How do HOAs and housing cooperatives differ, and what information is subject to disclosure? Homeowners' associations, housing cooperatives and other forms of housing management and their features.
Would it be better to choose a homeowners association (HOA) as a form of management of an apartment building (MAD),
What is a subsidy and who is entitled to it?
Cash benefits allocated by state budgets of different levels and specialized funds aimed at improving housing
Article 155 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation - payment for residential premises and utilities
The housing and communal services sector has become one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy. It involves
Where to start HOA 2020: reporting meetings, approval of income and expense estimates
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no light in the apartment
Do they have the right to turn off the light for non-payment if there is a small child?
Home / Benefits for children / Can a Homeowners Association Turn Off Electricity for Debts?
Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 05/06/2011 N 354 (as amended on 09/19/2013 with amendments that entered into force on 10/01/2013) “ON THE PROVISION OF PUBLIC SERVICES TO OWNERS AND USERS OF PREMISES IN MN
Procedure for paying a receipt through a Sberbank ATM
Payment for housing and communal services is a mandatory procedure, which not so long ago took a lot of money every month.
How to get a certificate of no debt for major repairs
How to get a subsidy for - payment for services for - heat - All heat consumers,
How to calculate utility bills in 2020
Every month you have to pay bills, including the payment for the residential property.
Calculation of penalties and colored receipts: what you need to know about housing and communal services debts
Is it legal to charge penalties for utilities in accordance with [K=8;T=Housing Code of the Russian Federation]
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