Pay utility bills using your personal account

1.Terms and definitions

Subscriber is a user of communication services with whom the Operator has entered into an agreement for the provision of communication services.

Operator: PJSC Tattelecom.

The Bank is a Russian credit organization that has issued Bank cards on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and on the basis of agreements with clients.

Acquiring Bank – PJSC “AK BARS” BANK, which carries out the initial processing of Payers’ orders, data using Internet payment in the manner prescribed by these Rules, and carries out settlements with the Operator for payment for communication services.

Bank card - a payment or credit card, the issuer of which is a credit institution, which is an instrument of non-cash payments, intended for Payers (Bank clients) to carry out transactions with funds held by the Bank in Bank accounts, or with funds provided by the Bank on credit to its clients in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as a bank account agreement, or within the established limit, in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement between the Bank and the Payer, provided that such a payment or credit card can be used by the Payer to pay for Communication Services.

Billing system is a certified automated system of the Operator for recording operations for the provision of Communication Services to the Subscriber and their payment.

The Internet is a worldwide system of voluntarily interconnected computer networks, built on the use of the IP protocol and routing of data packets.

Personal account - an electronic account in the Billing system, used to record the volume of Communication Services provided and to be provided, the receipt and expenditure of funds contributed under the Subscriber Agreement to pay for Communication Services.

Payer is the owner of a Bank card (including the Subscriber), who initiates the transmission via the Internet of an instruction to the Bank (through the Acquiring Bank) to transfer funds to pay for communication services on his or her specified personal account via Internet payment.

Internet payment - a payment made by the Payer to his or her specified personal account in payment for Communication Services via the Internet.

Ways to find out your personal gas account number

  1. Directly to the organization that provides gas supply services to your apartment. Utility organizations have entrusted the work of settlements with the population to subscriber departments, which keep records of consumers and have the information necessary to maintain the history of relationships with the consumer of the service. By contacting the customer service department, you can find the personal gas account number at your residence address. Additionally, it is possible to reconcile early payments and obtain information about the tariff for the service provided. In most cases, the subscriber department accepts payments from the public through the enterprise's cash desk. By contacting the subscriber department of a gas supply company, a resident, if necessary, receives a range of services. The disadvantage of contacting the customer service department is the work schedule of the utility organization, which usually coincides with the work week and it is difficult for an employed person to allocate working time to visit gas workers. The likelihood of seeing a queue in the organization is also high.
  2. In a single settlement center created in many cities to facilitate the population in obtaining any information, including the personal gas account number at the address. The work schedule is more flexible than in the gas service department. For convenience of service, a pre-registration service is provided at a time convenient for the consumer. The functions of the MRC are limited only to providing the personal account number and the amount of debt. MRC specialists are not authorized to reconcile the payment and accept it.
  3. Remotely, through the website of the gas supply organization. Almost all utility organizations have developed and launched websites with a “Personal Account”, where it is possible to control accruals, payments and the amount of debt. Determining the personal account number by address in the “Personal Account” is a very simple task. By registering on the website of the required utility company, you can carry out verification regardless of the time of day or day of the week, without queuing and wasting time going to gas suppliers.
  4. Using customer service. Many citizens use banking services and financiers, for the convenience of their clients, use the Internet banking service. In the housing and communal services tab "Internet banking" you can find the utility organization that supplies your apartment with gas and determine the assigned personal number at the address. At the same time, your payment history for the service will become available to you. Access is limited only to you as a bank client.

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A personal account is a set of numbers assigned to a specific address. Regardless of the presence of registered owners, a change in the number of registered residents, the status of the apartment or a change of owner, the assigned set of numbers is retained.

2. General description of the procedure for paying for communication services via Internet payment

2.1. The Operator provides the Payer with the opportunity, through the portal, to give instructions to the Bank (through the Acquiring Bank) to pay for the Operator’s communication services using the Payer’s bank card.

2.2. On the portal, the Payer must enter the personal account number or mobile phone number or subscriber number of the fixed telephone network whose account needs to be topped up, the top up amount, his email address and click the “Continue” button, after which the Payer will be redirected to a secure WEB- section located on the Acquiring Bank server

2.3. To make a payment, the Payer will need to provide his own plastic card details. The transfer of this information is carried out in compliance with all necessary security measures. The Acquiring Bank protects payment card data confirmed by compliance with the PCI DSS 2.0 security standard. Card data is entered on a secure payment page, information is transferred to the Bank's hardware and software complex using SSL encryption technology. The Bank does not transfer card data to the Operator and other third parties.

2.4. In the event of a protest against a payment via a Bank Card, regardless of the reason for the protest, the Payer undertakes to reimburse the Operator for all possible costs and losses associated with processing the protest, incl. the full amount of damage incurred (the amount of payment previously credited to the personal account using a Bank card), fines of international payment systems that process payments using Bank cards, costs for processing documentation, legal costs, etc.

The procedure for online payment for MGTS Internet by personal account number

There are enough types of payment for the service from MGTS, which allows each user to pay in a convenient way. The company's services are paid using a Single Account.

IMPORTANT!!! Funds arrive from a minute to 3 days, so it is worth taking into account the delay in payment and making a timely payment. If there is a debt to the company, then after repaying the debt, the unlocking occurs within a period of 30 to 120 minutes, and the unlocking occurs automatically.

The easiest way is to pay by personal account or online payment, which is made from a phone or bank card. This service is called “Easy Payment”, since this option is easy and fast. Paid directly on the MGTS website using your personal account or mobile application, which is described below, funds are credited instantly.

On the official website, each user has a personal account, with the help of which he can manage the available services of the site online and pay for transactions for use. When logging into your personal account, the following options are provided:

  • check the status of your personal account, as well as view a statement of all receipts and debits of finances;
  • read detailed information about what tariffs are currently connected;
  • change the tariff for using the Internet, digital television, mobile package;
  • it is possible to subscribe to a Unified Account electronically and receive a monthly receipt sent by email;
  • select additional channels for digital television;
  • Conduct mobile and home phone details.

If the user does not know access to his personal account, then call the MGTS contact center, whose number is 0636 only from an MGTS and MTS mobile phone, and find out the information.

Pay by personal account using a mobile application; this option is convenient, since mobile phones are always nearby. To do this, install a mobile application, then you need to log into your personal account.

Using the mobile version, you can monitor the status, find out what tariff plan the user has, terms of use, get information about what services are connected, send a request to connect new services or make a transaction. Since MTS is a partner, it is possible to use such a function on the phone as MTS Money, perform manipulations, set up regular debiting of a certain amount, but this payment method is available only to MTS communication users.


3.1. The Operator reserves the right to establish restrictions on the possibility of using Internet payment for Payers to pay for the Operator's communication services using Bank cards, including, but not limited to: by the country of issuer of the Bank card, the class of the Bank card, the amount of credit at a time and for the period, And so on. The Operator reserves the right not to inform the Subscriber about the reasons for introducing restrictions.

3.2. Any Payers who are holders of VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, CIRRUS/MAESTRO Bank cards issued by Russian Banks have the right to make payment for Communication Services via Internet payment.

3.3. Transfer of funds via Internet payment is subject to the following restrictions:

3.3.1. An Internet payment cannot be made if the Subscriber has an enabled ban on cash payments.

3.3.2. To make a payment, the Subscriber must not be subject to one of the types of termination of the provision of Communication Services, except for the types of termination associated with the Subscriber’s non-payment of Communication Services.

3.3.3. You can transfer funds only for an integer value (for example, 157 rubles).

3.3.4. The minimum interval between orders for transferring funds from one bank card is 30 (thirty) minutes.

3.3.5. Restrictions on the amount of payment: - The amount of a one-time transfer is no more than 15,000 rubles.

3.5. The operator reserves the right to change the conditions of restrictions for users (both towards tightening and towards easing).

3.6. Online payment can only be made using a card issued by Banks located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

3.7. The Payer is solely responsible for the correctness of the number of his Bank card, the expiration date of his Bank card, and the amount of funds to be transferred. Since the Operator, in fact, does not transfer funds and does not provide any banking services, all responsibility for the correctness of the transfer is borne exclusively by the Bank (including the Acquiring Bank) and the Payer and all claims for the return of funds transferred within Internet payments are permitted directly between the Bank (including the Acquiring Bank) and the Payer.

3.8. Upon termination of the contract for the provision of communication services concluded with the Subscriber, funds credited to the Subscriber's personal account from Bank cards are credited only back to the accounts of the corresponding Bank cards. The operator reserves the right to issue them in cash. If at the time of termination of the agreement for the provision of Communication Services the corresponding Bank Card is closed (cancelled) or its validity period has expired, if it is technically not possible to make a refund to the Bank Card account, then the refund is made in cash upon presentation of the card or an application certified by the Bank to close (cancel) the card along with the identification card at the Operator’s office.

How to check the presence and size of debt

Some of the consumers received specific messages from the operator, which indicated the amount of debt and the timing of its replenishment. If you do not pay off your debts on time, your card will be blocked. Subsequently, the provider has the right to go to court for further proceedings. After this, the collectors will take care of you. To avoid such a situation, it is enough to replenish your personal account in a timely manner, as well as periodically check its balance.

If you do not agree with this decision and are not responsible for the use of communication services during the specified period, write a complaint and submit it to the manager or representative of the provider in your city. You can find out the debt on your MTS personal account in several simple ways, which involve actions via the Internet or with the help of qualified specialists. The testing methodology may differ for different devices, so in this article we will look at algorithms for the operator’s main equipment.

How to find out your gas debt

Payments for gas and other utility services must be paid by the 10th day of the month following the current one. In some cases, payment is made within a different time frame if this condition is contained in the agreement for the provision of services to the apartment building.

It is necessary to find out the reasons for not providing a receipt from the management company or homeowners association. It should be remembered that the absence of a payment document does not exempt residents from paying utility bills.

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How to pay for gas through Sberbank online

Payment transfer using remote access to Sberbank services occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • in the “payment for purchases and services” section, select a provider;
  • from the proposed list you will have to select a card from which money will be debited for further repayment of utilities;
  • filling in fields with subscriber details;
  • displaying meter readings as of the 1st day of the current month;
  • checking the amount of payment and adjusting it, if necessary;
  • verification of the displayed information and confirmation of payment.

Money is debited only after entering the code sent in a message to the cardholder’s mobile number. If you wish to use the automatic payment service, the client can fill in the “Autopayment” field. It is necessary to note on what day the money will be withdrawn, from which card the debit will be made, as well as the amount of deductions.

Payment for with commission

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  • Branches and ATMs of the following banking organizations: Sberbank, Vozrozhdenie, Mezhtopenergobank, SMP, MKB, Promsvyazbank. Important! These banks provide the service by default. However, making a payment on account is possible in any bank. To make a payment at a bank other than those listed above, you will need to fill out a receipt indicating payment details, the payer’s personal account and the purpose of the payment.
  • Cash desks and terminals of retail chains: Eldorado, Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS.
  • Other terminals providing money transfer services: “Eleksnet”, “Leader”, “Mobile Element”.
  • Other branches/cash offices for accepting payments: Federal Postal Service of the Moscow Region.
  • Payment via mobile phone: Beeline, MTS. Important! Payment can be made online with confirmation via SMS or directly via SMS. This service is not available to owners of corporate tariffs.
  • Payment via the Internet: Cyberplat, Sberbank.Online, Qiwi, Important! Payment is possible through almost all virtual payment systems and personal bank accounts on official websites, but in some cases you will need to enter details manually. Identification of the payment by the recipient is also not guaranteed. In this regard, when paying through a service other than those listed, it is recommended to call Mosoblgaz (contacts can be found in the last section of this article) and notify about the transfer.

Below we will discuss in more detail the most popular and convenient payment methods.

Payment in Sberbank

Payment at Sberbank can be made during a personal visit to a bank branch, through an ATM or on the bank’s website (virtual service

  • Payment at a Sberbank branch: you must hand over a paper receipt to the cashier at the cash desk and deposit the required amount of money.
  • Payment through the Sberbank.Online service: in the payments section you need to enter a current account and TIN, select a region, enter the client’s personal account and the amount to be paid. It can only be done using a Sberbank plastic card. The payment requires confirmation by entering the code received in the SMS message on the website.
  • Payment through a Sberbank ATM: you must select “Search for organization by TIN” in the menu, enter the TIN, then enter the personal account and payment amount, after which you can pay using a card or cash.

Payment for services using Qiwi wallet: step-by-step instructions with screenshots

  • Log in to the website At the bottom of the site we find the “utility payments” section.

  • Go to this section and select the “Payment by details” section.

  • Enter the recipient's bank account and payment amount (indicated on the receipt).

The payment is confirmed using the code from the SMS message. Similarly, payment can be made using a physical Qiwi terminal.

Payment using MTS electronic account: step-by-step instructions with screenshots

  • We go to the website of the mobile operator MTS, which provides mobile commerce services:

  • In the “Search for payment” line, enter the organization you are looking for. In this case: Mosoblgaz.
  • As you type, the organizations you are looking for by region appear.

  • Select the area of ​​interest and enter the required data on the page that opens.

Payment requires confirmation via SMS.

Payment in your personal account on the official Mosoblgaz website: step-by-step instructions for use with screenshots

Payment method using a mobile application on smartphones with different platforms

For the convenience of using the capabilities of your personal account from a mobile device based on Android or iOS, mobile applications have been developed that can be downloaded from the following links:

  • – for iOS operating systems.
  • – for Android operating systems.

These applications can also be downloaded from the main page of the official website. You need to scroll down the page and in the lower left corner there will be icons to go to download the required mobile applications.

Manipulations with the applications are identical to the actions in the personal account of the consumer of the services of this gas supplier: you need to log in/register, add a personal account and you can make payments on the existing debt.

Payment using the Cyberplat system

Cyberplat is a universal Russian electronic payment system. This payment service is located on the Internet at The Cyberplat system is designed to unite most organizations of the Russian Federation in order to provide consumers with the opportunity to pay for the services of these companies using an identical algorithm. Below we will consider step-by-step instructions for paying through this intermediary payment system.

  • We go to the website of the Cyberplat payment system at the above Internet address.

  • To make payments comfortably and save their history, you need to register a personal account on the website, which has the code name “Payment Book”. To do this, you need to click on the banner with the offer to register in one click, which is located on the right side of the main page of the site. We go to the resource located at Here you can immediately go through authorization if you have a personal “Payment Book” on the site or register, the button is located under the authorization form in the upper left part of the site.

  • Enter the phone number and the code from the picture (captcha), agree to the terms of the public offer (check the box) and click “Create”.

  • The PIN code for authorization and payments will be sent via SMS to the specified phone number.
  • We return to the page and go through authorization by entering the phone number and the pin code received via SMS in the form in the upper left part of the site.
  • We get into our account (“Payment book”).

  • Next, you need to link your plastic card to the “Payment Book” or top up your account on the website. Remote replenishment is not available. It can be made in Cyberplat terminals or in the terminals of Know-How digital equipment stores, or by making a bank transfer in favor of the company. To do this, you need to click the replenishment button and at the bottom of the page there will be details for the transfer. On the same page, you can remotely link a bank card and make payments in favor of organizations of interest also remotely.

  • We return again to the main page and select the “Utility payments” section.
  • We find the required company and make a payment to pay for the services.

Personal account – Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Smolensk

1) When registering for the first time in the Client’s Personal Account, you must provide an email address or telephone number. It will be used in your Personal Account as your username (login) to access the services of your Personal Account.

The password can use any combination of letters and numbers in English, the number of characters is no less than 5, no more than 10. When registering, you must enter the selected combination.

You can fill out additional information in your Personal Account after registration.

2) After registration, a message with a registration confirmation code will be sent to you at the email/phone number specified during registration, which must be entered in the form below.

3) You have successfully registered in the System. A Personal Account has been created for you! To start working with your Personal Account, you need to connect your personal accounts to it.

To connect a personal account to your Personal Account, you must select a service provider

and enter your Personal Account number indicated on the receipt

4) Congratulations! All steps have been completed, you can use your Client Account. If you have several personal accounts, you can link them in your personal account (clause 7 of these instructions).

5) To get the full functionality of your personal account, you need to connect an extended version of your personal account, to do this, click “connect”.

To connect you will need a PIN code.

The PIN code for activating the full version of your Personal Account can be obtained from your gas receipt

And also in any division of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Smolensk LLC upon presentation of a passport and by e-mail during the process of activating your personal account

6) after all points have been completed, you can make payment online. To do this, you need to click “Top up”

Then you can choose:

1) payment on current debt

2) according to the amount contributed independently

7) To add additional personal accounts, you need to go to the “settings” section.

then click on the “LAN Connection” button

select a service provider and maintain your personal account number.

8)You can also ask your question to the technical support service of your personal account by email at [email protected]


LKK is a platform for servicing Subscribers of Regional Gas Companies. Displays information and performs operations on gas services. Contains blocks: Personal information, Legal block, Technical block, Financial block, Feedback. Each block contains a specific set of functions and provides users with the following capabilities:

1.1 Personal information

— Registration and activation of the client’s personal account;

— Connecting one or more LANs to your account;

— Obtaining current general information on drugs:

— personal data of the drug owner (medicine number, registration address, correspondence delivery address),

— personal account status (current debt for services),

— a list of connected metering devices and their parameters,

— Transmission of meter readings in real time;

— Receiving statements of mutual settlements;

1.1. Legal block

— Obtaining up-to-date information on drugs:

— list and status of contracts concluded between the user and the service provider (Regional Gas Company),

— information about service consumption parameters (list and meaning of parameters that affect subscriber charges),

1.1. Technical block

— Transmission of meter readings in real time.

1.1. Financial block

— Receiving statements of mutual settlements;

— Payment of charges for used services (on debt/entering an arbitrary amount) by bank transfer through Internet payment systems in real time;

— Transmission of meter readings in real time.

1.1. Feedback

— Information about the technical support service, addresses and contacts of subscriber points for contact in case of questions or problems when working with the system.



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