Why can they evict you from an apartment on social rent?
Rights of residents in a state apartment The procedure for operating a residential municipal facility is regulated by Art. 60, 65
Tariffs for water supply and sanitation
Rules of water supply and sanitation: calculating the balance of water supply and water consumption It is believed that the statistical average
How to find out the debt for electricity by address or Internet
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Legal topics are very complex but, in this article, we
Benefits for military pensioners
What benefits for paying for housing and communal services are provided for military pensioners in Article 5 of the Federal Law
pay for MGTS Internet with a bank card
Pay utility bills using your personal account
1.Terms and definitions Subscriber is a user of communication services with whom the Operator has entered into an agreement for
Calculation of electricity for public places in 2020
Decoding the abbreviations in the housing and communal services receipt for heating. KPU, IPU - what is it? Water,
Can the chairman of a housing cooperative be an accountant?
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How to pay a receipt through Sberbank Online
How to pay a receipt using a barcode in Sberbank Online
Read more about When choosing a payment method for services, you need to take into account the positive aspects of remote operations:
How to divide utility debt between owners
Division of debt for utilities among owners (tenants) 155 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, from the contents of which
Instructions for connecting gas in the Leningrad region
How to get GAZ to a Private House in the Moscow Region for pennies? Yandex Photo Despite
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