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To apply for most loan products, virtually no financial costs are required on the part of the potential borrower. The times when banks charged fees for processing loan applications are a thing of the past and the most you will have to spend money on today is making several copies of your passport. A completely different situation arises in the housing loan market, where a person wishing to buy real estate inevitably faces additional mortgage costs, the amount of which can amount to tens of thousands of rubles.

Which branch should I apply to?

You must apply for a mortgage at the following Sberbank branches:

  • in a branch located at the place of registration of the future borrower;
  • at the branch at the location of the property for which the mortgage loan is taken;
  • at the registration address of the organization in which the applicant works.

The borrower, before applying for a mortgage loan, should be absolutely sure that he will be able to make timely payments to the bank, as well as be confident in the stability and reliability of his employer. You need to be able to predict your expenses in order to avoid problems when repaying your mortgage.

If you are in doubt about whether you will have difficulties repaying your mortgage loan, it is recommended that you pre-calculate your monthly payment amount using the mortgage calculator on our website. The mortgage payment amount can be calculated using both the annuity and differentiated options.

How to take out a loan and how to use it

First of all, you need to register on the DomClick portal. A preliminary mortgage calculation can be made without registration. But to create a mortgage application, you can’t do without a personal account on the portal. The application is reviewed within 3 working days. You can also submit an application directly at a bank branch, but then the loan rate will be higher.

A mortgage loan is issued either at the place where the borrower is registered, at the place of state accreditation of the client’s employer, or at the location of the purchased property. Funds can be disbursed either at once or in installments.

The loan is repaid in equal payments every month. The mortgage amount can be repaid ahead of schedule, either partially or in full - to do this, you need to submit an application to a Sberbank branch or online through your Sberbank Online personal account. Early repayment is free of charge.

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a mortgage

To obtain a mortgage loan from Sberbank, you must complete several mandatory steps. Let's look at the procedure for getting a mortgage step by step.

Stage 1. Choosing the right mortgage program The bank has a large number of different programs for future borrowers, varying depending on the subject and terms of the agreement. In particular, you can get a loan for a residential building, an apartment (in a new building or a finished one), a plot of land, a garage or a parking space.
Stage 2. Choosing a type of mortgage loan In addition to choosing the appropriate program, for example, for purchasing a private home, the borrower can also select a specific type of mortgage lending.
For example, if a citizen wants to get a mortgage at a preferential rate for the purchase of an apartment in a new building, then he can use the State Support 2020 loan. There are also special programs for mortgages for new buildings, state support for mortgages for large families, military mortgages and others.
Stage 3. Preparation of documents An employee of the bank's mortgage department must provide a list of documents required to obtain a mortgage loan. As a rule, you will need the following documents:
  • certificate in form 2-NDFL;
  • a copy of the work book;
  • TIN;
  • SNILS;
  • marriage certificate;
  • child's birth certificate;
  • other documents.
Stage 4. Filing an application The application can be submitted via the Internet or at any Sberbank branch in person.
Stage 5. Valuation of real estate If the application is approved, you will need to order a real estate appraisal report for a mortgage from an appraisal company.
You must contact the bank with the prepared report, after which the amount of the mortgage loan issued is determined, which will be paid to the seller as the cost of the purchased apartment (or other property).
Stage 6. Drawing up a mortgage loan agreement After signing the purchase and sale agreement for the apartment and transferring funds to the seller, the borrower will be able to register ownership rights in the Unified State Register of Real Estate, issue an insurance policy for the property and enter into an agreement with the bank.

After checking the documents provided by the borrower, a specialist in the mortgage department of Sberbank will set a day on which the borrower needs to conclude an agreement with the seller of the apartment, draw up an insurance contract for the property being purchased or for the collateral.

What can't you do without?

The size of the final amount that the borrower must have at his disposal to successfully complete all stages of the mortgage transaction is largely determined by whether the process of obtaining a loan and purchasing a home will be carried out on his own or with the involvement of brokers and realtors, whose commissions amount to up to 80% of the total costs. Let’s imagine that you decide to do without intermediaries, that is, you will independently prepare documents for the bank, search for an apartment and negotiate with the seller. In this case, all your costs can be divided into several groups:

Filing an application. As we noted earlier, the procedure for considering your candidacy is free in absolutely all banks. Provided that the bank makes a positive decision on your candidacy the first time, no additional payments will be required on your part. Otherwise, the situation will arise for those who were unable to immediately obtain the bank’s consent and for those who were unable to reach a deal within the time allotted by the lender. The attitude of banks towards such persons may be different: for some, re-examination of the application is free, while others charge a fee of 1,500 to 2,000 rubles, thereby increasing the costs of applying for a mortgage.

Property valuation. A mandatory condition for granting a loan in all banks is the conclusion by the borrower of an insurance contract for the risk of damage to real estate, which will be purchased using a mortgage loan. Before you proceed directly to insurance, you need to understand how much the home you plan to buy actually costs. This is necessary in order to conclude an agreement with the insurer, who is only interested in the market price. Since the value included in the contract does not always correspond to the market, you will need to contact an independent appraiser who can determine its real value. Today, the fee for assessing an apartment for a mortgage ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles.

Collateral insurance. It is this type of mortgage loan expense that will be the most significant, due to the fact that the price of the insurer’s services directly depends on the cost of housing, which acts as collateral for the loan. Traditionally, the borrower is offered the choice of insuring real estate, his own life and title, that is, the right of ownership. The first type of insurance is mandatory, and the remaining two are optional. Let's assume that your budget is limited and you decide to limit yourself to only the mandatory program. In this case, the fee for insurance services will be from 0.2 to 0.7% of the price of the apartment. Accordingly, the maximum annual payment for an apartment worth 7,000,000 rubles will be 49,000 rubles. At the same time, we must not forget that this payment is not a one-time payment and will be made annually throughout the entire period of debt servicing.

Requirements for obtaining

To be approved, a future borrower must meet certain requirements. The conditions for obtaining a loan from Sberbank are as follows:

  1. Availability of Russian citizenship;
  2. Age at the time of receiving the loan is more than 21 years old, and at the time of repayment of the loan - no more than 75 years;
  3. Work experience at the last place of employment for more than six months and at least 1 year of total work experience over the last five years;
  4. The borrower's spouse will act as an obligatory co-borrower, regardless of his age and solvency.

No more than three citizens can be co-borrowers under a mortgage lending agreement, the amount of their income is taken into account when calculating the maximum mortgage.

Up to what age can you get it?

The age of the borrower is related to the selected program and the term of the mortgage. If applying under the regular program, a Sberbank employee must make sure that at the time of full repayment of the loan, the borrower should not be older than 75 years of age.

For example, if an application is submitted by a citizen aged 63, he will be able to take out a mortgage from a bank for a maximum of only 12 years, until he turns 75.

When providing a mortgage loan using 2 documents (without a work book and a 2-NDFL certificate), the borrower is obliged to fully repay the debt to the bank before the age of 60.

Under the military mortgage program, the age limit of a military personnel cannot exceed 45 years.

If you already have a mortgage with Sberbank

It is possible to take out another mortgage without paying off the first one in full, but it may come with some complications. Sberbank does not provide this opportunity to all citizens.

It is possible to take out a mortgage loan from a bank if you already have one mortgage, but the borrower must meet certain requirements:

  • First of all, you will need to confirm your solvency. An individual's monthly income must be sufficient to repay both the old and new mortgages. Sberbank employees will be able to approve a client’s loan application only if the borrower’s regular payment on the loan is no more than 20% of his confirmed salary;
  • The client applying for a second mortgage must not be in arrears on the old loan, i.e. he must have a good credit history.
  • It will not be possible to get a new mortgage loan without “closing” at least 65% of the previous one. The probability of issuing a mortgage to a bank client increases, the less debt there is on the first mortgage;
  • Insurance and a deposit of the property are mandatory. If the value of the collateral property is less than the amount of debt accumulated on the previous loan, then Sberbank will not approve the application for a new mortgage loan.

If you have a bad credit history

Many citizens wonder whether it is possible to get a mortgage if the borrower has a bad credit history.

If the borrower previously received a loan from a bank and at the same time violated his obligations under the loan agreement (paid irregularly, made late payments), and has a damaged credit history, then this may serve as an obstacle to obtaining a mortgage from Sberbank.

A borrower with a bad credit history can apply, but the bank may compromise and only approve it in certain cases, for example:

  • if the borrower receives a salary on a Sberbank plastic card. This will make it easier for the bank to collect the required monthly mortgage payment. The bank will simply be able to automatically write off funds on a certain day of the month;
  • if the borrower takes out a mortgage loan with a down payment of at least 50 percent of the cost of the purchased property;
  • in the case of a small mortgage loan. If, for example, you buy an inexpensive apartment in a Khrushchev building, the bank can issue a mortgage. And if a citizen wants to purchase a large residential building, then Sberbank will most likely reject the application.

Therefore, you need to understand what you can count on when applying to a bank if you have a bad credit history. Perhaps after refusal, you will have to apply to another bank.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a long-term bank loan issued for the purchase of a specific property. It is secured by a mortgage for the bank, entered in the land and mortgage register of the property whose purchase or construction is financed by this loan. Difficult? Only at first glance.

The mortgage amount is usually at least several hundred thousand rubles (and in some cases can reach several millions). A mortgage loan is provided for several years or even decades (currently banks provide real estate loans for up to 35 years).

Economists note that it is best to take out a mortgage for a period of no more than 15-20 years. It should be remembered that the longer the loan terms, the greater the overpayment amount.

If you can afford to pay a slightly higher premium, you should shorten the loan term.

The security for the purchase of an apartment or the construction of a single-family home is a mortgage to the bank, entered into the land and mortgage register that is kept for the property.

A land and mortgage registry is a document that describes the legal status of a property. Thanks to the information it contains, it is possible to determine who has what rights to this property. The land and mortgage register consists of four sections. The mortgage is entered in the fourth section of the land and mortgage register.

The mortgage provides security and allows the bank to lay claim to the property regardless of whose property it is. This means that even if the person who received the loan sells the property, the bank has the right to assert its claims against it.

Required set of documents

To draw up a mortgage agreement, the client must submit the necessary documents to Sberbank. As a rule, the standard list consists of the following papers:

  • the application itself, filled out on the bank’s letterhead (can also be filled out online on the website);
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and copies of passports of co-borrowers;
  • 2-NDFL certificate or other document in the bank form confirming income;
  • a copy of the work record book or a certificate from the employer containing information about the position and length of service;
  • TIN;
  • SNILS;
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate for collateral (if necessary);

In addition to these documents, Sberbank employees may additionally request other documents depending on the mortgage program:

  • certificate of participation in the NIS (savings-based mortgage system) for providing housing to military personnel - to obtain a Military mortgage;
  • birth certificate of children and marriage - to obtain a Mortgage with state support for families with children.
  • a certificate for maternity (family) capital, a certificate from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation about the balance of funds in the account - to obtain a loan under the “mortgage plus mat. capital".

When is the down payment made on a Sberbank mortgage?

The down payment for a mortgage usually comes from the future homeowners' own funds. Most often this amount is divided into 2 parts.

The first is an advance or deposit. In the first case, if the transaction does not take place for one reason or another, the entire amount is returned to the buyer. In the second case, if the buyer is the culprit for abandoning the home, then the money remains with the seller, and if the seller, then he compensates the second party for the deposit in double the amount.

The amount of the first part of the advance is determined by agreement between the parties. More often this is an amount in the range of 50,000-100,000 rubles. It is handed over to the seller upon signing the preliminary purchase and sale agreement.

The second part is given on the day of registration of the transaction, when the main purchase and sale agreement is drawn up. The loan documentation is signed on the same date.

If we are talking about cash, then the necessary inscriptions are made on the purchase and sale agreements (both preliminary and main). Additionally, specifically for Sberbank, they write a receipt confirming receipt of funds. It is advisable that the seller write it personally and sign it only in the presence of the buyer.

If a non-cash transfer is intended, then a bank document confirming the fact of transfer of money is sufficient.

Can a client take a deferment on mortgage payments?

A deferment on a mortgage taken out from Sberbank can be made only if the borrower has documented the reasons why he is currently unable to pay the loan.

To apply for a deferment, the bank client must fill out an application to the bank in a free form, in which he needs to write about the reasons for the deferment, for example, layoffs at work, etc.

The grounds for deferment of mortgage payments from a bank may include:

  • the borrower's conscription into the army;
  • loss of job;
  • the birth of a child in the borrower’s family;
  • going on maternity leave;
  • delay of wages;
  • loss of a breadwinner;

If the bank approves the application for deferment, the terms of the mortgage loan agreement will be subject to change - the size of the monthly payment is reduced or the mortgage term is increased.

A deferment at Sberbank can be provided for a period of 1 to 3 years, based on the reasons specified by the borrower in the application. But it does not relieve the borrower from having to pay interest on the mortgage agreement.

How much should the salary be?

The bank does not have a specific salary amount for issuing a mortgage. It will depend on several factors, for example, on what kind of real estate the client wants to purchase with loan funds.

If he is going to buy a country house worth 15 million rubles, and his salary is 25 thousand rubles, then his application, of course, will not be approved. The cost of making regular mortgage payments cannot exceed 50% of the documented salary or other income of the potential borrower.

We are talking only about wages reflected in the certificate in form 2-NDFL or in the form of Sberbank. If the client cannot document his earnings (for example, he receives his salary in an envelope), then the bank will not approve the application for a mortgage loan.

If the borrower’s income is insufficient to obtain a mortgage, the bank can take into account the client’s additional earnings, for example, funds from renting out an apartment under a rental agreement, interest on a deposit and other types of income.

How long should the work experience be?

To take out a mortgage from Sberbank under standard programs, the borrower’s work experience must be:

  • more than six months at the last place of employment;
  • for at least 12 months over the past five years.

But the bank can make an exception for its clients who receive wages on a Sberbank card. In this case, only the first condition must be met - the mortgage is issued if he worked for at least 6 months at his last job.

Mortgage costs

Advice from lawyers:

1. Insurance costs were included in the mortgage amount. Is this legal?

1.1. Hello, imposing a service in the form of an insurance contract is illegal, and you have the right to refuse it. Good luck and all the best.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.2. ☼ Hello, These expenses are not included in the mortgage amount, but the amount of the insurance premium may be deducted from the loan. I wish you good luck and all the best!

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.3. No. You can submit a claim in writing to the insurance company for the return of insurance. In case of refusal, file a claim in court. Good luck to you.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.4. Hello, This is an imposition of a service and you can refuse it within 5 days from the moment of signing, then no longer. All the best, we are always happy to help you.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.5. Good afternoon, you had the right to refuse insurance on the day the mortgage agreement was concluded, but if you signed it, then yes, legally, it means you agreed to the terms of the loan.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.6. Hello Lyudmila! According to the Federal Law “On Mortgage”, real estate insurance is mandatory. In this regard, the bank’s actions are legal.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

Consultation on your issue


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2. Starting from 2020, we will issue a subsidy for housing and communal services. We always provide a loan agreement and a repayment schedule for the mortgage on the apartment, for which we receive a subsidy. Do mortgage costs affect the income taken into account when assigning a subsidy? If not, then why is this data provided?

2.1. Hello. Doesn't reduce.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

3. I submitted a package of documents to the tax office for a personal income tax refund: for expenses for paid medical services. services, expenses for purchasing an apartment (mortgage) and expenses for paying interest to the bank. The tax office did not confirm any of the three amounts. The apartment was bought from my sister. They could refuse to refund the costs of purchasing an apartment due to their relationship. And why by percentage and by honey? services denied? How should it be by law? I have never applied for a personal income tax refund before.

3.1. Hello! As for the deduction for the apartment and for the mortgage interest, the refusal is legal, because the purchase and sale transaction was between interdependent persons, that is, close relatives. As for expenses for medical services, it is not entirely clear on what basis the refusal was made; perhaps supporting documents were not provided or something else.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

4. We apply for a mortgage, the property has been approved. There are only a few formalities left and we are ready to make a deal. Initially, my husband and I decided on electronic registration; the manager was informed that they had added this function to the list of expenses for the transaction, but we had not yet paid or signed anything. Can I opt out of electronic registration during a transaction?

4.1. Yes, you can, you can resolve this issue with your personal bank manager.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

5. In 2020, we bought an apartment for 2.8 million, received a property deduction (since the apartment was on a mortgage for two, we took advantage of the deduction 50/50, from the amount of 1400 the supRug received a deduction, and from 1400 - the supRug , the ownership of the apartment was registered only in the name of the husband; interest on the loan is 250 thousand) in 2020 - sold for 5 million. On what amount will you ultimately have to pay tax? If the husband buys a new apartment for 5 million, does this somehow go into the calculation?

5.1. Hello! 1. The tax can be calculated from the difference (5,000,000 - 2,800,000) 2. You can include finishing costs if you bought an apartment WITHOUT finishing 3. Considering that the husband already received a deduction from 1.4 million rubles when buying a new apartment for 5 million rubles, he will be able to receive a deduction only from 600 thousand rubles (since the maximum amount of expenses from which a deduction can be received is 2 million rubles).

Did the answer help you?YesNo

6. I bought an apartment with a mortgage while married, but according to the marriage contract, according to which the husband does not claim it. We are separated, but not divorced. In fact and on paper, I pay all the costs of the loan. The husband began to lay claim to her, took both copies of the marriage contract and will not give it back. I originally bought it for my son. Please tell me so that my son gets it - is it better for me to register an inheritance or a deed of gift for my son?

6.1. Hello! If you have a marriage contract, then a copy should be with a notary, contact him and draw up a deed of gift for your son.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

6.2. Hello) Until you take back the marriage contract, you will not be able to register an apartment for your son, since your husband will have the right to a share in the jointly acquired property. If you had the contract certified by a notary, he may have a copy.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

7. Child out of wedlock (born in 2004), paternity recognized. In 2012, I single-handedly took out a mortgage on an apartment; my child and I live together. How can I claim additional costs? How to calculate the amount of the claim (the price of the apartment is 5,000,000, of which 2,000,000 were paid immediately, and 3,000,000 were paid on a mortgage until 2022. THE TOTAL COST OF THE APARTMENT is 8,000,000!) When to file a claim?

7.1. Good evening! There are a lot of nuances in your situation. Housing alimony is the new norm. The court must take into account the mass, in this case, of legal circumstances (main and additional). Family and financial status of both parties, existing alimony obligations (other children, elderly parents, personal mortgage, etc.) Availability (absence) of the plaintiff (mother) of other housing in the property, provision of housing for the child (most importantly, is there any the child has a share

in a mortgaged apartment and many other nuances. The court may oblige the child's father to participate financially in paying the mortgage, but it is really not possible for you to calculate it now. This is called preparing a claim. And your right to file a claim arose from 02/06/2020.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

8. I am a civil servant, in the certificate of expenses I did not indicate the purchase of an apartment for 18 mil in the amount of 11 mil, but in section 6.2 I indicated urgent obligations, namely a mortgage for 5 mil and 11 mil, my income for three reporting periods year amounted to 6 ml 200, the question is whether I should have indicated expenses if the apartment became the property only in 1919,

8.1. In 2020, you made a purchase and the remote control agreement must be registered. Due to this. This transaction must be specified.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

9. My husband took out a loan from work to pay off his mortgage. I left my house as collateral to my employer. Now I want to get a divorce. What to do with the loan and the house? My husband does not help financially; all expenses for the house and children are my responsibility.

9.1. It is necessary to look at the terms of the loan agreement and the collateral agreement. The mere fact of divorce, of course, does not relieve the mortgagor from obligations. Are documents available in electronic form? Sincerely, lawyer – Stepanov Vadim Igorevich.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

9.2. Hello. When property is divided, debts are also divided. Either you draw up an agreement on the division of property with a notary, or through the court you determine who gets what from the property and debts. For a full consultation, you need documents to study. Ready to provide?

Did the answer help you?YesNo

10. No, it’s not difficult when we were married, my wife and I took out a mortgage, invested maternity capital as a down payment, and a year later we separated. I am a borrower and my ex-wife is a co-borrower. All the time, and to this day, I pay all the expenses for the apartment and mortgage. After the divorce, she refused to pay for the loan and utilities. He says I don’t live here and I don’t need this apartment, pay for everything yourself. The question is how can I correctly issue a receipt for refusal of payments and did not claim a share in the apartment?

10.1. Hello Vyacheslav. Don't issue a receipt. The main thing is how much is left to pay until what year. Write her a complaint. Then go to court to collect money from her according to her share. Then write a settlement agreement to renounce her share.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

10.2. She must leave the borrowers, but her share will remain in any case, because... mat capital, but by agreement you can pay her 1/4 of mat capital. The bank must agree or divide it through the court.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

11. The spouse bought an apartment with a mortgage outside of marriage. Then children were born in the marriage. Capital mating, mortgage repayment and allocation of shares were used. They sold the apartment and bought another one. The deadline was not met for 3 years. New amendments in September 2020 allow parents to use their own purchase costs. Will my wife have to pay tax? The apartment was bought by the husband outside of marriage. Here, the allocation of a share to me is not subject to agreement as a transaction between family members who are not subject to tax?

11.1. good day, Elena! 1. The spouse bought an apartment with a mortgage outside of marriage. Then children were born in the marriage.

How many children do you have: two or three?
2. Mathematics capital was used, the mortgage was paid off and shares were allocated.
They sold the apartment and bought another one. The deadline was not met for 3 years, so you are required to pay 13% tax.
3. New amendments of September 2020 allow parents to use their purchase expenses
, yes, if there are three children in the family, then the state pays off the mortgage loan in the amount of 450 thousand rubles.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

12. When filling out a certificate of income and expenses of a civil servant, is it necessary to indicate in the serviceman’s income the amount that the state paid for the year on a military mortgage?

12.1. Hello! This information must be indicated in the “Other income” section.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

13. I filed for divorce, and an alimony agreement was drawn up during the marriage. During our marriage, we took out a mortgage for shared ownership, and our minor children also have a share. BM only pays the mortgage, please tell me about the new amendments to the Law on additional expenses for children, BM must pay me alimony and the mortgage for the children’s shares. Or how should it even be? Thank you.

13.1. Good afternoon. You can try to recover this from him through the court.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

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14. My brother got divorced many years ago. His ex-wife took out the mortgage and now wants to sue him for additional mortgage costs. Does he have the right? Thank you.

14.1. Without resorting to legislation, just answer the question yourself: how can an ex-wife, already ten years old, present something to her ex-husband, despite the fact that they are no longer “running a joint household” and are not a family?

Did the answer help you?YesNo

15. I am a guarantor for two overdue loans from my husband and the first executor came to work. I wrote a petition to the bailiff to reduce the percentage, and they withheld 25% of the income. I have two minor children and a mortgage payment among other expenses. My husband is not working now because... was forced to close the IP. When the second one arrives, will they withhold 50% or can I write a statement and they will be withheld 25% in total?

15.1. Hello, Natalia! Yes, you can apply to the court for an installment plan for the execution of the court decision.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

16. What types of loans (consumer loans, mortgages, etc.) are recognized by law as a family expense and are loan payments generally taken into account as a family expense if you submit documents to establish the status of “Low-income family”?

16.1. No, nothing is taken into account, only your official income.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

17. Tell me, I heard that now it is possible to collect from the child’s father payment in addition to alimony and also for some kind of housing. If a mother pays a mortgage or rents a house (regardless of whether she is married or not), surely there should be expenses for both parents? Is it so.

17.1. No, it’s not like that, alimony is paid for the maintenance of the child, it is collected in a fixed amount or as a percentage of earnings, there are no other changes.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

17.2. Good evening! In addition to alimony, in accordance with Article 86 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, the spouse may additionally bear expenses in the event of a child’s incapacity for work, injury, the need to pay for outside care and other circumstances! By the way, they want to add rental housing to the list of other circumstances, but so far this amendment has not been adopted!

Did the answer help you?YesNo

18. My ex-husband is selling an apartment purchased during marriage, I gave notarized consent, there is a mortgage debt on the apartment. The ex-husband, after receiving consent, refuses to pay my share, arguing that he paid the mortgage himself and my share will pay his expenses. Divorced for 9 years, there was no division.

18.1. Go to court for division, since from the moment the apartment is sold, your right to the share is violated, and you can recover it. From this moment the limitation period of 3 years begins. The court will evaluate the evidence; if after the divorce the husband actually paid everything, then it is unlikely that you will receive it. After the divorce, it was necessary to divide the loan.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

19. We are buying a house with a mortgage, the realtor said that we need to have the contract certified by a notary, the cost of which will be 0.5% of the value of the property. Tell me, what kind of agreement is this and which party should pay the costs under this agreement? A minor child is registered in the house, and as I understand it, this agreement is needed by the guardianship authorities.

19.1. If there is only one seller or all shareholders are selling at the same time, then there is no mandatory notarial form. Only if desired, the transaction is in notarial form. Therefore, clarify who insists on this form. If only a Realtor, then your right to refuse and do so in simple writing.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

20. On the day the transaction was concluded, the seller suddenly came to his senses and decided that it was inconvenient for him to wait for the transfer of mat capital and it was a scary long time to wait. He insists that we take out a mortgage so that the money can be transferred faster. And the deposit is 100,000 rubles. he already received it. My expenses, etc., for the transaction are clearly increasing. The second child turns 3 years old on November 17, 2020. What to do?

20.1. You need to look at the terms of your contract.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

20.2. Tell them that they won’t give you a mortgage.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

20.3. If you have received a deposit, then in this case you have the right to demand a double deposit if he refuses to conclude the deal.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

I am currently behind on my mortgage payment. The bank employee warned me

Question about tax deductions when selling real estate. Lawyers say that mortgage interest is not included in the cost of purchasing real estate.

The debtor has writs of execution for the payment of legal costs in favor of the claimant dated 2020.

I plan to purchase an apartment with a mortgage and rent it out daily. What is the best way to pay taxes?

Divorced with husband. There is an apartment with a joint mortgage. At the moment, my husband lives alone in this apartment.

The apartment has a mortgage in 1/4 shares. According to a written agreement with my wife, I received a deduction on interest in the amount of 3/4 (for myself and children).

I have paid 2/3 of the mortgage payments, the property on the mortgage with the 2nd borrower (not married) for 1/2 share each.

The question is the following: in the shared participation agreement there is a clause that I, as a participant in shared construction, bear the costs associated with the transfer of funds to the Developer.

The husband paid the mortgage, the wife was a co-borrower, is it possible to transfer the apartment entirely to the wife after the mortgage is paid off?

Please answer the question. And having moved into a house taken out with a mortgage (maternity capital)

The apartment was purchased with a mortgage as a common joint property. After some time, the family broke up, and for many years I have been paying the mortgage and all expenses for the apartment alone.

In what cases can Sberbank refuse?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out the reason for the disapproval of a mortgage application from a bank. Such information cannot be provided to clients by bank employees. In order to increase the likelihood of approval of the application at Sberbank, the borrower needs to familiarize himself in detail with all the terms and conditions of mortgage lending.

The most common reasons for refusal to issue a mortgage for the purchase of an apartment in Sberbank are:

  • insufficient income of a citizen;
  • bad credit history;
  • borrower age mismatch;
  • the borrower has uncovered loans to other banks;
  • inconsistency of information submitted by the borrower, corrections, inaccuracies in documents.

At Sberbank, citizens of the Russian Federation can take out a mortgage loan under various programs, including for the purchase of an apartment in a new building from a developer, secondary housing, or a private house. Individual conditions apply to each borrower. Before taking out a mortgage loan from Sberbank, you must carefully study all the bank's requirements.

After choosing a suitable program, the client needs to submit an application, prepare the necessary documents, select a property, discuss all the conditions with the seller and come to an agreement, order a report from an appraiser, conclude a purchase and sale agreement, register the property in Rosreestr, and only then execute a mortgage agreement loan.

Features of permanent registration at a military unit, see here.

If a citizen has a reliable job with a high salary, has a good credit history, then the chances of getting a mortgage are very high.

But, if the borrower works for a salary “in an envelope”, cannot confirm its size, has a bad credit history, and cannot attract guarantors, then the bank will make a negative decision on the application for a mortgage loan.

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Sberbank of Russia – review

Sberbank of Russia - review.

Registration procedure

The procedure itself depends on what kind of housing the loan is issued for - primary or secondary. The primary one is much simpler. It is necessary to choose a developer from those who work under the bank’s affiliate program. After the application is approved, the property is registered as collateral, and then the loan funds are transferred.

If you want to get a mortgage loan, you should carefully study all the conditions and the procedure itself.

In the case of an apartment or house from the secondary market, the procedure is more complicated, since the client will have to provide an assessment and documents for the property for verification by specialists from the credit department.

issue a security invoice and insurance policies;

Is it possible to register an apartment purchased on credit as common property?

Yes, the purchased apartment can be registered as common property:

  • co-borrowers;
  • the borrower and his family members (children and parents);
  • the co-borrower and his spouse, as well as members of his (their) family (children and parents of spouses).

Deposits for pensioners.

Boundaries of the borrower's rights regarding the collateral apartment

Every future borrower should learn to distinguish between reasonable and legal restrictions on property rights in housing with encumbrances and cunning bank tricks. For example, some restrictions are really necessary, such as:

  • rental of mortgaged housing;
  • uncoordinated redevelopment;
  • ban on the sale of collateral.

Is it possible to get a mortgage from Sberbank with a bad credit history?

If a client previously took out a loan or mortgage and had problems with payments: there were delays, payments were received by the bank irregularly, then the bank can add him to the database of clients with a bad credit history. And then the chances of getting a mortgage from banks are reduced to zero.

Sberbank may consider a potential borrower for a mortgage even with a bad credit history. The bank will make concessions to the client only if the borrower’s credit history is not seriously damaged, and also if:

  • the client receives wages on a Sberbank card. In this case, it will be easier for the bank to request the required amount of monthly payment from him. It will simply automatically debit money on a specific date;
  • the client will take out a mortgage with a down payment of 50% of the cost of housing;
  • the client wants to take out a mortgage for a small amount. For example, if he wants to buy an apartment on the secondary market, the bank can approve the application. If the client plans to buy a country house or apartment, then the bank may refuse.
  • Reasons for refusal to issue a mortgage at Sberbank

    It will not be possible to find out the reason for the refusal to issue a mortgage. This is confidential information, so bank employees do not disclose it. Therefore, a potential borrower should carefully study all the rules and comply with the necessary conditions in order for his application to be approved.

    Most often, Sberbank refuses to issue a mortgage for the purchase of housing for the following reasons:

    • bad credit history;
    • inaccurate information in documents submitted to the bank (for example, certificate 2-NDFL is not true);
    • presence of other outstanding loans;
    • insufficient income of the borrower;
    • non-compliance with basic requirements - for example, a person does not fit the age range.

    Sberbank offers clients a large number of mortgage programs that are suitable for purchasing a new building, an apartment on the secondary market, a house and even a garage . The bank has developed individual programs for each client. Before taking out a mortgage from Sberbank, you need to read the terms and conditions of its provision.

    If the borrower is satisfied with everything, then he sends an application, collects documents, looks for housing, negotiates with the seller, provides real estate documents to the bank, draws up a purchase and sale agreement, registers ownership of the property, arranges insurance and only then signs the mortgage agreement.

    If the client has a positive credit history, a stable job with good earnings, and has collateral, then he is more likely to have his mortgage application approved.

    If the client cannot confirm his income, has a negative credit history, and has no co-borrowers, then the bank will refuse to issue him a mortgage.

    Having full information about the upcoming costs, a financially literate borrower knows approximately how much a mortgage costs even before submitting an application. Let's take a closer look at what is included in the final cost of the loan and what additional costs the client will have to pay in addition to the accrued interest.

    What can you get a mortgage for at Sberbank?

    You can apply for a mortgage loan in 2020 for the following properties:

    • finished housing - an apartment in a new building or secondary housing;
    • object under construction - an apartment in an apartment building under construction;
    • Vacation home;
    • House;
    • garage;
    • parking space.

    You can also take out a non-targeted mortgage secured by real estate from Sberbank.

    Where does Sberbank provide mortgage loans?

    You need to apply for a mortgage in the branch of Sberbank that is located:

    • at the place of registration of the borrower;
    • at the location of the property that is being mortgaged;
    • at the place of accreditation of the employer of the borrower or co-borrower.

    Before applying for a mortgage at Sberbank, you need to answer the following questions for yourself:

    • Is my job stable? What job prospects can I have in the future?
    • Will I be able to regularly pay the required amount to the bank?
    • Can I have unexpected expenses? How can I repay the loan then?

    When Sberbank transfers mortgage money to the seller

    The relevant authorities have 5 working days to complete registration actions regarding mortgage transactions. After their expiration, the buyer must receive registration documents, enter into the necessary insurance contracts and provide the resulting package of documentation to the bank.

    After this, the loan application is signed. At the same time, an application is submitted to transfer these funds to the seller to the account whose number is specified in the purchase and sale agreement.

    It is possible to receive final payment in cash. Then the funds will be received on the day the transaction is completed, before visiting the registration authority. But they will be placed in a safe deposit box, and the money can be withdrawn only after the purchase and sale agreement has been registered, that is, after the same 5 working days.

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