House Declaration for Dacha Amnesty Form 2020 In Word

Sample of filling out a declaration for a garden house 2020

Being owners of land plots, many people independently build various technical objects on them (sheds, bathhouses, sheds, garages, garden houses).
Any real estate, at the request of the owner, can be registered as a property for further sale or bequest, if you have a declaration on the real estate property. shares, shares) acquired from CFC. Therefore, if you did not sell property rights or did not receive income from a CFC, then for you the procedure for filling out sheet D2 of the 3-NDFL declaration for income received in 2020 does not differ from the procedure for filling out sheet D2 of the 3-NDFL for 2020.

How to draw up a declaration for a residential building under the conditions of the dacha amnesty and the form of this document

  • persons who have the right to perpetual use of an allocated plot of land;
  • persons who have been granted a lifelong right to use a land plot;
  • persons who own territory owned by a legal entity whose main activity is gardening or similar work.
  1. The first section of the declaration must contain information about the actual location and address of the registered object. If the plot is located in a horticultural non-profit partnership, its full name is indicated.
  2. In the second paragraph, you will need to select the name of the type of object from the proposed options (house, garage, etc.).
  3. The third section determines the purpose of the object (residential building or non-residential).
  4. The cadastral number of the land plot with the building located on it is entered in the column of the fourth section.
  5. The next section will be voluminous, since it will contain the technical condition of the registered structure. All information about it is indicated here, from the number of floors, including underground, materials used in construction, and ending with the presence of connected communications.
  6. The sixth section contains detailed information about the copyright holder of the declared real estate, including passport data, TIN, OGRN, etc. Its detailed address is also indicated here.
  7. If the registered object has one or more owners, then you will need to fill out section of the declaration under number 7, where information about these persons will be entered.

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Sample declaration for a garden house 2020

    Quickly legalize a building on a designated plot of land. Privatize the legalized building. Avoid significant financial expenses. Acting within the framework of this law, you will only need to pay a state fee for registering existing objects.

Those real estate properties that previously, back in 2020, were registered using the simple application method according to the Declaration, are being registered starting from 2020. What objects are we talking about - This page is for those who will have to deal with the registration of private houses and buildings and for those who want to familiarize themselves with the fields to be filled in and figure out how to fill out the declaration.

VAT return for the 1st quarter of 2020: filling out a new form for the first time using an example

  • appendix 1 to section. 8 – if you compiled additional sheets for the purchase book in order to make changes to it;
  • appendix 1 to section. 9 – if you compiled additional sheets for the sales book in order to make changes to it;
  • section 7 – if there were transactions that are not subject to VAT.

The VAT declaration must be drawn up and submitted no later than the 25th day of the month following the expired quarter (clause 5 of Article 174, Article 163 of the Tax Code). For example, a VAT return for the first quarter of 2020 must be submitted no later than April 25, 2020.

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Declaration for a garden house sample filling out 2020

  1. The land is registered by the applicant, and information about this is entered into the state register.
  2. The territory on which the house is located is allocated for the purpose of dacha farming or gardening, and the applicant provided the registration authority with a conclusion from the board of the non-profit association, which confirms the fact that the building is located on a garden or dacha plot.
  3. When registering an object for the construction of which a permit is not required.
  • plots of land for horticultural dacha use, private plots, individual housing construction.
  • buildings built on these lands - residential buildings, garages, as well as any other buildings (sheds, bathhouses, garages, etc.);
  • land plots transferred for permanent use or during lifelong inheritance of land or if it is not possible to determine the right to the object.

To register any building on a plot of land under the “dacha amnesty” program, you must provide the registration authority with a minimum set of documents , the main one of which is a declaration for the property, which is drawn up according to the approved template.

Document firmware

Before submitting the declaration to the registration authority, its sheets are stitched. This procedure is mandatory and includes the following steps:

  1. If there are no comments on the document, the pages are sequentially folded, aligned and connected with a paper clip at the upper right corner so that it runs along the first sheet, and the folds are on the reverse side of the last one.
  2. The stamp, which is glued to the fold of the filed documentation, is applied so as not to cover the signature in the “Last name” line.

In this case, a stapler is not used, since the staples spoil the pages, which may become a reason for refusal to accept documents.

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Declaration for a garden house sample filling out 2020

What form is used to submit the income statement of civil servants for 2020 in 2020? What is the deadline for submitting the declaration? What are the rules for filling out declarations? Is it true that family members of civil servants are also required to fill out and submit a declaration to the tax office? What is the liability for failure to submit a declaration? We will tell you about the rules for filling out and provide a sample income statement for civil servants.

  • Select plus in the income field. A window will appear in front of us in which we need to enter values ​​​​from your purchase and sale agreement and documents confirming your expenses for purchasing the property.
  • Income code: choose 1510 when selling your real estate, or code 1511 if you sold a share in it. (non-residential - 1512)
  • In the “amount of income” column, indicate how much you sold the property from the monetary policy for (2.1 million)
  • In the column “amount of deduction (expense)” we write the amount for which you bought it (here 2 million)
  • From the purchase and sale agreement we also find out the month of sale and indicate it
  • This completes the data entry, select “Yes”

Sample of filling out 3-NDFL when selling a plot of land, house, cottage

In the case of selling a house with a plot of land, there are several subtleties. If you sold them under one agreement, then the reflection in the declaration will be similar to the previous examples. In this case, one deduction is given for both objects.

  1. All codes provided in the sample are the same throughout the country - code for the period, country, category of payer, type of document. The only thing that will differ is the inspection code and, possibly, the payer status code (if your representative submits the declaration, then you need to write “2” rather than “1”).
  2. You can find the inspection code through the “Inspection Address and Payment Details” service.
  3. Write all data based on your passport.
  4. Enter the total number of pages, including the title page.
  5. Sign and date it on the day of submission.

Example of a Declaration for a Garden House in 2020

The law makes it possible for everyone who has the right to claim the status of owner of land and residential buildings on it to streamline their relations with the state and formalize them in accordance with the rules of law. The procedure for changing the form of ownership within the framework of this law does not apply to all Russian citizens. The following objects can take advantage of the dacha amnesty and transfer to a new form of ownership: Buildings that meet the requirements of residential premises and are located on lands allocated for personal subsidiary plots (LPH); Buildings constructed on lands allocated specifically for the purposes of individual housing construction (IHC); Residential buildings erected on summer cottages.

The house should not be higher than 4 floors. People living in the house must be related to its owner. If you lose a document of title to a plot of land, you must submit an official request to the department that granted the citizen this right. The main advantage of a declaration of real estate is that it is not necessary to obtain an official permit for the construction of real estate.

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Registration of property rights during simplification

To carry out the amnesty, the government has determined a minimum list of documents for registering rights under a simplified scheme.

The list was so short that only lazy and ignorant people did not jump at this chance.

Imagine, they don’t even ask about land surveying. Such a “non-contiguous” plot is registered in the cadastral register and a record is made that its boundaries have not been established. The area of ​​the plot reflected in the initial document on its allocation may not correspond to the meters indicated by the citizen in the declaration, and this is allowed within reasonable limits.

What type of right does the landowner receive under simplification?

The ownership of land confirmed by state registration will become one of the grounds for registration of buildings created on it.

If the land has been allocated for individual housing construction, private plots or summer cottage construction, then a residential building can be built on it. An individual residential building is intended for one family, and its height cannot exceed 3 floors.

A special permit must be obtained for the construction of these objects.

For garages and outbuildings in such areas, a building permit is not required.

What is required when simplifying cadastral registration and state registration of rights to a house?

In 2020, the list of documents includes:

  • application for cadastral registration and registration;
  • document confirming the right to land;
  • building permit;
  • technical plan with a declaration drawn up by the owner;
  • state duty payment.

How did the procedure for registering rights become easier during simplification? It does not require permission to put into operation. And this is a serious document.

To complete it you will need at least:

  • documents confirming the right to use the land (the plot must be formed, i.e. undergo land surveying and cadastral registration);
  • provide design documentation to the municipality (production is ordered for a fee);
  • after coordination and approval of the project, obtain a construction permit;
  • construction should be carried out in accordance with the project, otherwise changes will need to be made to the project;
  • prepare a technical plan (for a fee under an agreement with a cadastral engineer).

And only then contact the municipality to obtain permission to put it into operation.

All this can be avoided using a simplification mechanism.

Let us remind you once again that the simplified procedure for individual housing construction expires on 03/01/2019, for residential buildings in gardens and vegetable gardens – 01/01/2020.

As you know, all land transactions, as well as real estate transactions, can be carried out exclusively by the owners. The dacha amnesty is the best option necessary to carry out the official process of registering land plots and buildings with minimal costs.

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A declaration of dacha amnesty will be required at the stage of registration of land and real estate located on it. It is filled out before assigning an address to the building, registering it in a house built on a summer cottage, and recognizing the house as suitable for living.

A sample declaration, filled out accordingly, is submitted to the registration authority immediately after the first stage of registration - writing the application. By writing and submitting an application, as well as indicating the cadastral plan number of the site in the declaration, the documents are registered and ownership is established.

A dacha amnesty declaration is needed to register land plots and buildings. Its sample must be filled out by the owners in two copies and submitted for state registration (you will first need to pay a state fee). After checking the information provided, a corresponding certificate of ownership is issued.

Using a simplified registration form, you can now do everything with, in fact, only two documents in hand: a cadastral plan and confirmation of ownership of the site.

Registration of land and houses under an amnesty gives owners new opportunities, in particular:

  • Possibility of exchanging land and real estate located on it;
  • Possibility of donating a house or land;
  • Possibility of selling real estate or transferring it by inheritance.

As for at what stage of construction registration under the dacha amnesty can be carried out, this law provides for the possibility of registering even an unfinished construction project. By clicking on the highlighted words, you can find out how many acres you can add under the dacha amnesty or how to register a garden house under the dacha amnesty.

Declaration of real estate 2020 sample filling for a garden house

The declarative form of submitting information will help in the future to draw up a technical plan for the structure. The declaration is drawn up independently, similar to the sample presented above. Based on it, specialists will be able to prepare and fill out a technical property plan. Drawing up a sample of technical documentation is not free and is subject to state duty.

How to correctly fill out a declaration on a real estate property? Detailed instructions on the procedure for completing all sections of the document, as well as a sample form for a declaration of real estate, can be found on our website. Also, similar information is available on the official Internet portal of the Rosreestr service.

Example of a Declaration for a Garden House in 2020

They are due to the fact that the law “On State Registration of Real Estate” came into force. Its development has been going on since 2020. The process of registering both country houses and apartments has been greatly simplified and has completely lost territorial attachment. Although some aspects related to the registration of a country house will become burdensome for the owners. The main advantages of innovations include:

  1. application for cadastral registration and state registration,
  2. title or title document for a land plot (for the case when the right to this plot is not registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate),
  3. declaration describing the characteristics of the site.

Declaration for a Country House Sample Filling Out 2020

The certificate will be sent to the Rosreestr archive, and the owner will be given a simplified extract. If there is no information, you will have to collect documents to register. From January of the year, the owner of the land plot must provide a technical plan. This is the competence of cadastral engineers. The specialist must have permission from the SRO to draw up a technical plan - you can check this information on the Rosreestr website.

When purchasing real estate after taking ownership or receiving a shared construction project under a deed, citizens have the right to reimburse the amounts of personal income tax withheld from their salaries and transferred to the budget by the employer and withheld from other income, for the calendar years of ownership of this real estate in accordance with the provisions of Art. In order to return part of the personal income tax paid, it is necessary to issue a property tax deduction. Sample of filling out the 3-NDFL declaration when purchasing an apartment. If the buyer of an apartment for a year did not exercise the right to receive a property deduction in full, the remainder of this deduction can be transferred to the next calendar years until it is fully used. To receive a tax property deduction for a calendar year, the buyer of an apartment must submit a package of documents to the Federal Tax Service at the place of registration, tax return form 3-NDFL at the end of this year, p.

How to correctly fill out the 3-NDFL declaration when selling an apartment (house, land, cottage)

  • surname, initials;
  • date and place of birth (name of locality according to the birth certificate);
  • information about citizenship;
  • country code “643” for the Russian Federation;
  • passport data (passport code “21”);
  • place of residence in the Russian Federation according to supporting documents (passport or document confirming registration), please note that for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the lines “city” and “district” do not need to be filled in;
  • for stateless persons and foreign citizens, the place of residence outside the Russian Federation is indicated at the bottom of the page.

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The declaration is a fairly voluminous document containing 23 sheets to fill out: a title page indicating information about the taxpayer on 2 sheets and 21 sheets for indicating information about income and calculating personal income tax.

Declaration for a garden house sample filling out 2020

When registering a house on a land plot provided for gardening, summer cottage construction, or country house farming, the legal ownership of not a residential house, but a residential building without the right to register residence, located on a garden plot of land is legally formalized.

By order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia dated October 10, 2020 No. ММВ-7-11/, changes were made to sheet D2. which are associated with income from the sale of property (property rights) received during the liquidation of a foreign organization and the corresponding property deduction and income from the sale of property rights (incl.

How to fill out a declaration for registering a garden house

<9> indicates the area of ​​the property, defined as the sum of the areas according to the internal measurements of all premises included in its composition. If the purpose of a property (building) is indicated as residential, the total area does not include the area of ​​loggias, balconies, verandas, and terraces. For a structure whose area cannot be calculated from internal measurements, the building area is indicated. If the area (built-up area) of a structure cannot be calculated, the area is indicated approximately.

<6> is filled in in case of creation on a land plot provided (intended) for gardening, a dacha economy, an object of real estate for auxiliary use (not being a building) or another object of real estate, if in accordance with the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the legislation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation The Federation of Urban Development Activities does not require a construction permit. When filling out, the name of the object is additionally indicated (for example, cellar, greenhouse, etc.).

Example of a Declaration for a Garden House in 2020

The process of simplified registration of ownership of these buildings is really similar to an amnesty. An owner who has not registered his rights to such buildings can register them under the dacha amnesty by application. To register buildings under the dacha amnesty, it is enough to measure the area of ​​your buildings and fill out a declaration form.

Payment of state duty in the amount of 200 rubles. An application for state registration of the right to a house will be filled out by a registration service employee. The applicant must independently fill out a declaration form on the real estate property in two copies, and there must also be documents on the ownership of the land plot. In the declaration form, everything is described in detail: what, where and how to fill out about the country house.

Declaration of dacha amnesty

Not every constructed object can be converted into personal property. Registration will be denied if the structure is located on the territory of a historical preserve or state park. In addition, the registration of any dacha facilities is also prohibited in the territory where the troops of the Russian Federation operate.

To register, for example, in a country house, which becomes the property under the dacha amnesty, he needs an official address of the location. Municipal authorities have the authority to assign an address. The owner submits there an application and documents that establish the right of ownership of the building and the plot of land on which it is located.

Registration of a garden house according to the declaration in 2020

Such a procedure as registering a house in SNT in the year is carried out with some changes. Changes have been made to the list of documents required for registration of ownership rights. And this greatly affects the timing and cost of registration. If the owner has built a residential building on a garden plot, this does not mean that he automatically becomes its owner.

Registration of a garden house in SNT in a year is carried out as standard. The changes affected only the documentation necessary to register ownership. Now it is not enough for a declaration in which the applicant could indicate all the information about the property.

Submitting 3-NDFL when selling real estate

Among other things, in Sheet A you will need to indicate the full name of the buyer of the property who became the source of funds. His TIN - if available. Then you will not need to enter information about income for the previous year using the 2-NDFL certificate.

  1. Fills out a declaration and submits it, drawn up in accordance with all the rules of form 3-NDFL, to the tax authority. It is important to correctly reflect the calculation of the tax amount, as well as the amount of the collected fee.
  2. After completing the settlement procedure, income tax must be transferred to the account of the tax service if the deduction does not cover it completely.

Register a garden house according to the declaration in 2020

Precisely those real estate properties, the rights to which until this year we registered on the basis of declarations independently filled out by the citizens themselves. Now the procedure for legitimizing such buildings has become more complicated, and we warned our viewers about this back in the fall of last year. So, those who did not manage to use the previous registration procedure will have to order a technical plan from a cadastral engineer in the same way as in the case of an individual residential building. Accordingly, when applying to Rosreestr, you will need to submit an application for simultaneous accounting and registration of the right to construction, submit a technical plan, a title document for the land and pay a state fee of 350 rubles.

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It may take 40 working days for a house to be recognized as residential. After this, the owner is issued an inspection report. Residential Registration of a residential building has its own nuance, regardless of where it is located, the building must be recognized as suitable for human habitation both in summer and winter. For this purpose, an interdepartmental commission is invited to the site.

Procedure for registering a house under the dacha amnesty in 2020

  • a cadastral number must be assigned;
  • the object must have a fixed area;
  • home improvement should not cause damage to the citizen, what is in the house or outside;
  • it is worth taking care of protection from groundwater and rainwater;
  • there must be working fencing - walls, frames, racks, etc.

Dear readers! The article talks about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is individual. If you want to find out how to solve your particular problem , contact a consultant:

Dacha house amnesty: wait or run

In a legal interpretation, the dacha amnesty is a legislatively granted right to citizens, according to the most simplified scheme, to formalize rights to the real estate they own, if only these objects meet the provisions of the state program introduced in 2006 (Law No. 93-FZ).

According to the legislation, these are land plots transferred to citizens for use until October 30, 2001, before the introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, and objects built on them that meet the requirements below.

  1. 1. Land plots transferred for:
  • individual housing construction;
  • LPH;
  • dacha farming;
  • vegetable gardening and horticulture;
  • construction of individual garages.
  1. 2. Objects created on these plots:
  • individual residential buildings;
  • other objects for which permission for their construction is not required: garages, outbuildings (baths, sheds, gazebos, etc.).

Example of a Declaration for a Garden House in 2020

On February 28, 2020, a law came into force according to which the deadline for registering rights under the simplified system is extended until March 1, 2020. This means that Russian citizens have another 3 years to register a house under a system called “dacha amnesty”, which does not require availability of a permit for construction and commissioning of the facility. Before the signing of this law, it was believed that the terms of the “dacha amnesty” would expire on March 1, 2020. In a country where for decades the right to land did not exist as such, this is really important: citizens were allocated land on which they built houses, garages, planted gardens.

The process of legalizing unauthorized houses has been going on in Ukraine for several years. The state has repeatedly tried to simplify this procedure, but without much success. People still complained that it was complicated and corrupt. Recently, the Verkhovna Rada again changed the legislation regarding the acceptance into operation of construction projects built without permission. And just the other day, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine announced a new procedure for the legalization of unauthorized construction.

Declaration for a house: Instructions for filling out a declaration on a real estate property

  1. Location. In this section you must indicate the exact address of the OKS.
  2. Object type. Various buildings can be registered in the declarative form. Each of them has its own declaration to fill out. For example, if there is a residential building, a garage, or an extension on the site, a separate document is needed for each object. At the same time, a separate Declaration is not filled out for outbuildings. It is imperative to accurately indicate the purpose of the object, for example, a country house can be used for permanent or seasonal residence, an extension can be used for household needs, etc.
  3. Cadastral block number. This data can be found on the Rosreestr website. They must be marked on the appropriate maps.
  4. Cadastral number of the plot. Lands registered and included in the cadastre are assigned a corresponding number. This is what needs to be indicated in this section. You can find out the cadastral number in your passport.
  5. Technical description. This is the most extensive section. It includes data on the materials from which the structure was erected, the type of floors, and measurement results. The total area of ​​the object, the area of ​​its individual rooms, etc. must be measured. It is necessary to indicate the number of floors of the building, the presence of basements, attics and technical rooms, and describe the laid communications. The form has all the necessary subsections; you just need to enter the necessary information into them.
  6. Owner information. This section contains the passport details of the property owner. If an object has several owners, you must specify the details of each of them.
  • In accordance with the provisions of Order of the Ministry of Economic Development No. 953, the Declaration can be issued on paper or in electronic form.
  • Errors, typos, and corrections are not allowed when filling out.
  • The document is certified by the signature of the owner.

Package of necessary documents for registration of property rights

You need to immediately understand that for each object registered under the “dacha amnesty” you will have to fill out a separate declaration form, and, moreover, in duplicate.

The form is filled out personally by the person who has the rights to the declared property, or by a person with a power of attorney certified by a notary to perform such actions.

The declaration form for a house under the “dacha amnesty” has a standard form approved by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2009.

A declaration for a house or other piece of real estate plays a significant role in the registration of a building and is a legal document confirming the fact of construction and the presence of a residential or other building on a land plot.

It is on the basis of this document that state registration of existing real estate is carried out. Therefore, filling it out must be treated with the utmost care, accuracy and seriousness.

This document must be filled out with blue or black ballpoint pen ink only. All words must be written legibly and clearly.

When entering the necessary data about the registered objects, you must have at hand the documents in which they are registered. Filling out from memory can play a cruel joke, and the document will not be accepted by the registration chamber.

The declaration has fields where each letter or number is written in a separate box. Here you need to be especially careful and take into account that any punctuation mark fits into a separate cell, and an empty cell is left under the space.

Abbreviating words or names is not allowed. This rule does not apply only to current abbreviations of the names of institutions or organizations.

When choosing one of the answer options proposed in the declaration, only one needs to be ticked.

If there is no data to be entered into the required fields, you must put a dash in the corresponding line.

There are mandatory requirements for filling out a sample declaration for a house under the “dacha amnesty”:

  1. When filling out this document, no deletions, corrections or other marks are allowed.
  2. A dirty, worn or carelessly filled out declaration will not be accepted.
  3. The same fate awaits documents filled with ink of a different color than indicated above, as well as those written with a pencil or other writing instrument.
  4. Nor will a document be accepted if the wording is ambiguous.

It will not be possible to limit ourselves to one declaration. The registration authority will need to submit a package of documents, which must include:

  1. Application for registration of real estate.
  2. The applicant's general passport.
  3. A cadastral plan of a plot of land, if it has not been allocated for horticultural or dacha needs, and there is no conclusion from a gardening association that there is a building submitted for registration on the plot. A cadastral plan will not be required if the site was previously registered, and information about this is available in the State Register, or if permission was not required by law for the construction of this building.
  4. A document confirming the applicant’s status as the legal owner of the land plot.
  5. Declaration for the property, or technical passport of the registered building.
  6. Receipt of payment of the state fee for completing the registration procedure.

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All necessary documents must be submitted to the territorial body of Rosreestr of the exact territorial entity where the registered object is located.

It is not advisable to write an application in advance, since you will be asked to write it on the spot according to the template available there. There you can also fill out a declaration form, if necessary, in consultation with specialists of the registration authority.

After preliminary verification and acceptance of the document package, the applicant must be given a receipt and the date indicated when he will need to come for the registration certificate. Verification of all documents and registration usually takes no more than a month.

Of course, going through such a procedure is always associated with certain inconveniences, such as the need to go through authorities, collect the necessary certificates and scrupulously fill out voluminous documents.

But the result is worth the time and nerves spent. Moreover, if you consider that without a simplified “dacha amnesty” scheme, registering real estate is much more difficult.

Having prepared the documents for cadastral registration and simultaneous registration of ownership of the house, we go to submit an application to the Rosreestr department or to the MFC. Don't forget about paying the state fee. In 2020, it is 350 rubles for registration of rights, cadastral registration is free of charge.

To confirm the cadastral registration and registration of the title to the house, an extract from the Unified State Register is issued. Now you are the owner of the house.

The advantages of the dacha amnesty are obvious. This is speed and ease of registration of rights without any special material costs. The disadvantages are not so obvious. They especially concern land plots. Lack of land surveying is fraught with mistakes and disputes with neighbors, and difficulties in transactions. Therefore, probably, over time, determining the boundaries of land plots and their exact area will become inevitable.

Many city residents are looking to buy a summer house in order to be able to leave the city during the summer months.

Their desire is driven by the desire to take a break from the bustle of the city, gain strength and improve their health.

For them, the question remains the same: how to properly draw up documents that allow them to live in a country house all year round without any problems.

What it is

The expression “dacha amnesty” means a simplified procedure for registering ownership of individual objects classified as real estate.

It is of a purely everyday nature, because it arose thanks to the people's efforts to give certain names to all the undertakings of the legislator.

The expression appeared after the entry into force of the Federal Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Issue of Registration in a Simplified Procedure of Citizens’ Rights to Certain Real Estate Objects.” It was published on June 30, 2006 under number 93-FZ.

The instructions of the act establish a procedure that makes it possible to formalize ownership of a structure erected on a summer cottage.

Its registration in a simplified manner is possible if the land plot was previously privatized by the owner.

Privatization is carried out in accordance with the rules established by the legislator.

During the procedure, the owner is issued a deed of title for the dacha building. A mandatory condition for registering ownership of a dacha building is filing a declaration.

Citizens are given the right by the legislator to register dacha buildings according to a simplified scheme until March 1 of the next year.

The standard applies exclusively to buildings that are in operation and those that will be put into operation before the specified period. In the future, for their construction it will be necessary to obtain official permission.

: how to register ownership of your country house

The legislator established, by the instructions of the above-mentioned act, a list of buildings to which a simplified procedure for registering ownership rights can be applied.

Residential buildingsbuilt on plots allocated for individual housing construction
Buildings intended for personal farmingprovided they are located on a land plot for intended use
Garden housesbuilt on plots of land provided for summer cottage construction, for the development of gardening
Garages, outbuildings built within a dacha or garden plot, on the territory of individual housing construction, private household plotsand other types of small houses and outbuildings, the construction of which does not require a permit. Their list is established by the provisions of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

To carry out the registration procedure, you must take a dacha amnesty declaration form from the FKP Rosreestr, which is provided to everyone.

A prerequisite for applying the simplified procedure is the construction of buildings on a land plot used according to its purpose.

Who can apply

In accordance with the standards of Federal Law No. 93-FZ, the right to register a land plot in a simplified manner is vested in a separate category of citizens.

Have the right to lifelong ownership of landdue to inheritance by law or will
Have the right to perpetual use of the land plotown a plot of land owned by a legal entity conducting production activities in the area of ​​its use for the development of vegetable gardening and horticulture

For the above-mentioned persons, ownership of a land plot, houses and outbuildings erected on it is registered free of charge.

Registration in a simplified manner is carried out without carrying out a technical inventory, so an appeal to the BTI is excluded.

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In accordance with the instructions of legislative acts, citizens are given the opportunity to obtain ownership of houses erected on certain plots of land.

It allows you to own, manage and use this kind of house at the discretion of its owner.

For example, he can sell a house, give it to someone, or transfer it by right of inheritance to any person, including close relatives.

To the garden house

Registration of ownership of a garden house is carried out in an application form.

Its owner must submit an application requesting the issuance of a title deed for real estate to the territorial branch of the Federal State Enterprise Rosreestr.

If an application is submitted for registration of a building for which a permit is not required, then a corresponding certificate is provided.

How to register your own country house in 2020 - step-by-step instructions

Unauthorized construction of a property on a garden plot is not a reason to consider it property. It is transferred to this category only by registering a country house with the appropriate service and receiving a cadastral number. Registration of a garden house as a property makes it possible to carry out many legal transactions with this property - donate, exchange, inherit, insure, use as collateral for lending and obtaining a mortgage.

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