The concept of modern apartment layout

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Before you buy an apartment, always pay attention to its layout. In most cases, this applies to old buildings. There are several types of layouts, but in order to do everything correctly, you must adhere to certain rules.

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How to find out the layout of a house?

The most reliable way to get an answer to the question of how to find out the layout of an apartment by address is to contact the administrative authorities in your area, namely the BTI. When creating an appeal, the subject must make a request for the issuance of a technical passport for his home. This is the best option, especially if you are going to remodel your apartment. The technical passport is the first thing you need to start work.

This option is ideal, but how can you find out the layout of an apartment at an address in the city without leaving the door? For example, you are interested in the layout of rooms in a particular house because you want to purchase housing there. And for such a case, a solution was found.

Types of multi-apartment residential buildings

Advice from lawyers:

1. Is it legal to install a fence in the form of posts along the entrance of an apartment building?

1.1. Good afternoon Installation of fences around, on the territory of the apartment building is carried out only by decision of the general meeting of owners (2/3 votes). Such actions should not lead to restrictions on the use of public lands by citizens, as well as to restrictions on the access of emergency services (emergency medical services, emergency services of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire service) and specialized services (emergency brigades of engineering services) to the local area.

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2. In an apartment building, there are apartment owners with debts for utilities of up to a million rubles. Their debts are included in the receipts of other residents under the guise of general house expenses. Are there any articles in the law that would allow these people to be forced to sell their apartment to pay off the debt and use the remaining funds to purchase another home?

2.1. Olga, the management company apparently doesn’t want to bother with debt collection. Passing them onto other shoulders. They cannot sell their only home and force them to buy another home. Everything depends on the good will of a person. Or from bailiffs, if you collect debts through the court.

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3. Land plot, type of permitted use: multi-apartment residential buildings. Is it possible to build an individual residential building on this site?

3.1. Yes, you can build an individual residential building.

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4. According to Part 5 of Article 13 of the Federal Law on Energy Saving, owners of residential buildings and premises in apartment buildings are required to install control systems for communal resources, in particular water. Part 1 of Article 157 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, in calculating water charges for owners of residential premises in apartment buildings in the absence of a PU, an increasing coefficient is applied to the consumption standard, but not a word about the owners of residential buildings. Is this discrimination against consumers based on the type of residential property they own?

4.1. Hello! The part of Article 13 of the Federal Law you indicated refers to both the owners of residential buildings and the owners of apartment buildings. However, Part 1 of Art. 157 LCD, as you indicated, it really doesn’t say anything about residential buildings. At the same time, it is said that increasing coefficients are applied to the consumption standard of the corresponding type of utility service in the amount and in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation. So, there is PP 354, which talks about the increasing coefficient for residential buildings. Commentary to Part 1 of Article 157 of the Housing Code: “Part 1 of the commented article establishes the procedure for determining the amount of payment for utilities paid by tenants of residential premises of state and municipal housing funds, owners of premises in an apartment building and owners of individual residential buildings.” But, as we know, the Federal Law has a higher legal force than regulations, this can be taken advantage of. From 07/01/2020 in Part 1 of Art. 157 amendments are made (Federal Law dated December 27, 2018 N 522-FZ). Part 1 art. 157 was recognized as partially inconsistent with the Constitution of the Russian Federation by Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of July 10, 2018 N 30-P. For legal regulation before making appropriate changes, see clause 4.4 of the said Resolution.

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5. Good day! Questions: 1. Which document states that it is not allowed to place garbage cans next to the pedestrian sidewalk? 2. Which document states that a place for garbage cans should be organized behind or on the side of apartment buildings? 3. Which document states that a garbage dump should not spoil the view from the windows of living rooms?

5.1. Good afternoon In the Rules for the management of municipal solid waste, which are approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1156 “On the management of solid waste”.

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6. Can I place advertising information on my window from the inside if I want to sell handmade goods but have not registered this type of work? I am the owner of an apartment in a residential apartment building.

6.1. Dear Anna, Obninsk! In accordance with Part 5 of Article 19 of the Federal Law No. 38-FZ dated March 13, 2006 “On Advertising”: “The installation and operation of an advertising structure is carried out by its owner under an agreement with the owner of the land plot, building or other real estate to which the advertising structure is attached design". But at the same time, the banner text itself must be agreed upon with the Trade Department of the Municipal Administration. Therefore, think for yourself, decide for yourself. Good luck to you Vladimir Nikolaevich Ufa November 21, 2019

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7. At whose expense is the repair of the burnt roof of an apartment building carried out, if the types of major repairs do not include repair of the structural part of the roof (reinforced concrete slabs)

7.1. In any case, even if you have to pay additionally, in addition to the repair estimate already made, it will be at the expense of the owners of this common property.

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8. I have individual gas heating, but I am charged for utilities (in the form of heating) and services for performing a list of works on the property of an apartment building. A court order came that I was obliged to repay the amount owed. Does it make sense to provide an objection? My apartment is disconnected from the general heating system; no risers pass through it! Am I required to pay for work on general HEAT SUPPLY equipment?

8.1. If it is an apartment building you are required to pay.

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9. A legal entity has a land plot of 10,000 sq.m. leased from the city. Type of permitted use - 3.8 Public management. Is it possible to build a residential apartment building on this land plot with public premises on the 1st floor? There are no PPs. Is it possible to change the VRI to 2.6 Multi-storey buildings?

9.1. Hello! The construction of the Moscow Ring Road is impossible, since the VRI does not comply. Changing the VRI by contacting the local administration. She considers this issue taking into account all the circumstances, in particular, urban planning regulations. Best regards, Dmitry.

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10. Are there any violations if the management company was formed in April 2014, registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with such type of economic activity as management of the operation of housing stock for a fee or on a contractual basis in October 2020, took part in the competition for the selection of management of apartment buildings in March 2020, and registered with the tax authority in June 2020? Thank you.

10.1. Hello. In this case, no.

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11. I live in an apartment building, a heating system pipe leaked in the apartment, I left a statement with the housing and communal services, after which they repaired the pipe and issued an invoice for this work. Did the housing and communal services company issue me an invoice for this type of work? I pay monthly for maintenance and ongoing repairs.

11.1. Hello! No, of course it didn’t. The heating system pipe is a common property of the house.

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12. When purchasing a land plot for the construction of a residential building, we requested an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate for this plot. And in the section “special relevant, previously taken into account” The goal is to build a low-rise apartment building on this land plot (3 floors, 6 apartments)

13.1. On the specified land plot you can build an individual residential house with outbuildings and use it only for the personal use of yourself and your family. In order to build an apartment building, the permitted use of the land must be in a different direction. In this case, the permitted use must be indicated: for the construction and placement of a multi-apartment residential building. Such issues must be resolved in the city administration and the cadastral chamber.

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14. We were sent a court order that we must pay the manager the debt in the form of maintenance and routine repairs of an apartment building for the period from May 2020 to July 2020. Although this company went bankrupt in 2020. They collected the money themselves and did the repairs themselves. But the management company did nothing. And what to do.

14.1. Hello! From the date of receipt of the court order, you must send your objections to the court regarding the execution of this court order within 10 days. All the best!

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14.2. Immediately file your objection with the court where the order was issued. It must be canceled immediately. If 10 days have passed since the product was received, it does not matter; the deadlines run from the moment your organization received it. Attach the appropriate petition and the order will be cancelled.

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15. Please tell me, in the cadastral “Types of permitted use” it is written: “for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, outbuildings and structures (garden plot.” Question: the term “individual” is not specified, then what can be built on this site? Yes) Is it possible to build more than 3 floors or at least 3 floors of an apartment building?

15.1. Please tell me, in the cadastral “Types of permitted use” it is stated: “for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, outbuildings and structures (garden plot.” Question: the term “individual” is not specified, then what can be built on this site? Is it possible to build over 3 floors or at least 3 floors of an apartment building?

No, if the land plot is purchased for individual housing construction,

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16. Rent of non-residential premises in an apartment building, landlord, management company, what types of payment can be included?

16.1. Hello! Types of payment must be provided for in the lease agreement for non-residential premises: maintenance and repairs, utilities, rent.

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16.2. Alexey, this could be current repairs, major repairs, maintenance, removal of solid waste with the maintenance and ongoing repairs of the container site, removal of snow from the territory of the house, video surveillance in the local area, and even janitor services (if anyone sitting behind a video monitor). If you are interested in what can be written off as the cost of expenses for your activities, then all of the above (+ telephone-Internet, if necessary), if provided for in the lease agreement and is present in the acts and invoices. If your interest is aimed at reducing payments, then “butting heads” with the landlord is not promising, negotiate “amicably” :)

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17. State The Duma is discussing a bill on the redevelopment of non-residential premises in a residential apartment building. If this law comes into force, will those entrepreneurs who previously did redevelopment before the entry into force of this law be forced to restore the premises to their original form or not? can anyone give an answer.

17.1. If this bill is adopted, it cannot apply to those persons who did something before its adoption, otherwise it will not comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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18. On the ground floor of an apartment building there are non-residential premises: a pet store, a pawnshop, dentistry, funeral services. Should they have consent from residents for this type of activity?

18.1. Hello! No, not necessarily, but if your rights are violated, then you can prepare a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, you can send it through its website. It is not necessary to indicate specific articles of the law. The appeal is drawn up in free form. Please attach relevant documents (if any) and evidence to your complaint. The prosecutor's office will conduct an investigation and if the violation of your rights is confirmed, they will take action.

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18.2. Good afternoon No, consent is not necessary in this case, but their activities should not violate the rights and legitimate interests of residents; in case of violation, you can file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor.

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19. Does the housing department have the right to put plugs on sewer pipes? For non-payment of debts. Is this a violation of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 354 of 05/06/2011, paragraph 122, it is stated that the suspension of any type of public services should not harm the common property of an apartment building; violate the rights of other owners, including regarding the suitability of residential premises for permanent residence. If so, what to do in this situation?

19.1. Conclude an agreement on installment repayment of the debt with the management company, establish a mutually acceptable schedule and write an application to resume the supply of a utility resource.

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20. Does the law prohibit the director of a management company (where he is a 100% founder) from additionally having his own business in the form of an LLC (for example, the construction of residential premises). Isn’t this showing his interest in using the funds of the owners of apartment buildings in this additional business?

20.1. Hello! Current legislation does not contain such prohibitions. An individual can be a founder of several organizations at the same time. If you doubt the validity of the expenses of the owners of apartment buildings, you can request a written report from the management company, and, if necessary, apply for supervision to the prosecutor's office or the housing inspectorate.

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I would like to know the exact information about the sale of a room (owned for more than 3 years)

Is it legal for the management company to turn off the electricity (dorm room)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.! A house in the village for two owners, two-apartment, is owned,

A large family, we have been living in an apartment building since 2013 under a social tenancy agreement.

Does a bailiff have the right, without providing me with a court order?

Multi-apartment residential building, new building. The owner of the apartment hung a banner and bright colored flags around the balcony windows.

We want to rent non-residential premises in an apartment building on the 1st floor for a medical center!

Is any manager required to have a license to manage apartment buildings?

My apartment building and apartment are considered to be in disrepair. Located in the village.

During the cadastral valuation of the land, a classifier for an apartment building was used, because of this the cadastral value increased 3 times.

Is it legal for trash containers to be located near a residential apartment building opposite the windows of my apartment?

Instructions for finding an apartment layout online

You can solve the problem of how to find out the layout of an apartment by address in just a few clicks. Let's say you're looking for an apartment layout in your home. All it takes to get things moving is to determine the type of home you have.

If you live in a serial-type house: “Stalin” or “Khrushchev”, then the task is significantly simplified. In this case, the layout is sought not by the address, but by the series of the house.

Serial construction of houses was practiced in the Soviet Union when it was necessary to provide housing for a large number of the population. In a short period of time, brick houses were first built, identical in layout and type, and then panel houses were built at an accelerated pace. The layouts in such buildings are called standard.

Types of houses are groups of mass-produced buildings, united by time indicator (year of development) and building material. All standard houses are divided into five groups.

Apartment layout and design

You can plan and design your apartment yourself, using specialized programs, or give preference to designers who will plan everything taking into account all your wishes.

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Programs that will help you independently make the layout and design of your apartment:

  1. Planner 5D. The most popular and easy to use application. Helps to create and plan a room of any complexity. The layout and design of an apartment will not take much time even for a non-professional. The application has a good base and 3D effect.
  2. / My deco 3D room planner. A program for planning and designing an apartment, which has a wide range of capabilities. There is a base, but you can also design your own housing. There is a 3D effect. There is integration with stores, which allows you to ask the price in advance.
  3. IKEA Home planner. This program allows you to save the layout and design of the apartment. Having selected the necessary furniture and interior, you can immediately ask the price. There is a separate application for creating a convenient kitchen.
  4. StolPlit 3D. The program allows you to quickly and easily create a virtual layout and design of an apartment. It has great capabilities and characteristics. There is a wide range of furniture, wallpaper, curtains that can be swapped, their color and size.

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How to determine the type of apartment layout, knowing the address?

First of all, using the address of your home, find out the year the building was built.

Depending on the period of construction, each house was assigned a number and series. The series is easy to find out from the real estate register in the BTI. If you know the year of construction of your building, you can do this using the Internet. With this information, you can find the serial number, and then find out the layout of the apartment.

With the progress of modern construction technologies, in the near future the world will experience a transition to a new type of housing, modern and environmentally friendly.

Knowing the period of construction of your home, you can easily find out the layout of the apartment at the address (Moscow).

Many people look for answers on the topic in libraries and archives, but why complicate the situation if there is a simple solution. Don’t know how and where to find out the layout of an apartment by address? The answer is simple. The layout of a three-room apartment of series n, where n is the series of your panel house, can be clarified using the World Wide Web without leaving home. By refining your search, you simplify your task and reduce the time spent on selecting options in order to quickly find out the series of houses at the address.

Layout of the apartment - studio

To plan everything correctly in such an apartment, you need to follow the advice. These recommendations will help you rationally separate the recreation area from the kitchen, place the dressing room in an inconspicuous place and still leave a lot of free space.

Planning a studio apartment takes a lot of time, especially if you approach this issue with all responsibility. The interior design of such a room differs from other options. Currently, this is preferred not only by creative individuals, but also by young families.

If the room is small, then the layout of the studio apartment should consist of several separate zones that harmoniously combine with each other. Below we will present techniques that, when used in real life, will help you create the right plan and combine modern apartment design with comfort.

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  1. Separate recreation area. This is the first place that it is recommended to immediately pay attention to. An exception is the case when one person lives in the apartment and is constantly on business trips. It is not necessary to make solid partitions; they can be in the form of a beautiful arch or half-wall, lined with wild wood. The homeowner’s imagination should come into play here. You can also use a bookcase, a screen, or a beautiful, original curtain as a partition.
  2. Making the most of opportunities. The layout of a studio apartment includes making good use of any space. If your home has high ceilings but a small area, you can make a second tier, which is perfect for a work area. You can also make good use of other spaces - corners, niches. If you use your imagination to the fullest, you can turn a small and uncomfortable apartment into a completely cozy home, restaurant, office and much more.
  3. Correct distribution of proportions. A common mistake when planning a studio apartment is pushing away from the sleeping area. The interior of the apartment should be harmoniously combined and be properly zoned. It is recommended to place the sleeping area in the far corner, and distribute the rest of the area between the work area, kitchen and dining room.
  4. Don't overload the space. To zone the territory, it is recommended to use lightweight tools, for example, curtains, screens, open shelving, arches, partitions. There is no need to take away light and space with bulky things and dark furniture. Doors should be made of frosted glass.
  5. When planning your studio apartment, pay special attention to light. Lighting must be sufficient. If there is not enough natural light, then supplement it with artificial light - beautiful lamps, floor lamps. Lighting can also be used as a zoning tool. It helps to correctly emphasize each functional area when planning a studio apartment.

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Why might you need a floor plan?

The need for a floor plan may arise when carrying out transactions with real estate, its privatization, changing the type and purpose of the premises (in particular, when transferring premises from the category “residential” to “non-residential” and vice versa), redevelopment of an apartment and in other cases.

Information contained in a floor plan

The floor plan contains the following information:

  • about the series of the building and the year of construction;
  • about the material of load-bearing walls and ceilings;
  • ceiling height;
  • number of floors;
  • number of one-, two-, three-, four-room apartments;
  • living space and apartment layout;
  • the presence of balconies and loggias;
  • degree of wear and tear of the building;
  • the presence of re-equipment or major repairs;
  • whether the building is an architectural object or cultural heritage.

Additional information includes:

  • about the type of premises (are there any premises of the “dormitory” or “hotel” type, apartment or corridor type);
  • apartment numbering;
  • Is the house located within the Garden Ring?

Such information can be obtained today on the Internet, but since it is provided by the BTI, it is mainly paid.

Where can I get a floor plan of a house by address?

You can get it in the standard way - using an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, ordering this service separately. Information about all real estate objects is stored in the state cadastre. All technical documentation (cadastral, floor, situational plans, explications) are prepared at the BTI by specialist engineers.

Currently, the state cadastre and MBTI are combined into a single state real estate register - EGRN.

To obtain a PPD, an application is written, a passport and a title document for the apartment are provided.

How to find out the layout of an apartment by address on the Internet

You can get approximate and brief information on the Internet:

  • about the building series;
  • number of floors;
  • wall material;
  • approximate year of construction.

Definition of house series

One free resource is The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Open Yandex.maps
  • Enter the address of the house in the search field.
  • Based on the photograph of the house, we determine the number of floors, wall material and the approximate year of construction.

In this case, you need to have basic knowledge of what houses were built in different years:

  • 30 - 50s of the last century - cinder block “Stalin”;
  • late 50s - early 80s - “Khrushchev” buildings (block, brick and panel);
  • in the 60s the first brick 9- and 12-story buildings appeared;
  • in the 70s - multi-sectional panel, brick and block buildings;
  • 80s - standard new buildings: 9-story panel houses;
  • in the 90s, standard ones were built and new series of multi-story panel buildings from 17 to 25 floors appeared;
  • 2000s - panel, block, panel-block, monolithic houses.

(Detailed information about the building years and series can be found on Wikipedia on this page).

We enter the obtained characteristics into the search form field at

Photos of houses will open, and from them you need to select the building that is most similar to the one found in Yandex.maps. Below the photo is the series of the house.

Based on the series of the house, you can also find out the PPD and the apartment plan, but for this you need to contact:

  • to the city construction (architectural) department;
  • construction organizations;
  • design institutes.

Layout of apartments in new buildings

The layout of an apartment in new buildings should involve proper zoning of the living space so that it is convenient, comfortable and rational. A properly drawn up plan will allow you to use every meter of the territory to great benefit. If you have a family with children, then it is recommended to give preference to the traditional layout of apartments in new buildings, which will be considered a win-win in this situation. In this situation, each room will be isolated by a wall.

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If desired, it will be possible to make a studio by combining the kitchen and living room, but only in a three-room apartment. A feature of the traditional layout of apartments in new buildings is that the rooms are non-passable, each with a separate entrance. The advantage is comfort. This layout is convenient because everyone lives their own life, and no one bothers anyone.

It is worth considering that the classic layout of apartments in new buildings is rare, so you will have to look for another option. In such premises, a significant part is used for non-residential rooms, such as a corridor, hallway, hall, and so on. Such apartments are also suitable for conservatives.

The modern layout of apartments in new buildings involves one-room housing options, which are not suitable for families. But if the room is large and bright, then you can zoning the space. It is recommended to erect partitions and turn one large room into two at once - a bedroom for parents and a children's room. This layout of apartments in new buildings requires additional investments, which is also worth considering before purchasing such housing.

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The method is complicated but reliable

The traditional way out is to contact the administration of your area - the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI). To do this, a request is made to issue a registration certificate for the apartment. This method will be useful for those who are planning a radical redevelopment of their home: without it, you simply will not be able to begin even the preparatory work.

You need to have the following documents on hand:

  • completed application form (issued on site);
  • identification document (passport or other document);
  • proof of ownership of the apartment;
  • power of attorney if you have entrusted this operation to someone else.

This method has no disadvantages, except one. If you are not the owner of the apartment, but you like it so much that you want to see a detailed diagram of the house with your own eyes, the BTI will not allow you to satisfy this curiosity. In this case, there is a way out; it will especially appeal to those who cannot imagine their existence without the World Wide Web.

Looking online

How to find out the layout of an apartment by address on the Internet? Lighter than easy. But you have to first find out the type of living space. If you live in a “Stalinist” or “Khrushchev” building, then things will get off the ground quite quickly, because in this case you will have to look for a house not even by address, but by series.

Serial construction was popular in the USSR for a reason: there was not enough housing, and it was extremely important to quickly provide the population with it. Therefore, identical houses grew almost at the speed of light, and the lucky owners received the coveted meters. At first there was a fashion for brick buildings, then they were replaced by panel high-rise buildings. The layouts in these houses are called standard.

Then they were united both by the year of development and by the building materials used in their construction. There are 5 groups.

"Stalin's" houses

These “Stalinists” can be called pioneers of the Soviet era of construction of serial high-rise buildings. They first appeared in the post-war period - in the early 50s. The houses are brick, no more than 4 floors (a popular option is two). They are characterized by high ceilings, spaciousness and a comfortable layout.

We determine the layout by address

To determine the type of layout, in addition to the address, you will need the year the building was put into operation. Each house has its own number and series. The latter can be easily found out in the BTI; this information is stored in the real estate register. And if your memory does not fail you, then you should know at least approximately the year the housing was built, and this will allow you to solve the problem of how to find out the layout of the apartment at the address without even leaving it. The Internet will help you first find the building's serial number and then get your plan.

There is no shortage of any resources on the Internet, and there are also plenty of free sites whose profile is searching and sorting various apartment layouts by age and type categories (, To independently search for the required series, you can follow the following link:

To make it easier to find information, you need to enter as much data as possible:

  • name of your region;
  • year of commissioning;
  • number of floors;
  • wall material.

Nothing else is required from you; all other work is entrusted to the site.

What to do if the apartment is modern

In this case, you need to contact the construction company that was involved in the construction of the residential building. They do the same thing if they want to look at the layout of an unfinished house. The name of the developer can be found right at the construction site; there should be a sign there. In this case, you often don’t even have to visit the company’s office, since many companies have long ago acquired their own websites. On them, in most cases, you can get acquainted with the building layout diagrams.

All methods allow you to achieve results, but if you have been planning to redevelop your apartment for a long time, then you cannot do without its official “identity card”. Yes, you can, with the help of a layout diagram, “fished” from the Internet, outline the main plan for the upcoming renovation. But it is still prohibited to act without obtaining BTI approval. Therefore, it is better to obtain a registration certificate in advance to avoid hassle and red tape in the future.

Open plan apartment

An open-plan apartment is a novelty on the modern real estate market. It is a more expensive option. Such housing has its own characteristics:

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  1. It is characterized as a free space in which the supposed walls, bathroom and kitchen are marked.
  2. In most cases, it is located in brick or block type houses. In fact, upon purchase, the owner receives a loft apartment.
  3. Goes well with minimalism and retro style.

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Open plan apartments have the following advantages:

  • the freedom of action;
  • there are no partitions between rooms, which allows you to implement any idea, even the most daring design solution;
  • You can constantly swap zones.

But no matter how good the layout is, it also has disadvantages:

  • overpriced;
  • requires more investment;
  • you cannot move in and live right away, as preliminary repairs and space planning are required;
  • you need to build the walls yourself;
  • before selling such an apartment, it will be necessary to erect walls according to the BTI plan;
  • If zoning is not done, then such a room will be cold and more opportunities will be required to heat it.

Before purchasing an open-plan apartment, it is recommended to carefully study the developer’s documentation so as not to encounter problems in the future during apartment renovations.

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