3. Use of residential premises in dormitories

They say college is the most fun time. And all because it includes not only lectures and exams, but also an eventful life. And this life often takes place in dormitories. There are whole legends in the dorm. They tell horror stories and remember this time as the most fun and carefree time in life. How and what do current students live? The answer is in the report of the Gubernia Daily. We went on an excursion to student dormitory No. 4 on the street. Belarusian. Elder Alina agreed to become our guide and assistant. She showed us how students live today.

Dorm life

So, the entire building is divided into blocks. For every 20 rooms there is one kitchen and two toilets, one for men and one for women. There are three stoves in the kitchen. But, according to experienced residents, you need to know the time when to cook: in the evening there are more people in the kitchen. If there are stoves in each block, then there is only one oven for the entire dormitory, it is locked, but everyone who wants to use it can take the key on duty. There are no refrigerators in the kitchens, but each room has one; students buy them at their own expense. By the way, not any refrigerator can be in a dormitory, but only one that is less than ten years old. Otherwise, as Alina explained, he threatens the wiring. According to the headman, a couple of years ago, “outdated” refrigerators were massively and mercilessly destroyed.

Dormitory No. 4. Exterior view

Nastya and her part of the room

Dorm life is full of dangers

Does anyone else think students are starving?

Everyone goes to the shower to wash on the first floor; the rooms are also divided into for boys and girls. The “washing room” operates according to the schedule: from 6 to 9 am, then from 12 to 23. On Sunday, the shower is open from 14.00. Monday is a sanitary day.

Next to the showers is a laundry room with several washing machines. You need to sign up for laundry in advance: to reserve a place in your schedule, you need to wake up early on Friday, registration starts at 7 am, and the queue starts to form at 6:30. There are not enough places for everyone - those who have time, well done. Many people prefer not to take risks and sleep longer and wash their clothes with relatives.

Tanya and Nastya decided that in their room the journalist could only show Masha’s closet. And Masha herself

The headman says that all warnings are based on real events

Katya (pictured) and her neighbors hung the wallpaper in the room themselves

For fans of healthy lifestyle, there is a gym in the hostel

Dima likes ponies, and this can be seen from the poster on his wall

On the ground floor there is a study room with desks and chairs - especially for those whose roommates interfere with their studies. There you can sit in silence, read books or prepare notes. Nearby is the territory of athletes: a “gym” and a fitness room. The gym in the hostel is small, but free for all residents. For those who need a wider range of exercise equipment, there is a full-fledged gym in the neighboring hostel, although it is already paid. But you can reimburse the money for the purchased subscription at the trade union committee of PetrSU students. The fitness room has balls, mats and mirrors for “girls” activities.

Study room - for those who love silence and solitude

Living in a hostel is both fun and inexpensive

Washing machines are popular in dorms

Holy of holies

Everyone would like such a Ksyusha...

Catering point. In other words, the kitchen

Family block - view from the corridor

Registration norm of living space per person

How much is the standard living space per person? It is important for every citizen to know this information, since otherwise it will not be possible to resolve the issue regarding the division of living space, determining the order of resettlement, resolving a conflict situation regarding the division of an object, etc.

  1. The minimum standard is established for living space located in dormitories or foundations owned by municipal authorities.
  2. The provision rate is the smallest amount of space required for living. The allocation of such a minimum is allowed if a social rental agreement is signed with a citizen.
  3. An accounting norm is the square footage on the basis of which certain authorities calculate whether a citizen or family needs to be allocated additional square meters for living. In accordance with the law, this norm cannot be less than the provision norm.

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The story of one room

They usually live in a dormitory in groups of two or three. We go into one of the rooms, there are three housewives - Nastya, Tanya and Masha.

Nastya: Masha and I met on the Internet, even before moving in. I saw the list of applicants, chose one of the names, and then found Masha on VKontakte and offered to live in the same room. Moreover, we are from the Murmansk region and it is convenient to travel home together.

Tanya: I moved in a year later, already with Nastya and Masha. The first day of my life in the hostel was very fun: I came and saw Nastya sleeping under a towel. I was impressed.

Fitness area

Dasha says that it’s calm in the family block. And her son Yegor said that in the next room there lives a boy, Dima, who makes noise

There is only one oven in the dorm, it must be taken care of

A miniature dormitory: the elders made it especially for a federal competition

Nastya: It was a blanket! I then arrived by train early in the morning. I was too lazy to make the bed, so I fell asleep.

Tanya: We talked and got to know each other. I still didn’t know what it meant to live in a dorm. And then one guest comes, another comes, a third... And I sit with my eyes wide open and cannot understand: why do they come here? What's going on anyway? And now this is already in the order of things. We are community friends, all together. They often come for salt, for knives, for buckwheat. It happens that someone only has potatoes, and they search the rooms for everything else to make soup. But there is a rule - after half past 12 all guests leave.

Masha and Nastya leave messages for each other on the cabinets

Shower cabins look like this. You can discuss the latest news with your neighbor while enjoying water treatments.

Married couples live separately on the ground floor; a special block is allocated for them. Without a stamp in the passport, a couple will not be able to live together - these are the laws of the hostel. Many people in this block live with children: there is even a special baby shower for them on the floor.

If the hostel has become an apartment building, do the hostel rules apply?

Features of the contract There are some conditions that must be observed for the further conclusion of the contract, for example, citizens moving into the hostel must be in official relations with the landlord, for example, in labor relations with the enterprise in whose economic control the hostel is located, or an educational institution (studying or working at contract at the educational institution), under the operational management of which the dormitory is located. At the same time, we would like to pay special attention to the fact that other citizens are not allowed to move into the hostel. After making a certain decision with the citizens moving into the dormitory, the organization in whose economic control the dormitory is located and the educational institution enter into a rental agreement for residential premises in the dormitory. Such a rental agreement for residential premises in a dormitory can be concluded for the period of labor relations or the period of study.

Why does the hostel have the status of an apartment building?

Thus, any four walls and ceiling cannot be considered an apartment building, but only a collection of apartments! This is the law. At the same time, in Art.

16 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation gives the exhaustive meaning of the concept of “apartment”: “An apartment is recognized as a structurally separate room in an apartment building, providing direct access to common areas in such a house and consisting of one or more rooms, as well as auxiliary premises intended to satisfy citizens for household and other needs related to their residence in such a separate premises.” If the rooms in the house do not meet such requirements, then there can be no talk of a collection of apartments; therefore, without appropriate redevelopment and reconstruction, it is premature and illegal to consider such a house as “multi-apartment”.

How to choose a management company for a residential building

Attention Information about the decision taken by the governing body is sent to the applicant within 3 working days from the date of such decision.

The decision to classify residential premises as a certain type of residential premises of a specialized housing stock is also sent to the body that registers rights to real estate and transactions with it, within 3 working days from the date of such a decision.

Refusal to classify residential premises as a specific type of specialized housing stock is permitted if the residential premises do not comply with the requirements for this type of residential premises. The use of residential premises as specialized residential premises is permitted only after the residential premises have been classified as a specific type of residential premises of a specialized housing stock.

What will be the impact of the transfer of dormitories to the microdistrict?

Remember: “With a slight movement of the hand...”? They wanted to show concern for people, but, according to residents of the hostels, the problem could not be solved. This is how a resident of residential building No. 2b on the street commented on the decision of the people’s representatives. Mokovskaya. “I heard the message that our house had received a new status on the radio at work,” Margarita Kondratyeva told the KI correspondent.

– The management company is not fulfilling its duties, their hostel may soon collapse.

Dorm = multi-apartment residential building. Is it so?

I. Elanina Sections: Specialized housing stock; Housing law One of the forms of satisfying the housing needs of citizens is the provision of living quarters in dormitories. Article 40 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation establishes the corresponding rights and freedoms of man and citizen, including the right to housing. State authorities and local governments are obliged to create conditions for its implementation.

According to the Housing Code (LC), residential premises in dormitories are intended for temporary residence of citizens during their work or service, as well as students during their studies who do not have housing in a given city (locality).

How to recognize the MKD dormitory?

To classify residential premises as a specific type of residential premises of a specialized housing stock, the applicant must submit the following documents to the management body:

  • an application to classify residential premises as a specific type of residential premises of a specialized housing stock;
  • a document confirming ownership, or the right of economic management, or operational management of residential premises;
  • technical passport of the residential premises;
  • conclusion on the compliance of the residential premises with the requirements imposed on it.

The said application is considered by the governing body within 30 days from the date of submission of documents. In this case, the management body within a given period is obliged to make a decision on classifying the residential premises as a certain type of residential premises of a specialized housing stock or on refusing such classification. LCD, transferring the entire communal apartment to the position of common shared ownership. Then it will be possible to define the concept of a communal apartment. One of the signs of a communal apartment is the presence of common areas in the common ownership of the apartment’s residents, i.e. kitchens, bathrooms.

And in many sections there is no room for a kitchen, which clearly violates the sanitary and technical standards required for the concept of a separate living space. Thus, local authorities, transferring dormitories to the status of an apartment building, with communal sections in which there are no auxiliary premises in in the form of kitchens and separate bathrooms for each living space - room in the section - they do this illegally. [anonymous 47812] Sep 30

The Law on the Privatization of the Housing Stock in the Russian Federation, which retains the former landlord’s obligation to carry out major repairs of the house in accordance with the standards for the maintenance, operation and repair of the housing stock. – How will the newly built apartment buildings affect the priority in the overhaul program? – In addition to all of the above, the decision of the deputies will violate the rights and legitimate interests of not only residents of Kursk, but also the Kursk region.

Because, according to the deputies, it is being adopted in order to include these houses in the overhaul program, implemented through contributions paid by the owners of the premises to the regional operator. That is, the residents of these hostels have not paid anything to the fund for almost three years, and now they are laying claim to the funds that all apartment owners in the Kursk region have been saving for a long time.

Source: https://advokat-burilov.ru/esli-obshhezhitie-stalo-mnogokvartirnym-domom-dejstvuyut-li-pravila-obshhezhitiya/

Standard area per person in a dormitory

Poor living conditions are confirmed by a commission, which must go to the place of actual residence of the beneficiaries and make an opinion on the condition of the room, apartment or private house. Residential premises, taking into account the applicable norms, are provided according to the queue.

A family of two, according to the social norm, claims a living space of 42 square meters. How different this is from what we have to deal with when allocating apartments to such families! All they can count is a one-room apartment with 16-22 square meters of living space. But if a person was unable to start a family and lives alone , then according to this standard he is entitled to 33 square meters of living space.

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Standard Dormitory Area Per Person

In the new SP 54.13330.2011 “Residential buildings” there is not a word on this topic. There is also not a word on this topic in SanPiN for housing. SNiP 06/31/2009 “PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES” there are no space standards for dormitories either. Apparently, there are no current regulations on this topic.

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Comment: The document has lost force according to the Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated April 20, 2011 No. 38 “On the abolition of sanitary rules SP 42-121-4719-88 “Design, equipment and maintenance of dormitories for workers, students, secondary special and vocational students -technical schools" since the entry into force of SP "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the design, equipment and maintenance of dormitories for employees of organizations and students of educational institutions", approved by Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated March 23, 2011 No. 23 (since September 1, 2011).

Determination of living space in a dormitory

The area of ​​the corridor, bathroom and toilet cannot be recognized as living space; accordingly, their area is not included in the area of ​​the room. When moving in another person, write a complaint indicating that it is inadmissible for a third person to move in when the total living area is 14 meters. Demand that they either provide adequate housing or evict the third tenant.

Dear Edward, 6 sq.m. this is a living space. Corridor, bath, toilet, etc. included in the concept of total area. Therefore, my opinion is that the actions of the hostel administration violate the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. You have the right to write a statement addressed to management, indicating violations of Article 105 of the RF Housing Code.

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How many square meters are allowed per person - living space standards

Hello! City of Belgorod. Please tell me if I have the right to improve my living conditions. conditions in the form of an apartment or other living space. premises? There is an apartment of 55 sq/m. There are 12 people registered in it. Dad (he has a social tenancy agreement), mother, 4 already-year-old children and 6 grandchildren. I am divorced and from my marriage I have a daughter who is 8 years old and a second child who is 3 months old. The second child has a dash in the father column and I am now registering the status of a single mother. The roof is leaking and the wiring is already in poor condition. Can I get on the waiting list?

Hello Anna! The law of the city of Moscow establishes a registration standard for the area of ​​residential premises, on the basis of which citizens can be registered as those in need of residential premises. So, this norm in the city of Moscow is 10 sq.m. total living space per person. Thus, the area of ​​your apartment for the three people registered in it does not allow you to register as those in need of housing.

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