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How to write a receipt for receiving money
Legal adviser Olesya Obizhaeva answers: If the money really is not transferred to you, and you write
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Apartment trust management agreement
Sample trust management agreement, city ________________ “__”___________ ____ city _______________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as ____ “Founder”
The owner of the non-residential premises does not enter into an agreement with the Management Company
What does the owner of non-residential premises in a residential building pay for? The issue is truly controversial. With one
What is Putin's decree 2020 on the abolition of fees for major repairs.
Thirdly, not all residents need property repaired with their money. For example, it makes no sense
How to change the cadastral value of a property?
The cadastral value of real estate is established by the state and affects many financial issues related to the use
How to understand that a plot is privatized
Cadastral number of the apartment If the cadastral number of the apartment is missing, it is impossible to register ownership,
The actual place of residence is
What needs to be indicated, rules for filling out Like any other document, an act of cohabitation
When do you need a general power of attorney for an apartment?
In this article we will talk about why when voting at a general meeting of members
Rules and features of filing an application for division of property
Home » Division of property » Statement of claim for division of house and land between
Why do you need an agreement on the allocation of shares to children and how to draw it up
Agreement on determining the size of shares of residential premises acquired (built, reconstructed) using funds (part of funds) of maternity (family) capital
There are situations in life when parents want to determine shares in property rights for their
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