How and why you may need to register a newborn child in an apartment

Why do you need registration for a newborn?

You must purchase registration in order to:

adhere to the legislative act of the Russian Federationthe child must be registered as quickly as possible
was able to officially become a citizen of RussiaWithout this information sheet it is impossible to send a small child to kindergarten and issue him a medical insurance policy
buy a passport latermust be obtained in order to travel outside the territory of the Russian Federation


The main conditions for the preparation of this document:

  1. The newborn is registered in the premises where the mother or father has a permanent place of residence. If the newborn is an orphan, then the registration is issued by the guardian.
  2. You cannot register children with your closest relatives. If the parents do not have a place of residence assigned to them, then first they themselves need to register at their place of residence.
  3. It is best to conclude the document within 30 days.
  4. In order to register where the father lives, an application from both parents must be provided. The mother's document must be certified by a notary.
  5. If there is only a temporary place of residence, in this situation the newborn can only live with the mother.

General issues

The nuances of registering a newborn include the timing of registration and the provision of necessary documents.

Within a month (if later, you will have to pay a fine), you must submit the required originals and copies of documents to the passport office.

After completing the application and having all the papers checked by a specialist, the registration procedure itself begins. It lasts no more than 7–10 days. The child will be registered even if the apartment or house has few square meters.

Is the owner's consent required?

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There are cases when registration is carried out in an apartment that does not belong to either the father or the mother. In this situation, it is not necessary to obtain the owner’s consent to register the child.

In addition, there is no need to obtain a positive response from people who live with the family.

If a child moves into a private house, then information about this is entered into the house register.

Law Club Conference

2.-If I indicate in the header that the child is a third party, this will not prevent the child’s father from asserting in court the legal representation of the child’s rights, which will lead to opposing positions of the parents, both on behalf of the child. Then the child will be a third party on whose side - the plaintiff or the defendant?

If the child is the second plaintiff, the Defendant will not be able to represent the rights of the child in court in any way due to the conflict of interests of the plaintiff and the Defendant. Do you agree? - I tried to understand the procedural difference between the options “Plaintiff and a third party” and “Two plaintiffs”. To use shared ownership, the general consent of the owners is required (clause 1 of Article 247 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

I agree completely. You are going to protect your interest. The interests of the child are not infringed by your actions; on the contrary, in purely property terms, he benefits. Moreover, forced deregistration does not prevent the father from communicating with the child - again, no infringement on your part.

Design methods

Many people wonder where they can register. There are several options where you can contact:

  1. To the housing and maintenance department of the place where the newborn will live in the future.
  2. To the territorial department of the migration service.
  3. To the nearest MFC department.

Let's talk about how you can register a child and consider some situations:

  1. You must purchase a child's birth certificate. Parents can complete this procedure by contacting the registry office with the following documents:
  2. a certificate confirming that the marriage has been consummated;
  3. information sheet that tells about the birth of a child.

Important! If the parents are divorced or did not consummate the marriage at all, then registration at the mother’s place is carried out with her application, and at the father’s place - on the basis of documents from both parents or in connection with a court decision. If the father does not establish paternity, then the newborn will not be able to live with him.

  1. Go to the registration department and write a statement on form No. 6.
  2. In addition, do not forget to present the following documents:
      birth certificate;
  3. passports of two parents if they are married, or a document confirming the identity of one of the parents in any other case;
  4. a certificate of official confirmation that the marriage has been concluded;
  5. the necessary document of a private residential premises, which contains information about the people who live in the apartment;
  6. information sheet of financial and personal account for the place where the family lives;
  7. certificate of registration of ownership of housing;
  8. information document about the personal housing account.
  1. All documents must be completed within 1 to 7 days.

Please note that you may not need the entire package of documents, but only part of it, since some may already be entered into the passport service database.

However, if you do not want to waste your time and visit the organization several times, then we advise you to take everything you need at once.

Claim claim for deprivation of parental rights

Pastic, whose valuable speeches over many years I found on the forum. Kalininsky District Department of Tribunal Bailiffs (with copies), since each claim is drawn up for a specific case, thoughtless copying may not lead to the desired result. This page of our website provides an approximate standard of a statement of claim for filing with the Butyrka Tribunal of the town of Moscow.

As for the claim, I think it only makes sense to file a demand for deregistration, since the ex-spouse lost the right to use the premises from the moment of divorce. Which court employee can I contact for a form and completed sample claim? A typical sample claim filed by a citizen with the judicial authorities usually contains the following parts. To recover from the defendant in my favor the cost of material damage caused to minors in the amount of 749.16 UAH.

How to register a newborn

The basic procedure is as follows:

  • take a birth certificate from the clinic;
  • such a document will allow you to purchase a birth certificate;
  • Next you need to get an information sheet from the house register;
  • sign them with the chairman of the housing maintenance office or the council;
  • go to utility organizations to obtain certificates containing information about the person registered in the register (remember that each paper must have a stamp);
  • On a day off from work, visit the registry office or MFC. Please allow plenty of time for this as there may be a queue at the branch.

It is almost impossible to compile the entire package of documents in a day, so it is better to spend about a week on this.

What documents are needed

In addition to the originals, you must show copies of the information sheets. The main package of documents includes:

  • passports of both parents;
  • birth certificate of the newborn;
  • certificate stating that two people are married;
  • a statement from the parent as confirmation that he agrees for the child to live at the place of registration of the other parent.

How to fill out an application

In accordance with the law, registration of a newborn occurs only after the organization has submitted an application, which was drawn up in Form No. 6.

To avoid any difficulties during registration, pay attention to the sample attached below. If you don’t want to waste time on this, then you can simply get this document at the passport office.

Once you have the information sheet in your hands, you will need to enter the following information:

  • the specific name of the department where the application for future registration of the child will be left;
  • due to the absence of parents of the newborn, documents must be provided containing information about all guardians;
  • indicate in whose name the apartment is registered;
  • enter information on the basis on which the newborn is registered at this address;
  • the exact address of the future place of residence of the child and his parents;
  • date and signature.

If you want to simplify the procedure for registering a child, then follow the tips described below:

  1. In the period up to 30 days after the birth of a newborn, parents hardly encounter any difficulties that affect the issue of registration of registration in the apartment where one of the parents lives. It is better at this time to bring to the FMS the mother’s application and an information document that confirms the place of residence of the child’s real father.
  2. If the parents jointly decide to register a small child in the premises where the father lives, then the father will need to fill out an application and present all the necessary documents. It must also be remembered that the father must submit the application first, and then the mother will submit a document confirming the implementation of such a procedure. Do not forget to have the document certified by a notary.
  3. A child can be assigned to any place of residence if the parents are the owners. It should be added that when applying for temporary registration, it is possible to register at the exact address where the mother of the newborn is located. In another situation, it can be freely registered not only with parents, since they are already automatically registered with this housing.

A sample application is available.

Additional information about registering a child

If parents live separately, they must agree on the child’s place of residence. The child is registered with the mother after submitting an application in person. The child is registered with the father only with the consent of the mother, confirmed by an application. The consent is certified by a notary or the Housing Office. Parents living separately do not have the right to register a child with the other parent without his consent.

When registering minor children, the size of the living space does not matter. Registration at the place of residence of grandparents and other relatives is not possible until the child reaches adulthood.

Children over 14 years of age have the right to choose their place of residence with the consent of their parents or guardians. All controversial issues regarding the registration of minors are resolved by the court, taking into account the opinion and interests of the child.


Most people ask how long it will take to register. The law states that it is necessary to register a child in the first 3 months from the date of birth, but it will be better if you deal with this issue within 30 days after birth.

There are cases when the registration process is delayed due to parents, queues or poor performance of employees in the organization, as a result of which all documents are processed for a very long time and the procedure exceeds the established deadline.

If you do not want to face this kind of problem, it is better to take care of all the important details in advance and start the registration process as early as possible.

To begin with, you should at least call the passport office or migration service so that the employees can tell you what documents you need.

You will only need to go to the department to fill out an application and purchase certificates.

Do not ignore the approved laws, because if you do not register within the established time frame, you will need to pay a fine (2,000–2,500 rubles - for small cities, for the capital - in the range from 5,000 to 6,500 rubles).

In practice, there are cases when young parents think that if their child has a birth certificate, the newborn is already legally a member of their country. This is actually not true.

Until you register your child, he will not be able to attend kindergarten, attend school or seek medical help at a clinic.

The ideal option would be for parents to begin registering their newborn a week after receiving the birth certificate.

As we can see, the procedure for registering a newborn child in a parent’s apartment is not difficult if you follow the tips described in this article and also follow the law of the Russian Federation.

We warn you once again that it is better not to delay this procedure, since later you will have to explain the reason for your delay and will need to pay a certain amount in order to cover the fine and gain the right to register.

Step-by-step procedure for discharging a child:

Come to the passport office or FMS.

Write an application and provide all the papers to a specialist who will set a date when you need to come and pick up all the documents.

Come at the appointed time and receive documents with an extract.

Summary of the article:

  • It is mandatory to register a newborn baby.
  • To do this, you must submit all the necessary documents.
  • After 7–10 days, the documents will be ready and the child will receive registration.
  • The newborn will be registered under any circumstances.

The discharge procedure is as simple as the registration procedure. The child is discharged if he is provided with new housing for registration.

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