiving an extract from the archive. The period for preparing a certificate in Form 9 depends on the administrative regulations of a particular institution.

When applying to the Housing and Communal Services, a ready-made document with the required information can be obtained on the day of application. If the certificate is ordered through the MFC or BTI, its production may take up to 7 days.

Let's look at the main places where you can get a certificate of family composition. Form for a certificate of family composition When a citizen lives in an apartment that is his property, then to obtain the data he needs, he should contact the board of the HOA or housing cooperative. Based on the apartment card data, an extract on the composition of the family will be compiled, which will be certified by the signature of the chairman and the seal of the legal entity.

Family composition is important for receiving various benefits and government services. You can reduce the amount of certain taxes or issue subsidies. This information may be useful in other cases. Where can I get a certificate of family composition in 2020?

A certificate stating who is part of the family is one of the most significant documents when receiving various benefits from the state. A document that has not expired is taken into account when applying for subsidies for low-income and large families. Based on the certificate, a tax deduction for children is drawn up, and alimony is collected in court. This document may be needed in different situations. Who issues a certificate of family composition in Russia in 2020? Where is a family composition certificate issued?

Important points With such a document as a certificate of family composition, many difficulties arise. KopNa (04/03/2017) These certificates are a madhouse! The brother lives with the child (the mother does not live with them! There is a court order for the child to live with the father!), but he cannot receive benefits, since the child is registered with the mother and they don’t care about the court decision!

Inga2007 (02/04/2017) At the Dzerzhinsky Criminal Institution we have this certificate; the passport officer issues this certificate one day a week, and works three hours that day. Obviously, a crowd of people in front of the door and swearing “you weren’t standing here in the best Soviet style anna9om (01/04/2017) MaksimkinaMama wrote: ! I was looking for norms. acts on this topic, it is not written anywhere that the Criminal Code must certify this certificate! I was also told that the chairman of the homeowners association must certify this certificate. Fortunately, they work on the same day as the passport officer.

Everything turned out really quickly and simply. Stranger (04/01/2017) In December, I struggled with this certificate. Many specialists include in the document all the people who are registered at a specific address, indicating who this or that person is to the applicant. In some cases, an employee of an authorized organization fills out a certificate indicating members of a particular family, since people who are not related to the applicant may be registered at the address.

In both cases, the certificate will be valid, but when issuing it, you must rely on the institution that requests the certificate. If a document is needed to apply for a subsidy or some other benefit, it would be more appropriate to include in the certificate all citizens who are registered at the address. Only members of one family can be entered if a certificate is required by the guardianship authorities in order, for example, to take in a foster child for the summer. Where to Get a Family Composition Certificate in Moscow

Cost of registration and receipt of a certificate of family composition

The document is issued absolutely free of charge on this website. In addition, the certificate can be obtained from the following authorized departments of the locality in which the applicant lives:

  • in the housing maintenance department or office (ZhEK);
  • in the MFC, if the region provides this service;
  • in the department of the Main Department of Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of territorial significance;
  • at the passport office;
  • in local governments.

In order not to be mistaken, you should remember that the certificate in Form No. 9 on family composition has other names, including “Extract from the house register” or “Certificate of registration”.

Where can I get a certificate of family composition? Where can I get a certificate of family composition?

In everyday life, we use a variety of documents, extracts and certificates, which can contain a wide variety of information - from personal protected information to well-known facts. Such documents can be used for registration actions, work with government services, and transfer them to third parties.

One of the documents that is of great importance for working with social services is a certificate of family composition. It is a very versatile document that is used in a variety of transactions and serves a variety of purposes. Our article will tell you where to get a certificate of family composition, what it looks like and why you need it.


In order to receive an extract on family composition, you will need a minimum package of papers:

  • Passport or its certified copy. In some cases, another document is suitable, which can act as an alternative to a passport;
  • Home Book. If you do not have a copy and it is impossible to get it from the house management, then you can apply for it to the Federal Migration Service of your area ;
  • Completed application for issuance of a certificate of family composition. The form is issued on the spot; you don’t need to write anything in advance ;
  • A document that identifies you as the owner of the property.

Keep in mind that they have no right to ask you for any documents beyond the designated list - this is illegal. The only exception is if you use another document instead of a passport.

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