What documents are required to be collected to participate in the project in 2018?
Young family program application sample
“Young Family” program: conditions The “Young Family” program is aimed at helping families acquire
Unauthorized buildings will be dealt with in 2020
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 There are more than 60 million registered in the Russian Federation
Should a technical passport be issued for an apartment after construction?
Who is required to issue a technical passport for the apartment - the developer or the shareholder 2. The registration itself
registration of title to a house without a building permit
Is it possible to build a house without the appropriate permit? The fine for citizens varies from 1
Do I need a cadastral passport for a garden house?
Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a technical passport for a residential building in 2020 according to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia regulating
the amount of tax deduction for a disabled child
Should a disabled person pay child support?
Disabled child: benefits for parents in 2020 Schoolchildren with disabilities have the same rights
Paying taxes when receiving property as a gift
Stages of donating a share of a house and land
According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, a residential private house is understood as a separate building where there should be
Write a sample application to the Criminal Code about the appearance of fungus and dampness
August Representatives of the management company come and try to collect signatures from residents on the registration sheet: Here
What rights do a person registered in an apartment, but not the owner, have?
Place of residence of children Children are considered all citizens under 18 years of age. Crossing the specified age
Rules for the use of residential premises in apartment buildings in 2019-2020 - overview of changes
Article 7.21. Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Violation of the rules for the use of residential premises
The rules for the use of houses and apartments are established by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 21, 2006 No. 25. B