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How to find out the amount of Rostelecom debt

Even though it’s the 21st century, we still use the telephone to communicate.
The younger generation prefers cell phones, while the older generation prefers to have a home phone. In the first case, keeping track of the balance is quite simple, but in the case of a landline phone or the Internet, questions arise. To find out your balance on a cell phone with a Rostelecom (Tele2) SIM card, you need to dial *105# and press the call button. You will see how much money you have left in your account right on your phone screen. Most often, people find out about the end of funds in their account when their Internet or home telephone is disconnected. But there is no complete certainty in such situations and it is necessary to find out whether there is a debt or whether it is a technical failure on the line.

Ways to find out the debt on a Rostelecom personal account

There are several ways to find out your debt using your home phone or the Internet. We will consider them in order of popularity and accessibility to the average person without special technical skills.

1) Call customer support

The easiest way is to call Rostelecom customer technical support. This can be done by dialing the toll-free number 8-800-100-0800 . In addition to this number, you can dial an additional 8-800-181-1830 . Be prepared to wait for your turn and this wait may last more than 30 minutes. When they answer you, you can use voice prompts and find out the amount of debt yourself. You can switch to a live specialist and find out information directly from him.

2) Use your Rostelecom personal account

If the Internet has not yet been turned off for you, then you can visit your personal account and find out all the necessary information there. If you do not have a login and password, you need to register there and save this data in a safe place. This is a powerful tool that you will need more than once. There you can connect and disconnect services, change your tariff plan, and sign up for a free newsletter about your account status by email or SMS.

3) Visit to the Rostelecom office

For those who like more traditional options, we can suggest visiting the company’s office nearest to you. Please note that there you will need the passport of the person for whom the contract was concluded.

4) Visiting a Russian Post office

If you regularly visit the post office, you can find out the amount of debt there. You can also pay for your home phone there, but not for the Internet. Just give your phone number and deposit the required amount of money, and the postal employee will do the rest for you.

5) Sberbank ATM

It remains to remind you of the opportunity to find out the amount of debt and pay for Rostelecom services using a Sberbank ATM. Just find the function that shows your account status on the screen and use it. It is located in the “service replenishment” section. Enter your phone number or contract number, view your account status, and then top it up if necessary.

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How debt is formed

The amount of debt is determined depending on what services you have paid for. Usually they pay in advance - Rostelecom has not yet provided the service, but a subscription fee should be charged for it at the beginning of the billing period. This amount is called debt, although no actual debt has yet arisen, because you have not used anything without money. The very function of watching TV or using the Internet without prepayment is not provided for in the tariffs of modern providers.

Also, something incomprehensible often happens - everything seems to have been paid, but out of nowhere SMS messages from Rostelecom start to appear about the need to close the debt. Most often, these amounts do not affect the provision of the service itself and are a kind of recalculation, a real debt that arose through your fault or the fault of Rostelecom. You should learn more about such cases from the technical support line.

Where to find your personal account number

Rostelecom carries out all payments by awarding each new client a subscriber personal account. All credits and debits of your money for the company’s services are linked to it.

Your personal account number is required to top up your account in online banking or the Rostelecom application. Also, without it, in some cases, it is impossible to know at all whether you have a debt or not, and to what extent.

You can find out Rostelecom's drugs:

  1. In the contract you signed with the company.
  2. In the provider's personal account.
  3. On the provider's hotline, subject to providing identifying information.

Armed with the drug number, you can find out what negative balance began to form on it, and why.

How to find out how much you owe

There are several ways to obtain debt data. Some of them provide full details of expenses on the Rostelecom network, while others are limited to one figure without explanation.

What they all have in common is the simplicity with which you can learn everything. Any of these methods takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

Personal account Rostelecom

All information about personal accounts and debts on them is collected in the subscriber’s online account. It is located at lk.rt.ru.

The account is convenient because it provides complete details for each of your connected services. At any time, if you have the Internet, you can look in and check where exactly the money was written off and on what grounds the next debt was issued. There you can pay for everything right away.

To check your personal account balance in your personal account, you will need:

  1. Log in to your account with your username and password (issued upon first registration).
  2. Select the accounts or services section.

After entering your account, you will immediately see the amount missing for the next period. Detailed information can be found in the personal accounts section. In another tab, you can view the history of write-offs and debt accruals.

Mobile app

An alternative to the browser version of the Rostelecom Personal Account is a mobile application. After installation, all the functionality of the personal account is available in it, including details about the debt and how it was formed.

The application works on the same principle as the browser-based account - your main Rostelecom personal account and its balance are displayed on the main page. Additional information can be found in specific accounts and services sections.

Ways to check debt for telephone and Internet from Rostelecom

In today's world, every person has many daily tasks and worries. It's not surprising that sometimes we can forget about something. Rostelecom has not sent paper invoices for payment for a long time, depriving its consumers of a clear reminder of the obligation to replenish their personal account, so many are interested in the question: “How to find out the amount of debt?” If the balance goes into minus, there is a high probability that you will be disconnected from the ability to use the provider’s services. Older landline telephony users from Rostelecom are accustomed to paying for all services using a receipt, and modern people who actively use the Internet will not have any difficulty finding out what they owe. In this article we will talk about all the methods for obtaining information about the status of your account in order to avoid sudden disconnection of communication services.

How to find out the debt for an apartment via the Internet?

Rent arrears by address and other data can be found online through the following resources:

  • State Services portal;
  • official websites of management companies;
  • Internet banking of large organizations (Sberbank, Alfa Bank, etc.);
  • website of the territorial settlement center;
  • websites of utility service providers (Gorgaz, Energosbyt, etc.).

To find out the amount of debt for utilities, most often it is enough to indicate the address of the premises, personal account number, payer code and email.

Housing and communal services, payment terms for utilities.

Every day the rhythm of life of a modern person becomes faster and faster. And it is not surprising that such trivial things as paying for housing and communal services are becoming secondary.

This is more clearly visible in cities with a population of over a million, where the total debt for housing and communal services has increased by more than thirty percent in recent years. And in court proceedings, the number of cases involving the collection of debts specifically for utility services has increased.

The number of enforcement proceedings in this area has also increased.

You should always remember that paying for housing and communal services is an obligation, not a right, of premises owners or tenants and lessors.

In the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, payment for housing and communal services is divided into two parts.

  1. Payment for utilities, such as water supply, electricity, heat, gas, sewerage, and waste removal.
  2. Payment for housing and communal services in the form of maintenance of common areas, which includes payment for: expenses for management companies, maintenance and repair of joint property of residents in an apartment building, utilities for common areas, contributions for major repairs (paid by the owner of the premises).

Payment for housing and communal services for the current month must be made before the 10th day of the next month.

Rostelecom debt check

There are 5 ways to check your debt to Rostelecom, both for telephone and Internet. We will describe each of them in detail so that it is convenient for you to choose the appropriate one, depending on the situation.

Call your provider's hotline

The debt to Rostelecom can be found out by personal account or by phone by contacting the support service - 8 800 1000 800, or by the number of the automatic informant about the status of the client's balance - 11888. Using these numbers you will contact directly an employee who will tell you the exact amount of the debt. It is imperative to provide the subscriber’s personal account or telephone number, or, in extreme cases, the address to which they are assigned under the contract.

Find out how you can transfer money to a Rostelecom mobile account and how much the service costs.

After Rostelecom subscribers switched to Tele2, sending free messages became even easier for them. Information here.

The operator will also tell you all the information you need: the status of connected services, communication prices and additional packages. By contacting the Rostelecom hotline, you can only find out the debt (both for the Internet, and for telephony and TV), but if you need to pay it immediately, then choose one of the methods described below.

How to find out the debt to Rostelecom through your Personal Account?

One of the most convenient ways to find out the debt for a Rostelecom home phone is to visit your Personal Account on the company’s website.
There are many functions available here for every Internet user. Go to the website and register in your Personal Account. If registration has been completed previously, log in by entering your username and password. In order to use all the functionality of your Personal Account and manage the services provided from it, you need to mark this condition in the appropriate tab. On the Rostelecom web page you can not only view your debt for the Internet and telephone, but also quickly pay for services (by bank card, Web Money, Yandex.Money), change the tariff, and connect/disable additional services.

Even with a negative balance, the Rostelecom website remains accessible, so you can find out the debt at any time, both for the Internet and for your home telephone.

Also in your Personal Account you can configure sending notifications and an electronic invoice to your email address. If you actively use the Internet and constantly check your email, then this service will come in handy. A letter received once a month will contain information about the services used, account status and details necessary to make a payment.

Visit your nearest representative office

You can find out the debt for telephone and Internet from Rostelecom at any office of the company. It is not always convenient and close, and you may have to stand in line for some time.

Important: in this case, the agreement with the provider, the account for which you want to find out, must be issued in your name.

Show the company employee your passport or other document confirming your identity. By giving the Rostelecom manager the phone number whose debt you need to find out, you will receive information and be able to immediately pay for the services.

At the company's representative office, you can also change your tariff plan, connect new options and sign a contract for them.

Find out how you can change your Internet tariff at Rostelecom.

You can find out what numbers to call if your landline phone stops working here.

What cable television tariffs does Rostelecom offer: //o-rostelecome.ru/tarify/kabelnoe-tv/.

Visit to the post office

You can find out Rostelecom's debt by phone number or contract, without presenting a passport, at any branch of the Russian Post. Here you can also pay for connected communication packages.

Sberbank ATMs

You can find out about Rostelecom's debt both using Sberbank ATMs and through the Sberbank Online Internet service - a very convenient way for cardholders. Bank clients can check the Rostelecom debt on their personal account and instantly pay for the provider’s services if they have the required funds on the card.

Another convenient option from Sberbank is the Autopayment service. In the Internet banking application, you can set up automatic payment for RTK - on a certain date of the month, money will be debited from the card as payment for services. An excellent method that will help you not to suddenly be left without services, and not to forget to deposit funds into your personal account in a timely manner.

Check Heating Debt

The best way to do this is to use your personal account on the housing and communal services website or mobile application. This will allow you to instantly find out the history of payments made, the amount of debt and immediately make a payment. Email sending to your personal account or push notifications to your smartphone will remind you of the need for timely payment. You can read more about the mobile application for residents here.

How to find out the debt for housing and communal services, knowing your personal account or address

According to current legislation, if payment for utility services is overdue by 30 days, housing and communal services have the right to refuse the owner to provide these same services. Here the consequences can be divided into two points: temporary restriction or complete isolation of the debtor’s apartment from utilities. Without advertising Sberbank, it is worth noting that it does not charge a commission or charge a subscription fee; moreover, here you can also find a video tutorial explaining how to register for online banking. Unfortunately, today many people do not even consider this correct method, and only the housing office is to blame for this; there are always some problems: either lunch, or not office hours, or a queue long in three rows. While standing in a long line, think about how to find out the debt for an apartment via the Internet by address, and this can be done simply, for example, by opening the page of the official website of any bank that accepts utility payments. Debts for utility services provided by residential complexes in Russia are a fairly common problem.

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Hello! I have a question, we have a debt on communal payments, after transferring directly to the supplier, that is, to the bashrts, our debt for heating and hot water was also transferred to them, but in the general receipt from the housing department it is also considered.

How to find out your debt to Rostelecom - ways to check your balance

Due to daily activities and worries, we simply forget about some things. Many companies, including Rostelecom, have stopped sending paper receipts to their users to remind them that it’s time to pay for the provider’s services. For this reason, consumers do not replenish their account in a timely manner. Therefore, the question “How can you find out your debt amount?” is becoming very relevant at the moment. Sometimes the personal account balance becomes zero or goes negative, so the likelihood of being disconnected from the service increases many times over.

Older users of landline phones connected to the network of the Rostelecom provider have a long-standing habit of paying for absolutely all services using a receipt. It is much easier now for young people who can not only find out the amount of debt, but also pay it via the Internet.

Next, we will talk about what ways there are to obtain information about the balance of your personal account in order to prevent communication disconnection.

Debts for housing and communal services: how to find out the amount of debt

The online method of clearing up debts has only one drawback: it often does not display accrued interest on overdue payments. In addition, debt repayment procedures cannot be discussed over the Internet. Therefore, a personal visit to housing and communal services is inevitable.

Please note that when an impressive amount has accumulated, the management company can collect the debt in court. Such cases are usually referred to the bailiff service, who can collect the debt by confiscating the debtor's property.

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How to check the amount of debt in Rostelecom?

In order to check the debt to Rostelecom for telephone and Internet, you need to use one of the following methods:

According to users, if you compare all the methods of checking your account, then the most convenient would be a call to the Rostelecom operator and information in your Personal Account. Let's look at each method in more detail.

Call customer support

A call to Rostelecom customer support is ranked 1st in popularity. You need to dial 8-800-1000-800 (this service is free), and the operator will answer all questions regarding your personal account. Or use the second number: 8-800-181-1830. Because the line is busy, sometimes you have to wait, but no more than 30 minutes. First, an automated operator will contact you and through voice prompts you will be able to find out the amount of debt. But if you prefer to discuss this topic with a live operator, then you can switch to him.

Through your personal account Rostelecom

On the provider’s website through your Personal Account, you can find out the debt for your Rostelecom home phone. This method is the second most popular. Moreover, here each user can take advantage of various functions.

To register in your Personal Account, you need to go to the Rostelecom website. If you have already done this before, all you have to do is log in by entering your username and password in the appropriate fields. All functionality of your Personal Account and the ability to use it will be available only when you confirm all the conditions presented to you. In your Personal Account, Rostelecom offers not only to view the debt for the Internet and telephone, but also to pay for the service using a bank card, Yandex.Money or Web Money. Here you can also change the tariff, connect or, conversely, disable additional options.

Even if you have a negative account balance, the Rostelecom website will still be available to you so that you can find out the debt for services provided by this provider.

If you want to receive a notification about the status of your electronic account by E-mail, then in the settings of your Personal Account you can enable a special option.

This is very convenient for active Internet users. A letter will be sent once a month, which will provide comprehensive information about the connected services, what the current balance is and the details that must be used to make a payment.

Visit to Rostelecom office

When you visit the company’s office, you can find out the debt for telephone and Internet from Rostelecom. This is not a very popular method, especially in cases where it is a long way to get to the office. Moreover, there is always a queue there, which takes time.

But if you are near the office and want to clarify this issue for yourself, then keep in mind that the service agreement and personal account must be issued in your name.

At the office you will be asked to present your passport (you can also have another document that would confirm your identity). Then you need to voice the phone number about the debt in question and get information. If there is a debt, it can be paid immediately on the spot.

If you want to change the tariff package, connect options and record this in the appropriate document, then this can be done here in the company’s office.

Via Russian Post

There is a post office in every district of the city. Therefore, if there is a need to find out the amount of debt and pay it, then this can be done there. Moreover, you will not be required to present a passport or other document to confirm your identity. You only need to know the contract number. If previously you could only pay for the telephone at the post office, now the Internet payment service has become available. Any post office will provide you with this service.

And here’s something else you need to pay attention to: the time allotted for crediting payments through the post office is from 12 hours to 3 days!

Through Sberbank

Through a Sberbank ATM or its online version on the official website and in the application for iOS or Android, you can find out the debt in Rostelecom through Sberbank. This is very convenient because you can immediately deposit money into your account from any card. It's nice that this service is not subject to additional fees.

ATM from Sberbank

If you use an ATM, you need to find a function that will show your account status on the display. Usually it can be found in the “Service Replenishment” section. Next, enter your phone number or contract number, view your account status and top it up if necessary.

Profile in Sberbank Online

There is another way to find out the amount of debt - use the Sberbank-online service. In your profile, you need to go to the “Payments” section, select Rostelecom there, i.e. your provider, and enter the LAN number. Once this procedure is completed, a window with data will appear, including a field labeled “Amount to be paid.”

Users ask a lot of additional questions regarding payment for mobile phones, Internet and personal accounts. We will try to answer the most common ones.

New law on utility debtors

According to the new Federal Law (as amended on March 2, 2020 N 45-FZ), the collection of utility bills will be carried out by order and this will become a private practice for the courts. Before going to court, the resource supply company must comply with the notification procedure.

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If there is arrears for housing and communal services (rent): what will happen, what the threat is, can they be evicted for the debt, liability, punishment

The accrual of penalties can be avoided if the citizen has to leave for another city for a long period. The interested party is obliged to write a statement to the management company and notify about this fact. The deferred payment will be valid for six months. If an extension is required, the next application is sent by mail.

Hello Vladimir. If you are the owner of the apartment in which you are registered, then by virtue of Article 30 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, as the owner, you bear the burden of maintaining the residential premises, that is, you are obliged to pay utilities. If you are a tenant of the residential premises in which you are registered, then, by virtue of Article 67 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, you are required to promptly pay rent for residential premises and utilities.

How to find out the debt on a personal account through your personal account

It is very convenient to find out the debt in Rostelecom on a personal account using the Internet. To do this, you need to log into your Personal Account (Rostelecom website). If you have not yet acquired it, register and log in. All information regarding the connection of connections to a personal account is posted on the start page. There you can also top up your personal account balance, from which funds will be debited for services provided.

If you have accumulated housing and communal services debt on your personal account: how to check via the Internet

  1. Choice .
  2. Selecting the “Payment for services” operation.
  3. Click on the “Housing and Utilities Payments” tab.
  4. Enter the payer code and payment period. Confirm the verification code and click the “Request” button.
  5. The amount of debt for payment of housing and communal services will be displayed on the screen.
  1. Login to your personal account.
  2. Choice .
  3. From the menu for the selected service, enter the “Housing and Utilities” section.
  4. Select the operation “Receive and pay EPD”.
  5. Enter the payer code and apartment number.
  6. Select the type of document – ​​debt.
  7. Click on the “Request a service” button.
  8. If there is a debt, the amount of the debt is displayed on the screen. Otherwise, there will be a message that there is no debt.
  9. Printing a debt receipt.

Through the My Rostelecom Application

It has become possible for all Rostelecom subscribers to find out the debt for the Internet and home telephone in a single personal account, which is available in the mobile application. The name of the program is “My Rostelecom”. You need to download it to your smartphone or tablet and go through authorization. The payment debt will be linked to the user's personal account and will be displayed there.

How not to accumulate debt at Rostelecom

  • If you carefully read the article, then in one of the sections it was said that you can automatically receive information about the status of your drugs to your Email if you activate this service in your Rostelecom personal account. This option allows you to always be aware of the status of your personal account, the occurrence of arrears in payment, and when you need to pay for the company’s services.
  • You can use the services of Sberbank and activate the option there, which is responsible for automatically replenishing your medications. The system itself will top up your account without your participation online.
  • A very good solution is to put money into your personal account with a good reserve. And then you will forget what it means to “go into the red.” But if for some reason you approach a zero balance, the connected Sberbank option will come to the rescue and your account will be replenished instantly.
  • Almost everyone has the Internet. Go to the Rostelecom website and register your Personal Account. This will allow you to pay for the company’s services with a bank card, view news regarding tariffs, services and statistics.

Each method of identifying debt for Rostelecom services is described in as much detail as possible. You just have to choose the most convenient one so that you don’t have to worry about how to find out your debt for Rostelecom services. Moreover, the problem of disconnecting your phone and Internet due to non-payment will be forgotten by you forever.

How to Find Out Your Heating Debt Via the Internet

The laws of the Russian Federation provide for a number of sanctions for persons who violate the terms of payment for housing and communal services. One of the most loyal methods is penalty. For each day of non-payment, a certain amount will be added to the amount of the principal debt at the rate of one three hundredth of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation rate.

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The next method of struggle, which is less friendly to non-payers, is that the provision of public services to them may be limited or completely stopped. Such sanctions can only be applied to those who have arrears in paying for housing and communal services for 2 months or more, and they can last until the debt in paying for housing and communal services is fully repaid.

Why and how debt is formed

The provider Rostelecom provides the population with several types of services - mobile communications, Internet, TV, home telephony. Clients are given the opportunity to choose a payment system - advance or credit.

The advance payment system assumes that a person first uses the service and then pays for it. In this case, the debt is considered to be the amount that will need to be paid at the end of the billing period.

The credit system works completely the other way around. First, payment for communication occurs, and only then access is provided. When using this option, debt can only be generated if additional options have been activated. For example, “Night Unlimited” was added to the home Internet, which is paid separately.

You can find out about debt in Rostelecom either independently or with the help of company employees. To do this, you only need your personal account number.

How to write off heating debt

If the consumer refuses to use heat supply services, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract and demand disconnection of the relevant networks. A tenant who no longer wishes to use the services of central heating must take measures to meet the requirements of SNiP 2.04.05-91 “Heating, ventilation, air conditioning”, SNiP I-3-79 “Building heating engineering”, SNiP 2.08.01-89 “Residential buildings” in adjacent rooms. These measures must, of course, be agreed upon with the owner of the house.

This is due to the fact that in the existing multi-apartment housing stock in Ukraine, many houses are provided with centralized heat supply; hot water and heating. Intervention in a working circuit by removing individual elements, as a rule, predetermines the need for a complete adjustment of the heating system of the entire house. Disconnecting an apartment from centralized heating “The procedure for disconnecting individual residential buildings from centralized heating and hot water supply networks when consumers refuse centralized heating” was approved by Order of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine No. 4 dated November 22, 2005.

How to find out your personal account number

A personal account is a personal number that is assigned to each new client of Rostelecom. When adding a new service, it is automatically added to the previously created combination.

You can view the PM:

  • in the service contract;
  • in the RTK Personal Account;
  • on the payment receipt.

In addition, you can find out personal information by calling the provider’s contact center number 88001000800. To identify a person, you will need to provide passport data, a code word and/or contract data.

Ways to find out debt

There are several options for how you can find out your debt with Rostelecom. The convenience of everyone is that they do not take much time.

In your personal account

The most popular method to find out the debt on a personal account is to use the Rostelecom Personal Account. Access to the personal page is provided to all clients of the company. If a person has not previously registered in the system, he can do so at any time.

To check your balance online and make a payment, you must:

  1. Open the official website of the company.
  2. Log in to your unified Personal Account using your login (mobile phone, email) and password.

Information about services is posted on the main profile page. There you can also see the drug number if payment will be made in a different way.

In the mobile application

You can view your debt through your Personal Account not only using the browser version, but also in the mobile application. The program is available for devices with the Android and IOS operating systems. After installing “My Rostelecom”, the user gets access to all the features of the Personal Account. Including information about the balance.

If necessary, you can pay the debt through the application. Or enable the “Autopayment” option, then the money will be credited automatically on the set date.

Call the hotline

Checking the existence of debt in Rostelecom using the hotline phone number takes a little longer. The user will need to first wait for a connection with a specialist, and then provide him with contact information (LP number, details of the service owner).

But this option also has its advantages. If the client believes that the write-off was unlawful, a company employee will help sort out the situation or file a claim.

The telephone number of the Rostelecom contact center is 8 800 1000 800. Calls within Russia are free.

Through your personal account “Sberbank Online”

Sberbank bank card holders can find out the debt by personal account number using Sberbank Online. It does not matter how you log in to the system - through an installed browser or a mobile application.

To find out the amount to be paid through Sberbank you will need:

  1. Log in to your Sberbank Personal Account.
  2. Select the "Payments" section.
  3. Find a provider in the proposed list or using the search bar.
  4. Enter the LS number.

After the system processes the request, balance information will be displayed to the user. Next, all that remains is to make a payment via the Internet or in any other way for the service to work.

In sales offices

If it is not possible to check the debt remotely, the client can personally contact a Rostelecom branch. In order for a company employee to provide the necessary information, you will need to provide your personal account combination and/or passport information.

The addresses of the company's offices are available at https://rt.ru/sale-office.

Thus, Rostelecom clients are given the opportunity to find out about their debt by phone, via the Internet or in person. But in any case, you need the drug number, which is specified in the agreement.

How to find out if an apartment has been seized for debts on utility bills

On the selected resource, you should find and click the desired section, then fill out the electronic request form, indicating the email address and passport information about the requested person. The request is processed only when the state fee has been paid (the details are sent immediately to the specified email address with further instructions).

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Online self-inquiries

When considering the seizure of an apartment, it should be noted that this is possible for the occurrence of large debts to utility services, a bank, and for some other offenses that have led to legal proceedings. The essence of the arrest is that until it is lifted, the owner of the property has no right to enter into any transaction regarding it. He cannot sell such an apartment, rent it out or rent it, exchange it, bequeath it or donate it. At the same time, the owner and his family do not lose the right to reside and register in such living space.

4. I am the mother of a large family, we have 5 minor children. I am currently on maternity leave and am not receiving any payments yet. The only breadwinner is the husband. The bailiffs seized his salary card in the amount of 44 thousand rubles (for utilities). This is two of my husband’s salaries. Do bailiffs have the right to do this? Because the family remains hungry for two months. Please consult.

Anna Nikolaevna from 13th Parkovaya did not receive an advance for March: she inserted the card into the ATM, but there were no available funds on it. The woman was upset, but not too much: nothing, they will give it in a week, this has already happened, but for now we will live on Sergei Ivanovich’s salary, husband, they should be given it tomorrow.

Your housing and communal services debts will be written off from your bank card or account

Pavel Panferov, deputy head of the Izmailovsky district department of the capital's Federal Bailiff Service, said that if the debtor has an account opened not with Sberbank, but with another credit institution, the bailiffs currently cannot write off the funds, but they have the right to freeze the accounts.

But if this does not happen, 3 days before the shutdown date, another notification is sent indicating the number and time of arrival of technical workers who will suspend the supply of utilities. After this, the debtor has another 30 calendar days left, during which he can fully or partially resolve the debt issue. Otherwise, after their expiration, a complete shutdown occurs.

The law provides for a number of punitive measures for the debtor, the basis of which is the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to it, every owner or tenant of housing is obliged to pay utility bills on time. If you have a debt for an apartment, we will discuss what to do in this situation further.

Judicial collection

An extreme measure that is used when the debtor does not comply with the terms of the restructuring agreement, and there is nothing to collect from him. Applies in cases where the housing is municipal and the debt period exceeds 6 months. It is carried out only in court on a positive decision on a claim for forced eviction from an apartment.

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Who can be evicted? Such an extreme measure, applied to persistent defaulters, can be carried out when the debtor lives in non-privatized municipal housing on the basis of a social tenancy agreement.

There is no single federal database of people who have debts to housing and communal services management organizations in the public domain , but individual intermediary companies authorized to accept utility payments from citizens create their own lists, which can be posted on the Internet or posted on bulletin boards.

Can they be evicted from an apartment for housing and communal services debts?

It should be remembered that utility debts are not subject to the law regulating the activities of collectors from January 1, 2020 (see paragraph 4 of Article 1 of Federal Law No. 230 of 06/03/2020), therefore there are no restrictions on the activities of collectors when collecting housing and communal services debts .

The law says that from the moment of registration of ownership, owners are required to pay for utilities and do so monthly, in accordance with Art. 153 Housing Code of the Russian Federation. The same obligation is assigned to persons who rent housing on the basis of a social tenancy agreement, that is, when the apartment is not privatized.

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