Installation of communal electricity meters. Household electricity meter: who installs it and who owns it
There are situations when several seemingly separate apartment buildings have 1 meter installed
Controversial issues regarding payment of utility bills (Kotov V.)
Disputes about who pays utility bills: the registered owner or the owner arise when a person lives and
Deputies proposed classifying the service for the collection and removal of liquid household waste as municipal.
What is the federal waste collection scheme? The federal scheme is being created within the framework of the so-called garbage
When do receipts for an apartment in Kostroma arrive?
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Legal topics are very complex but, in this article, we
How long is it legal to turn off hot water in the summer?
Legislation of the Russian Federation on the period for suspending the supply of hot water supply Do not understand the material of the article or do you need
Is it legal to refuse recalculation for water if I was absent for a long period in 2020?
Despite the fact that the calculation of payments for utility services is now carried out mainly computerized
Popular opinion: utility debtors should be punished
How to find out the amount of debt Rostelecom Even though it’s the 21st century, we are all
Homeowners association income on the general taxation system
Provisions of the law By virtue of paragraphs. “I.2” clause 8, part 1, art. 58 Law N
Tariff Maintenance and Repair of Housing Since 2020 Moscow
Owners of apartment buildings often see such a line in housing and communal services receipts as payment for maintenance and
How to get money back for utility bills
social support measures for housing and communal services payments are provided to citizens if they have no debt on
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