What is and how to obtain a cadastral passport of a land plot

  • Register the land plot with the cadastral register
    1. Next, you need to contact the Cadastral Chamber, present the above list of documents and fill out an application . The application must be completed by every adult owner, land user or notarized authorized representative (each according to his own model). Forms and applications will be provided by employees of the Cadastral Chamber.
    2. Pay the state fee . You must submit a receipt of payment along with the application - 200 rubles. for individuals and 600 rub. for legal entities. Usually the state duty can be paid at the Cadastral Chamber itself.

  • The employee will take the submitted documents to enter data into Rosreestr and issue a receipt indicating the day of their receipt.
  • Is land surveying necessary if you have a cadastral passport?

    • a geodetic survey is carried out, which helps to accurately establish the coordinate points of the site boundaries;
    • You may need an act signed by the owners of neighboring plots stating that they have no claims regarding the established boundaries, since their interests may be affected here;
    • the survey results are documented by the expert in the form of a plan and presented to the owner;
    • information must be submitted to the relevant authorities.

    But a cadastral passport can be obtained even without carrying out the land surveying procedure. Information about most land plots is contained in the state cadastre and can be entered there without a boundary plan. A cadastral passport is issued upon request. Here you should not confuse the concepts of extract and passport. They contain different information - the extract is more detailed. Therefore, it is impossible to obtain an extract without detailed survey data, unlike a passport. The presence of the second one in no way eliminates the need to carry out the land surveying procedure if it was not previously performed. In addition, the passport will not contain information about the boundaries of the site.

    How to proceed to obtain a cadastral passport of a land plot

    1. A document of title for the right to own a land plot.
    2. Passport proving the identity of the person making the request.
    3. Power of attorney of the applicant's representative (state bodies accept only notarized powers of attorney for individuals).
    4. Receipt for payment of state duty.

    The basis for obtaining a cadastral passport for land is the availability of data about the site in the cadastre. Accordingly, if there is no information about the site in the cadastre, the authorized body will not be able to issue this document to the applicant. The issue is resolved by entering data into state records based on available data about the site.

    Cadastral passport for a summer cottage: what is it, why is it needed, how to form it

    Usually, the need for a cadastral passport for a dacha plot arises when it comes to its alienation, that is, it is impossible to buy a dacha without a cadastral passport, rent it out or donate it. In the package of documents required for the procedure, the passport will play the most important key role. Without him, the deal cannot be completed. Therefore, you need to worry about drawing it up, if it doesn’t exist, or making changes to it, if any are present at your summer cottage.

    What documents should I prepare to obtain a cadastral passport for a country house?

    To order a cadastral passport for a dacha, you must provide originals and copies to Rosreestr or MFC:

    • Passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
    • Building plan.
    • Cadastral number of the building.
    • Title papers.
    • Development permits.
    • Certificate of putting the building into operation.
    • Detailed description of objects.
    • Duty payment receipts.

    If, after issuing a cadastral passport, you need to obtain a new real estate certificate, as well as register it, contact the MFC branch in your area

    How to obtain a cadastral passport for a summer cottage?

    Lawyers of the Volgograd Regional Union of Gardeners answer your questions

    – What documents are needed to register ownership of a country house?

    Pavel Popov, Srednyaya Akhtuba.

    – application of an individual for state registration of rights;

    – document confirming payment of state duty;

    – a declaration on a real estate property, confirming the fact of the creation of a real estate property on a plot of land intended for dacha farming or gardening;

    – a document proving the identity of the applicant or the applicant’s representative.

    You can submit an application and documents for state registration of ownership of a country house in person, or through a legal representative to the territorial body of Rosreestr or through the MFC. Documents can also be sent to Rosreestr by mail.

    – Tell me, what is the size of the state fee for registering a garden home and land plot in SNT?

    Olga Isaeva, Volgograd.

    – The fee for state registration of an individual’s ownership of a land plot intended for personal subsidiary farming, dacha farming, vegetable gardening, horticulture, individual housing construction and a number of others is 350 rubles.

    – How and where to get a cadastral passport for my land plot?

    Maria Grechina, Volgograd.

    – The cadastral passport is issued by the cadastral chamber, but it will be issued only if cadastral registration of this property has ever been carried out. If such registration has not been carried out, then the cadastral chamber issues a document stating that this object is not registered in the cadastral register. With this document, you must contact a cadastral engineer to carry out a survey (land survey). And already with the boundary plan, you go to the cadastral chamber to register the site for cadastral registration and receive a cadastral passport.

    – I want to register ownership of a land plot. How can I do it? I have a certificate of lifelong inheritable ownership of a land plot.

    Petr Rovnov, Volgograd.

    – To register ownership, in addition to the certificate of lifelong inheritable ownership you have, you must submit to the registration authority a diagram of the location of the land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory. But this is done if it was previously taken into account. If there is no information about the site in the cadastral chamber, it is necessary, after carrying out boundary work, to register the site with the cadastral register and obtain a cadastral plan. Documents can be submitted through the MFC. Next, also through the MFC, having previously paid the state fee and attached a certificate and cadastral plan, you submit an application for state registration of land ownership.

    “I bought a dacha plot with a receipt and didn’t register it anywhere. Why now, in order to sell it, do I have to register ownership? Isn't it possible to do without this?

    Victor Petrov, Uryupinsk.

    – The current Federal legislation provides for the mandatory state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it. Since the land plot is classified as real estate, the right to it must be properly registered. Otherwise, in the absence of a registered right to a land plot, you will not be able to complete a transaction in the manner prescribed by law.

    – Is it possible to sell a plot without land surveying?

    Tatyana Molchanova, Volgograd.

    - As long as you can. However, from 2020, owners of land plots whose boundaries are not taken into account and legalized will not be able to dispose of their plots - sell, donate, etc. Therefore, before 2020, it is necessary to carry out mandatory procedures for determining the boundaries of plots (land surveying).

    – We decided to do a survey; there is no residential building on the site, naturally no one lives there and does not use water or electricity. For six years we did not come to the site, and when we arrived at the gardening partnership, we had a debt for these 6 years in the amount of 18 thousand rubles, and, based on this debt, the chairman refused to sign the “Act of Approval of the Location of the Land Plot Boundaries” " Does he have the right to do this? They also refused to recalculate the amount of debt.

    Yuri Pavlov, Volgograd.

    – Clearly, the actions of the SNT chairman, who refused to sign the agreement act, motivated by the presence of arrears in membership fees, are illegal. To establish boundaries on the ground, you can go in two ways: the first is to publish information about the approval of boundaries in a local newspaper, in this case you will not need to sign an approval act, because if the cadastral engineer does not receive any objections regarding the location of the boundaries, they are considered agreed upon . You can also notify the chairman of the SNT in writing about the need for approval. You can check all the details of this procedure with the geodetic organization that carried out the survey of your site. Next, if no objections are received, you submit the boundary plan to the cadastral chamber. If there are written objections, it is necessary to apply to the court for resolution of the dispute. In principle, in order to save time, you can now go to court to establish boundaries. You bring in SNT as the defendant.

    In addition, SNT can collect debts in court (if asked to apply the statute of limitations) only for the last three years. The application of the statute of limitations is declarative in nature and does not affect the voluntary repayment of debt.

    Regardless of whether you used the land or not, you remained a member of the SNT and, accordingly, were responsible for paying membership fees.

    Prepared by Marina ZLOBINA. Photo by Alexander Kulikov

    Cadastral passport for a garden plot

    Firstly, if the question of sale arises, few potential buyers will want to get involved with the plot without a boundary plan. Secondly, this procedure is absolutely impossible to do without if you plan to build a house on the site. In addition, it is always easier for the owner of a demarcated plot to defend his rights in disputes with neighbors - in the sense that they will not be required to first carry out the procedure and only then file a lawsuit in court.

    Otherwise, you will have to worry about this issue, and the land surveying procedure today takes a significant toll on your pocket. Is SNT obligated to carry out land surveying of public lands? The chairman of gardening can initiate the delimitation of parts of the land, as they say, for common use.

    If someone else will handle the registration instead of the owner himself, then you should visit a notary. The notary draws up a power of attorney for certain actions and certifies it with his seal and signature. This measure is necessary to avoid unwanted complications. You also need to have documents with you if the object was not purchased or built, but received as a result of division.

    The owner will also be required to produce a technical passport for the structure itself. Please note that a cadastral passport and a technical passport are completely different types of documents. To obtain a cadastral passport for a house, you must order a registration certificate from the local BTI. This usually takes no more than 14 days, after which the owner can pick up the finished document. But this is only if the BTI employee did not find any violations during the inspection of the building.

    Land surveying is beneficial for every owner. After all, if this procedure is not carried out, the owner of the memory will not have the opportunity to fully manage it. And the potential owner of this land plot, who wants to buy or rent it, will not receive this opportunity until the boundaries are determined.

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    Before this, the cadastral passport and land surveying did not imply each other. Now the first one will not be issued without establishing boundaries, which is done precisely during land surveying. Previously, documents for land plots could be drawn up without clearly defining boundaries. This was the reason for frequent encroachments on neighbors' property.

    Even if there is a cadastral passport of a land plot, the question of whether land surveying is necessary or not should be decided individually.

    Situations may arise when the plaintiff is the owner of a nearby plot of land, who has justified circumstances that make it possible to turn the case not in favor of the defendant who owns the cadastral passport, and one of the reasons for such a decision of the judicial authorities will be the absence of an officially carried out procedure for land surveying.

    Thus, no landowner is insured against undesirable legal consequences in the future, provided that he does not have an approved land survey plan for the land territory owned by him.

    Whether it is necessary to prepare a project now, whether it is necessary to do land surveying in the case where there are no disputes with neighbors, and the owner himself has drawn the boundary line himself and does not plan to sell the plot in the near future, the citizen himself should decide, since only he makes the decision.

    For a more detailed study of the issue of land surveying, you need to refer to the first chapter, which deals with the formation of plots of land. Article 114 describes the division of plots of land, 115 - allocation, 116 describes in detail the unification of various plots. To become familiar with the requirements for amended and new plots of land, you need to refer to Article 119 of the same chapter. The last article, 11-10, addresses the issue of schematic representation of land plots.

    Thus, land surveying is not mandatory, but a very important process that will affect future land relations with neighbors, the state and even the future buyer. Weigh all the pros and cons of your situation, consult with experienced specialists and only then make a decision based on all factors.

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    The legislation does not establish a specific validity period for the cadastral passport. It is believed that it is valid indefinitely. However, if some territorial changes have occurred on the site or if the owner has changed, then changes must be made to the document.

    In some cases, when transferring ownership rights, banks require “fresh” passports - that is, documents no older than 5 years. This requirement may be due to caution on the part of bank employees.

    However, the Registration Chamber will not require a new passport if all the data specified in it is still relevant to this day.

    Part B2 provides a graphical representation of the site. If the owner did not carry out land surveying, then this part will be missing, and in section B1 there will be a note that boundaries were not established in accordance with current legislation. In case of sale, gift or inheritance of such a plot, problems may arise when registering ownership rights. It will be very useful to know how to legalize unauthorized construction.

    • First of all, cadastral work is carried out and a cadastral plan is formed. This document is prepared by cadastral engineers with special education, license and certificate.
    • The plan is the basis for cadastral registration. The inclusion of an object in the state cadastre is carried out within 20 days. Rosreestr creates a cadastral file for an object and assigns it a unique cadastral number. The cadastral file contains 1 copy of the plan, copies of title documents, a statement from the owner and other documents explaining the fate of the site.
    • The result of a state plot is a land passport.

    Information for owners of property rights and interested parties, in connection with the introduction of the new law of the Russian Federation No. 218-FZ, all data of the cadastral passport in an expanded form will be presented in the new format of the Unified State Register of Real Estate for an apartment, residential building, land plot, dacha or room in a communal apartment, the regulations of which were developed by Rosreestr.

    You can get a cadastral passport for a garden plot here in 1-5 days. To do this, you need to provide your full name and email. You must also pay a state fee, which is determined by the Tax Code. Electronic documentation of the state cadastre is the fastest and most reliable way to obtain up-to-date information about real estate.

    Gardening involves planting and growing crops. Some kind of outbuilding may be erected on the garden plot, which facilitates the planting of crops or cultivation on the garden plot. Country construction is not designed for gardening. A dacha is a place to relax. The breeding and cultivation of agricultural crops is not expected on the dacha plot.

    Once upon a time, the procedure for registering a country house with a plot of land as a property cost people a lot of nerves. However, with the introduction of the dacha amnesty, the situation changed radically.

    Now the scheme for registering property rights follows the most simplified scheme.

    In 2010, it became known that the Federal Law established that the dacha “amnesty” should be extended until the end of 2020, which made numerous owners of garden plots incredibly happy.

    A cadastral passport for a residential garden house can now be obtained either from the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) or from the Federal Cadastral Chamber. Formally, obtaining a passport should take no more than a month.

    But this is only possible in one case: when the registration is handled either by a lawyer or a good realtor.

    The explanation is simple: unlike ordinary people, the doors of government institutions open to professionals much faster.

    Any transaction with real estate and land always begins with the main thing - obtaining a new cadastral passport. Without this document, it is not possible to obtain ownership of a garden house.

    A cadastral passport for a garden and country house is needed by everyone who wants to establish ownership of a residential building. If there are only utility rooms on the site, then they do not require additional design.

    Don’t know where to order a cadastral passport for a land plot? Contact us, we have the fastest production times and the most reasonable prices.

    You can find out in what cases a cadastral passport for real estate is needed (for which registration actions it is required and for which it is not) by reading our article. The most up-to-date and reliable information!

    Cadastral passport for a summer cottage: what is it, why is it needed, how to form it

    Without a cadastral passport, you cannot be considered the full owner of your summer cottage.

    Usually, the need for a cadastral passport for a dacha plot arises when it comes to its alienation, that is, it is impossible to buy a dacha without a cadastral passport, rent it out or donate it. In the package of documents required for the procedure, the passport will play the most important key role. Without him, the deal cannot be completed. Therefore, you need to worry about drawing it up, if it doesn’t exist, or making changes to it, if any are present at your summer cottage.

    Legal practice shows that many plots do not have passports, some land plots are not even taken into account by municipal services, do not have numbers and are not included in the balance sheet. The situation should be corrected, as it may not be fraught with the most pleasant consequences for the landowner. If you have a passport, you should check whether the data entered in it corresponds to reality. It often turns out that no.

    If you want to find out how to solve your specific problem, please contact the online consultant form on the right. It's fast and free! Or call us at :

    Cadastral passport of a summer cottage - what is it?

    So, let's figure out what a cadastral passport for land is. The document is an extract from the state register giving the owner the right to dispose of his land property. It consists of four parts. The first (B1) contains all the information about the site, that is, its dimensions and other features. The second part (B2) contains a schematic representation of the allotment. This section can only be filled in if land surveying has already been carried out. The third and fourth paragraphs (B3 and B4) contain information about existing restrictions on land ownership.

    Passport validity period

    If the registration of a cadastral passport for a plot of land is carried out through the Rosreestr department, the preparation period will extend for two weeks.

    If you complete and submit your application via the Internet, the period is significantly reduced and the processing of your electronic data will take no more than 5 days.

    The maximum time allotted for registration of a cadastral passport of a land plot is 30 days.


    How long is a cadastral passport for land valid? plot? There are no restrictions provided by law. However, you need to remember that with any change in information related to the site (address, category of land and boundaries) or its owners (change of full name, place of residence), an updated version of the document is required.

    Another point is that once every five years an inventory of real estate is forcibly carried out, however, if no changes have occurred to the site during this period, you do not have to participate in the inventory.

    Information about the plot in the cadastral passport

    The cadastral passport of a land plot is an extract document from the state register, which contains information about the plot.

    It consists of five sections:

    1. B1 – general information: address, cadastre number and value, land area, type of plot and its purpose, land survey boundaries and property rights, date of entry into the state real estate register;
    2. B2 – diagram of the land plot and drawing with explication on the indicated scale;
    3. B3 – encumbrance of ownership rights and land (if any);
    4. B4 – clarification of the boundaries of the land, indicating the exact dimensions and angles;
    5. B5 – confirmation of turning points at the boundaries of the earth.

    Sample cadastral passport for a land plot ( download )

    Why do we need a land cadastral plan?

    This document may be needed in the following cases:

    • sale and acquisition of land or home ownership located on the site; • re-registration of the allotment, that is, redemption; • construction of a small building or house; • accept as a gift, donate, exchange an allotment, the same with respect to a structure located within its borders; • mortgage or inherit a property; • apply to the courts; • rent out property; • take out insurance; • carry out bankruptcy proceedings;

    • use the allotment when registering the authorized capital.

    Even as the owner of the property, it will be difficult for the owner to prove his rights without the appropriate document.

    Important information about the cadastral value of land is here .

    A cadastral passport helps confirm land rights.

    How can I submit a request?

    At the request of the applicant, the requirement to draw up a document containing information about the property can be used in one of the following ways:

    • by sending documents via mail; • personal appeal from authorized bodies or MFC; • through the organization’s website – Rosreestr; • use the help of a representative;

    • through the global service portal

    Cadastral plan of a plot of land that is not registered

    If the object does not have a cadastral number, and a passport is required, then you must contact the department at the location of the object and submit the following documents:

    • identification; • power of attorney, if the interests of the owner are represented by a 2nd person; • land surveying plan; • paper indicating existing restrictions on the property; • certificate of land ownership; • paper confirming that the object belongs to a particular category of land; • a form establishing the permissible use of the site;

    • if the property is in shared ownership, then you must present certified papers confirming the share and land surveying scheme.

    Why do you need a cadastral passport for a summer cottage?

    A variety of situations happen in life, very often they are associated with the need for material resources. In this case, real estate can be an excellent help, which will help solve the problem. But only if all property documents are in order. Without a cadastral passport of a plot, it is impossible to carry out absolutely any operations. For example, building a garage on it will be considered illegal. The land cannot be leased or donated, divided into sections or inherited.

    Each owner of a plot should be interested in ensuring that his possessions are legal. Otherwise, problems will await him or his heirs. It also happens that real estate owners lose their property.

    So, a cadastral passport is needed in order to:

    • sell or buy a plot or part thereof, as well as buildings located on it;
    • accept the land and buildings located on it as a gift;
    • redeem;
    • build a house or auxiliary structures;
    • mortgage a dacha plot;
    • resolve litigation;
    • rent out;
    • insure;
    • register bankruptcy;
    • use as authorized capital, etc.

    A cadastral passport for a summer cottage is a green path that helps not only solve problems, but also improve the quality of your life.

    State duty for a cadastral passport of a land plot

    Actions to issue a document of this type require advance payment of special taxes. It is carried out due to the fact that a body of state importance carries out all the necessary actions and prints out the documentation.

    What is the fee? Today it directly depends on who exactly applies for a passport for a property. In the case when the application was received from a citizen, he needs to pay 200 rubles. But if the initiator of the production of the document is an organization, the amount increases to 600 rubles.

    Where can I pay tax? As a rule, the authorities themselves have special cash desks for paying fees. Having all the necessary details, a citizen can deposit the required amount directly in the authority building.

    In addition, you can make payments at any bank branch. In this case, it absolutely does not matter which one. The only thing that will differ is the amount of commission for the operation.

    The check provided by the cashier must be attached to the application. The mere fact that you paid the fee will not be enough. The employee has no way to check this. Therefore, the receipt cannot be thrown away in any case.

    How to obtain a cadastral passport for a summer cottage

    Where can I get a cadastral passport?

    In order to obtain a document, you must contact the Multifunctional Center or the Federal Service for Registration, Cadastre and Cartography. Both a personal application, which involves writing an application, and sending documents by mail are allowed. It is also possible to start the procedure through Rosreestr (rosreestr.ru) or (gosuslugi.ru) Unified resource for public services. Some citizens prefer to hire a qualified lawyer who represents their interests in all services.

    Documents required to obtain a cadastral passport

    For the convenience of citizens, the procedure for legitimizing a land plot has been simplified as much as possible. The list of required documents includes:

    • a statement drawn up according to a template specifically provided for this case;
    • a receipt confirming payment of the state duty;
    • passport;
    • a document according to which the applicant has the right to a specific land plot.

    If the issue is handled by the owner’s representative, documentary evidence of authority is attached to the above.

    How to make a cadastral passport for a summer cottage is written above. The procedure will not take too much time and will require costs within reason. Refusing it can lead to big troubles. The policy of the Russian Federation is aimed at gradually taking into account all the land and identifying its owners. Perhaps soon land that is not registered in anyone's name will be considered no one's.

    If you want to find out how to solve your specific problem, please contact the online consultant form on the right. It's fast and free! Or call us at :

    Subjects of request for data on the site

    The cadastral passport for a dacha plot is an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

    When you receive land into legal ownership, it will be subject to tax, but in the future, without rights to real estate, there is a very high probability of various kinds of problems arising. Dacha plots that are not in the legal possession of citizens cannot be transferred into the ownership of other persons and cannot be entered into various types of transactions with them. Land that is not privately owned cannot be disputed and a building cannot be built on it. For these reasons, it is necessary to prepare a full package of documents for ownership of a summer cottage.

    Data about the plot is entered electronically into the Unified State Register of Real Estate, and the necessary information about it can be obtained through an extract, which is also known as the cadastral passport of the property. It is issued both in paper and electronic form.

    A fairly wide range of people can obtain information contained in the real estate register.

    1. Citizens who own real estate and their representatives by law or power of attorney.
    2. The person who is the mortgagee of real property.
    3. Heads and deputies of the Multifunctional Center (MFC) to provide information to other applicants.
    4. Courts and other law enforcement agencies, if they have cases related to real estate.
    5. Heirs who have rights to the dacha by law or by will.
    6. Heads of anti-corruption bodies and their deputies who have the authority to receive such information.
    7. The state body involved in insurance of deposits of individuals - within the limits of its powers on issues of insured property.
    8. Notary.

    The information entered into the Unified State Register can be received by a fairly wide range of people.

    When contacting persons who are not the legal holders of real estate, the person who owns it is notified no later than the next day that the Unified State Register of Real Estate has received a request for an extract from a certain authority.

    What is a cadastral passport for a summer cottage and why is it needed?

    The cadastral passport for a dacha plot is an official extract from the state real estate register containing all the technical parameters of the object:

    If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please contact us through the online consultant form or call :

    • Moscow .
    • Saint Petersburg .
    • the area of ​​the land;
    • cadastral number;
    • category of land and intended purpose;
    • cadastral price;
    • a plan of the territory with boundaries established based on the results of surveying.

    A land cadastral passport is a document, the presence of which is mandatory in cases where:

    • legal transactions with land are carried out (sale, exchange, donation, will);
    • the country house and all adjacent buildings are insured;
    • an application for a loan is completed, in which the summer cottage plot serves as collateral.

    ATTENTION! Along with the implementation of the Unified State Register of Real Estate and the simultaneous abolition of the State Real Estate Cadastre, from January 1, 2020, cadastral passports were replaced with extracts from the Unified State Register of Real Estate. By analogy with a cadastral passport, a document extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate also contains all the technical information about the object, and in addition, it is supplemented with information about existing encumbrances, restrictions and rights to the site.

    Sample cadastral passport for a land plot

    Perhaps the most troublesome and time-consuming are the methods of conducting certain transactions with real estate. Procedures for collecting documents that are needed for state registration, official acts, such as the sale of a house, cottage, apartment or part thereof.

    1. Purchase and sale of land or a house built on it, buildings located on the site.
    2. Registration of a plot of property, that is, a land purchase transaction.
    3. Donation, acceptance as a gift or exchange of a plot, as well as any buildings located on the square.
    4. Construction of a house or garage on a plot of land.
    5. Providing land as collateral.
    6. Inheritance of real estate and recourse to court.
    7. Insurance procedure with an insurance company and registration of land lease.
    8. Carrying out bankruptcy proceedings or using a land plot as authorized capital.

    How to obtain a cadastral passport (extract) for a summer cottage?

    Unlike the previous version of the document, an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate on the basis of a request can be obtained not only by the owner of the site, but also by a third party - according to Federal Law No. 218, this information does not apply to classified information.

    Where to apply for the document?

    Today there are three ways to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate:

    • in the territorial department of the Cadastral Chamber of Rosreestr;
    • through the MFC;
    • using the official web resource of Rosreestr.

    Procedure and required documents

    The rules for preparing and issuing an extract from the Unified State Register are as follows:

    If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem, please contact us through the online consultant form or call :

    • Moscow .
    • Saint Petersburg .
    • Step 1. Contact an authorized specialist at the cadastral services (MFC).
    • Step 2. Writing a written statement based on the sample provided by the department employee.
    • Step 3. Along with the application, you must present a civil passport (original and copy).
    • Step 4. The application should indicate the cadastral number of the plot - without this data, the request will most likely be rejected.

    REFERENCE: You can find out the cadastral number of a land plot formed before the end of October 2001 based on open data from Rosreestr sources - find the object on the public cadastral map online.

    • Step 5. Pay for the state service of issuing a document using the details provided by the service employee (you can pay for the details in advance based on the details on the Rosreestr website), or online if the request for a certificate is issued on the Rosreestr portal.

    The cost of the service for issuing an extract from the Unified State Register is 400 rubles for individuals, and 1,100 rubles for legal entity applicants. Online registration will cost slightly less - 250 and 700 rubles, respectively. Registration of the document usually takes up to 3 working days.

    How to get (order)?

    Receiving a cadastral passport is an inalienable right of any resident of the Russian Federation. It can be issued on any property, and land is not a rare case. However, if the cadastral registration is not registered or changes are made to this document, the owner, in order to purchase a cadastral passport, must, taking into account the latest data from Rosreestr, register the plot with cadastral registration.

    And yet, what is the procedure for obtaining a cadastral passport?

    1. Firstly, you must contact the Cadastral Chamber or MFC and submit the following package of documents:
      • application of an approved sample;
      • certificate confirming payment of the state duty (receipt) - can be paid at any bank branch;

    2. passport;
    3. a document confirming the authority of the representative;
    4. documents proving that you are the owner of the land plot;
    5. The size of the state duty is 200 rubles for individuals and 600 for legal entities - in case of purchasing a passport in paper form; 150 rubles – for individuals and 300 for legal entities if purchased electronically.

    6. Secondly , after submitting all the documents, the registrar issues a receipt indicating the deadline for the passport to be ready. The passport production period reaches 14 days.
    7. Thirdly , on the appointed day you must again come to the Cadastral Chamber or MFC (depending on the place of application), present the previously received receipt and passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and pick up the compiled cadastral passport.
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