3. Use of residential premises in dormitories
They say college is the most fun time. And all because it includes
Why can they evict you from an apartment on social rent?
Rights of residents in a state apartment The procedure for operating a residential municipal facility is regulated by Art. 60, 65
Peculiarities of concluding a lifelong rent agreement for an apartment between relatives: who can be the recipient of the rent, the amount of its payments
Citizens of the Russian Federation have the opportunity to use several ways to obtain a housing plot legally.
Open a current account for LLCs and individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank of Russia
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Deed of gift or will? What is the best way to pass on the dacha to children?
How to transfer a dacha to another person
Transfer a summer cottage plot to a relative after death This can be done by expert companies or BTI employees.
Register a Newborn List of Documents St. Petersburg 2020
Register a newborn child list of documents St. Petersburg 2020 So, for registration of a newborn child in 2020
How to exchange an apartment for a house
Is it worth changing a private house to an apartment?
Tweet Purchasing a country house or, conversely, moving to the city after the purchase
Certificate from the IPA
What documents remain with the notary?
What is an identity card An identity card is a document that contains information
Fine for using land without documents
Definition of concepts After acquiring a land plot, citizens are responsible for preparing documents. First
Search for the queue of beneficiaries to receive a voucher
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