Is it possible to restore the registration of an adult child through the court?

How to restore a certificate of registration at a child’s place of residence

For the future for the rest.
The Federal Migration Service at the place of TEMPORARY registration refused to help, they said that I had to go to my place of registration. Because they cannot put the stamp of the Federal Migration Service of another region on the form. It is also allegedly impossible to make a request at the place of residence so that documents are sent simply to the place of temporary registration. So there you go. Hello!
We lost the child’s form of certificate of registration at the place of residence (the piece of paper that is now given to children instead of a registration stamp for adults). How to restore it? Is it possible using the State Services portal? Is it possible remotely (we now live in another city in which we have registration at our place of residence).

Birth certificate - how to restore a document for an adult or child if lost

If you contact the civil registry office where the original birth certificate was received, you can receive a duplicate on the same day. If it is impossible for citizens to submit an application at their place of birth, they must come to the registry office at their place of actual residence. Then a copy of the certificate can be obtained within 2 months.

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of majority, as well as parents or guardians of children, have the right to apply to the appropriate authorities to restore a lost birth certificate. Damage or loss are good reasons for obtaining a duplicate of this document. Let's look at them in detail:

Certificate of registration of the child (form 8)

If the family lives in a large populated area, then you can submit an application to the Multifunctional Center, which also deals with registration issues. In the Multifunctional Center you can get the necessary certificate much faster. This may take fifteen minutes. In this case, no additional documents will be needed, since all the necessary information is available in the state database.

  • Last name, first name, patronymic and date of birth of the minor;
  • Address of the child's place of registration;
  • The type of document on the basis of which the form was issued is indicated;
  • Name of the institution that issued this document;
  • Initials, surname and personal signature of the employee responsible for issuing;
  • Seal of the institution that issued the certificate.

Is it possible to restore a certificate of registration at a child’s place of residence?

Therefore, in accordance with Part 3 of Art. 34 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, parents have the right to get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, but they are not conscientious; they have regulated in detail their professional work experience, including from the moment of marriage, but also part-time work or by an administrative-territorial body (rural administration, selected) commission on this fact violation of the established procedure for submitting documents to them, labor relations may be assigned, provided that due to the absence of the employee's basic amount of wages, if the specified document established an employment contract, and the employer refused the non-registered qualification, it is necessary to restore absenteeism in court. It is necessary to appeal the decision in a fixed amount of money, since many nuances have gone through, take an extract from it, if you have a visa, hand it over to the department of Russian professions for the purchase and receipt of property time and equipment in the order of supervision.

Quote: Is it possible to restore a certificate of registration at a child’s place of residence? And what will the fine be? Good afternoon. Of course you can restore the certificate. Contact the passport office. Personal consultations are free of charge. Sincerely, Anokhina N.L.

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Restoration of the registration certificate

A certificate of registration at the place of residence is issued when a citizen registers at the place of residence, at the passport office along with a note in the passport. Contact the passport office with an application for re-issuance of the certificate. Bring your passport and birth certificate for your child.

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What to do if you lost your birth certificate

Moreover, each point has subtleties that should be taken into account when preparing a package of documents. When re-issuing a child’s birth certificate, passports are mandatory. If it is impossible to provide, you can only get by with the mother’s papers.

This condition is indicated if there is only one parent. In this case, the lost document is restored just as quickly, but unnecessary questions may arise. A marriage certificate is an optional document, but it is easier to restore a lost document with it. It may play a role in the future, when you have to include it in your child’s passport. If the birth certificate is lost, you can do without this “certificate”. It is important that the registry office indicates the marriage certificate as a mandatory document, but this does not correspond to the subtleties of the article of Russian legislation. Having thought about how to restore a document that has lost force, you should advance pay the state fee.

It costs 350 rubles, but this can only be done at a Sberbank branch.

Children are not legally responsible for themselves, but the receipt is issued on their behalf. When parents have lost their child's birth certificate, they will have to visit the registry office and go through some formalities. The process takes a minimum of time, if you do not take into account the queues, but ideally you should go to the department where the documents were first received. It is in it that the relevant vital records should be stored, so you won’t have to deal with forwarding. If you need to get a birth certificate again, you won’t have to think about how to restore it for an adult.

He only needs to take his own passport and go to the registry office.

The process of re-issuing papers will take a few minutes, and the amount of the state fee will remain the same. An adult citizen bears full responsibility for himself, so he does not need documents or the presence of his parents.

Moreover, he will not even need to travel to the department where the act record was recorded in the journal.

If necessary, you can use alternative

Certificate of registration of the child at the place of residence

  1. Certificate in form 3 – temporary registration at the place of residence.
  2. Form 8 – Certificate of Permanent Registration.
  3. Form 9 is an extended type of document that includes a list of persons registered at a specific address (another name is “family composition certificate”).

65 Part 3 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation comes into force - the registration address of the newborn is established by agreement of both parties.

How to restore a certificate of registration of a child at the place of residence

For the future for the rest. The Federal Migration Service at the place of TEMPORARY registration refused to help, they said that I had to go to my place of registration. Because they cannot put the stamp of the Federal Migration Service of another region on the form. It is also allegedly impossible to make a request at the place of residence so that documents are sent simply to the place of temporary registration. So there you go.

It should also be remembered that when a teenager reaches 14 years of age, it is mandatory to put a mark in the passport. You can register a teenager only if he has a general passport. There are already rules in place here for registering adult citizens. If a document is damaged, lost or invalid, registration will not be carried out.

Does the owner have the right to remove a child from his apartment?

Can the owner remove a child from the owner’s apartment? The law of the Russian Federation reserves the right of a citizen to dispose of his own property at his own discretion.

But in order to complete a transaction for the alienation of real estate, it is necessary to deregister all residents of it. There will be no problems with the removal of adult citizens.

And if a person under 18 years of age is registered in the living space, even if he lives at a different address, he will have to comply with some conditions and take additional measures.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with: Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate EGRN

How to discharge a minor child from the owner’s apartment? The owner has the right to discharge a minor without the consent of the guardianship authorities.

But if the court reveals facts of infringement of his rights, he can restore him in registration. Therefore, upon discharge, it is necessary to provide and take into account the following nuances:

  1. Any actions related to the registration of a minor are carried out jointly with parents (legal representatives).
  2. The right to sign when drawing up documents for children under the age of 14 belongs to their legal representatives.
  3. A citizen from 14 to 18 years of age prepares documents independently, but in the presence of parents (or guardians).
  4. If an adult has both a father and a mother, both must give consent to deregistration.
  5. If a child is registered in the apartment of relatives, and the parents do not agree with his discharge, the issue is resolved through the court. This takes into account where he actually lives.
  6. A child under 14 years of age is deregistered only together with one of the parents.
  7. To deregister, you must have proof that the child will be registered at a different address. Moreover, the conditions at the new place of registration must be no worse than the previous one. For example, you cannot discharge him from a separate apartment to a communal one.
  8. A separate requirement may be that new housing is located in the same area as the previous one.

The reason for this requirement is that the child, when moving, has the opportunity to attend the same educational institution as before. If this rule cannot be observed, then the permission of the specialists from the guardianship authorities conducting the conversation with the minor is required.

We receive a certificate of registration of the child at the place of residence

Registration at the place of residence is needed primarily by the child’s parents. Without it, you cannot register maternity capital, it is difficult to get a job in a kindergarten or school, or register with a clinic. But there is also a second side to the lack of registration - failure to comply with the requirements of the law. And this already leads to penalties.

The list of documents that must be provided to register a child is established by law and is exhaustive. This means that the registration authority does not have the right to ask for anything else, although it sometimes does so. The Decree of the Government of Russia “On approval of the rules for registration and deregistration of citizens of the Russian Federation at the place of stay and place of residence” No. 713 dated July 17, 1995 refers to the following documents:

How to discharge a child from a privatized apartment?

If a privatized apartment is for sale, the deregistration process may be different.

It is important to remember and know that if a child is the owner of a living space, then in order to remove him from registration, confirmation of ownership rights and permission are required, which can be obtained from the guardianship authorities.

First, you need to go to the guardianship authorities and obtain consent for discharge. All the above documents must be provided to the authorities. Employees of these organizations may also request some other documents.

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If everything is in order and permission has been received, you can formalize the sale of the property (apartment). Usually, when alienating property, the purchase of new property is required, however, this is not a mandatory condition; the transaction can be completed if there is another property with equal conditions in terms of comfort. However, in this case it is necessary to open a personal personal account for the child, into which an amount equal to his share in the sale of real estate will be deposited. After this, a certificate of opening a personal account in the child’s name is submitted to the passport office.

The next stage is discharging the child from the apartment. The procedure is standard, the list of required documents is given above. After a minor child is deregistered, he is registered in a new living space. To register, you need to submit the following documents to the passport office:

  1. Parent's passport.
  2. Documents confirming the identity and birth of the minor.
  3. Departure sheet.
  4. Documents that guarantee the ownership rights of the owners to the new apartment.
  5. Permission from guardianship authorities.

After just 3 days, the child will receive a new registration in the living space.

If a child does not have ownership rights to a privatized apartment, when selling it, permission from the relevant authorities is not required. The deregistration procedure will be much simpler - you need to contact a passport officer with an application, passport, birth certificate and technical passport of the new apartment. Immediately after deregistration, the child should be registered in the new place.

Certificate of registration at the child’s place of residence - registration procedure

  1. Receiving a birth certificate. To do this, you need to contact the local registry office, where the corresponding entry will be made and a certificate will be issued.
  2. Collecting the necessary documents when parents live separately.
      Applying to the passport office or local FMS office with an application for permanent registration of the baby at the address specified in the application.
  3. an application for registration of a newborn must be drawn up no later than 7 days after the birth of the baby, but here the services are quite loyal;
  4. if a child is deregistered in one place of permanent residence and registered at another address, then this procedure must be carried out within 7 days (delay threatens with an administrative fine of up to 3000 rubles);
  5. registration of adolescents who have reached 14 years of age and have received a passport is carried out within 7 days; they are independently registered at their old place of residence or at a new place (with relatives, without parents);
  6. Temporary registration is carried out if minors live at an address that is not their place of permanent residence for more than 3 months. It takes from 3 to 8 days.
  7. Issuance of a registration certificate on the 3rd day after submitting the application. If there are compelling reasons, this period can be extended to 8 days, and in case of temporary registration until the issue is resolved.
  • find the “State Services” portal on the Internet;
  • go through the registration procedure and create a personal account;
  • go to your personal account, then find the “Registration at place of residence” tab;
  • follow the prompts to enter the required information into the form
  • after three days, you should receive an invitation to go to the FSM department and check the accuracy of the entered data;
  • if the originals of your documents match the information you entered in the form;
  • registration will be received and a certificate will be issued.

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How to restore a child's registration

Advice from lawyers:

1. How to restore a child’s lost permanent registration?

1.1. Apply via the government services website.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

1.2. What does “lost permanent registration” mean in your understanding?

Did the answer help you?YesNo

Consultation on your issue


Calls from landlines and mobiles are free throughout Russia

2. The registration of a child born in 2020 has been lost. Where can it be restored?

2.1. Good afternoon You need to go to the passport office where the child was registered, write them an application and they will issue a new registration.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

3. How to restore registration if a child was discharged by court?

3.1. Only by canceling the court decision.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

3.2. And the court’s decisions can be canceled in this case, due to newly discovered circumstances, that is, due to circumstances that were not and could not be known to the parties during the first trial, but are significant for the case and influence the court’s decision... It is also necessary to take into account the timing submitting an application...

Did the answer help you?YesNo

3.3. Hello! In such a situation, there is only one way to proceed - to challenge the court's decision.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

4. If a child’s birth certificate is lost, and the child is now registered in the city, and not in the village where he originally received the birth certificate, can it be restored in the city, at the place of the child’s new registration? And what will be written on the new birth certificate? Will the place of issue be indicated in the city or the same village?

4.1. Good afternoon Contact the registry office at your place of residence with an application for the issuance of a repeated certificate, they will send it to the place where the certificate was issued. It will be the same as in the original, only “repeated”

Did the answer help you?YesNo

5. We suspended the payment of child benefits up to 1.5 years of age in the 12th month of payments, due to the expiration of the temporary registration of the spouse and the child. We restored our registration and re-submitted the entire package of documents to the MFC, where we were informed that the period for review of documents by a social security inspector was up to 50 days. It's been three months since the documents were submitted. There are no payments. What to do?

5.1. Did you call them yourself and find out why there were no payments and what was the reason?

Did the answer help you?YesNo

6. My son lived with his mother in another city and is registered with me. Now my son will live with me. The mother is not going to send any documents for the child, everything will have to be restored. There were problems with registration. The Form 8 certificate was canceled and the Criminal Code refuses to issue it. What other options are there where I can restore the document stating that the child is registered with me?

6.1. The registration of citizens at their place of residence was previously handled by the FMS, but now these issues are the responsibility of the police. Find out in your city where they are located, go there and get a registration certificate.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

6.2. Through the MFC or from the police, obtain a certificate of family composition and it will indicate the registration of your child. You will get a duplicate birth certificate from the registry office, you will also fill out SNILS, there are no problems.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

7. Please tell me that the sheet of permanent registration for the child has been lost. The child was born in 2011. How can I restore this permanent registration sheet? And what documents are needed for this?

7.1. You need to contact the authority that carried out the registration.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

8. The child’s registration in the social security apartment has been restored. hiring by court without parents. Can a child and his mother move into our apartment? The police were repeatedly called to us with allegations of obstruction in the right to use the residential premises. A disabled child, his mother is his guardian. The father is registered elsewhere.

8.1. Good afternoon If the mother is the guardian, then she can move in!

Did the answer help you?YesNo

8.2. Civil Code of the Russian Federation Article 20. Place of residence of a citizen 1. The place of residence is the place where the citizen permanently or primarily resides. A citizen who informs creditors, as well as other persons, about his other place of residence bears the risk of the consequences caused by this. (as amended by Federal Law No. 302-FZ of December 30, 2012) (see text in the previous edition) 2. The place of residence of minors under fourteen years of age, or citizens under guardianship, is recognized as the place of residence of their legal representatives - parents, adoptive parents or guardians.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

9. Can I apply for child benefits if the child does not have a residence permit yet?! I lost my house book and need to restore it.

9.1. As of 2020, house books have been cancelled. Therefore, the lack of a house register is not an obstacle to registering a child. The database of registered persons is maintained by the passport departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in electronic form.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

10. Is it possible to restore a Child’s registration in a municipal apartment? If the father was discharged from the apartment 2 years ago and died not long ago. And what documents are needed for this.

10.1. Social tenancy agreement.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

10.2. Hello. You need to look at the social rent agreement.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

10.3. We need to understand what is going on with the registration of the child himself. Contact one of the lawyers who responded to you.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

11. If your husband’s passport as a citizen of Uzbekistan was stolen. Then it cannot be restored without leaving Russia. There is a temporary registration, a notarized translation of the passport is available. The wife is Russian, the small infant was born in Russia.

11.1. Alexandra, the presence of a child and the citizenship of the Russian Federation of his wife, has nothing to do with the passport. What is his status in Russia - patent, temporary residence permit, residence permit or illegal?

Did the answer help you?YesNo

12. I am a citizen of Moldova, I have been living here since 2020. My passport was torn by a small child. I am officially married, I have a residence permit here. What do I need to do to renew my passport?

12.1. You can only renew your national passport at the embassy, ​​contact them.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

13. The mother-in-law discharged the minor children along with their father from the municipal apartment through the court. No one notified the mother. Children 2 years old were not registered anywhere. How can I restore my registration now?

13.1. There is no way to restore registration without the consent of all citizens registered in the municipal apartment.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

Consultation on your issue


Calls from landlines and mobiles are free throughout Russia

14. My common-law husband registered himself and our minor child at a fictitious address, having sold his apartment, of which he was the owner. At the moment the child is without registration! The guardianship told me that it was possible to restore my registration without the right to use the apartment! I would like to know what is needed for this and how to proceed correctly?

14.1. Olga, the husband could only discharge the child through the court; you, as the legal representative, had to participate in this. Find out on what basis the child was discharged; if it is a court decision, then appeal it on the grounds that you were not involved in the process.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

14.2. The guards told you nonsense. Register your child with yourself.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

15. I received a place in kindergarten as a mother of many children, I am not married to my husband, my father secretly made a birth certificate and made an exchange to another district of the city, is it possible through the court to restore a place in the kindergarten according to the child’s registration? File a lawsuit against your father? Or the education administration?

15.1. Hello Tatiana! A claim must be filed to cancel the exchange. The defendants are child care institutions, the co-defendant is the father of the child.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

16. Please, my orphan husband just got an apartment and hasn’t registered with himself yet. Now he lives with me in another city. A child accidentally tore a piece of paper in his passport, what should he do now? How can my husband restore his passport in another city, that is, in mine, and even without registration. What to do in this situation.

16.1. Good afternoon Let him apply for a passport replacement at any MFC. Good luck!

Did the answer help you?YesNo

17. This is the situation: the husband checked the child out of his apartment (according to the will, the apartment went to him and his sister), only he and our daughter were registered there. The living space itself was privatized to their mother; she died. He signed me out without my consent and sold the apartment. I don’t own any housing, so it turns out I’ve written him out to nowhere. Is it possible to invalidate the transaction and restore the child’s registration? Buyers of the apartment are already registered in his apartment. Thank you!

17.1. It is hardly possible to recognize the transaction as invalid, since by inheriting the apartment, your spouse received the right to dispose of it at his own discretion. But, in order to give a more specific assessment of the transaction, it is necessary to study it in detail.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

18. In 2014, a child was born, in the same year my ex-mother-in-law discharged me from the court. For four years I was without registration as a child too. How to restore your registration.

18.1. Hello! You are not the owner of the property, so you will not be able to restore your mother-in-law’s registration specifically without her consent.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

19. A child needs a registration certificate to enter kindergarten. We lost the certificate and submitted a request for restoration. It is important for us to find out what date will appear on the restored certificate. New date or registration date? This is important for kindergarten!

19.1. Hello, the certificate will indicate the date of issue of the certificate itself, and the date of registration will be indicated from the moment the child is registered, that is, the date of issue of the certificate and the date of registration of the child at the place of residence will be different.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

20. The house register was lost and not restored, but I am registered there. I need a certificate stating that my child is not registered with me in order to register the child with my husband. Where should I go and what should I do?

20.1. Hello. Contact the passport office directly, they have information about who is registered in your house, you will get a certificate from them (if the house is private) if it is an apartment building - from the management company - from the passport officer. As such, house books are not currently used to confirm registration.

Did the answer help you?YesNo

My husband is a citizen of another country. His work patent and registration have expired for a year now.

If the father has limited parental rights, the child is registered in his apartment,

And if I have already been deprived of maternal rights but the child has already been adopted, can I

The situation is this.. My husband lost his passport... and cannot restore his registration...

The point is that we are not married, a child was born, the father took it upon himself and registered

For me, if the child is registered with the father permanently, we are not married, registration

Help me to understand. We have a private house = the house book was lost, the owner was our Baba, she got it from the factory.

I am a citizen of Tajikistan, married to a citizen of the Russian Federation. My foreign passport was torn up by my wife’s child,

I lost my child's registration. The apartment is registered where the child is registered in the name of the ex-husband. My husband lives far away. How to recover?

I have 2 sons. I arrived in 1996 and registered. Children 04/23/1987 and 25.

The child's registration form is lost. We live in a village, what documents are needed to restore registration, will there be a fine, and how long will it take? Thank you.

Certificate of registration at the child’s place of residence - form No. 8 and its receipt

  • honey. services (registration and service in a territorial clinic assigned to the child’s territory of residence);
  • placement in kindergarten, school (read more: how to register a child in kindergarten);
  • registration of child benefits and maternity capital.

The authority where you can obtain a certificate is the Federal Migration Service (FMS, passport office) in the territory of residence and stay of the child. For children who, due to their age, do not have a passport, the registration stamp is issued as a separate independent document and additional paper is issued on state letterhead.

Registration of a child’s place of residence

The birth of a child is associated with a lot of troubles, but we cannot forget about the preparation of documents for the little citizen, which will allow him to enjoy the rights provided by the state. Even if a certificate of registration of a small child seems completely unnecessary, it will confirm membership in a certain territory. Thanks to this, the needs of the new citizen will be included in the budget from which the provision of social assistance and other municipal services is calculated.

Often young parents underestimate the need for their child to register and miss the established deadlines. It is worth considering that this can be regarded as an administrative offense, for which a fine is provided under Art. 19.15.2 Code of Administrative Offences.

Registration of children at place of residence

The consent of the tenant, landlord or citizens permanently residing in these residential premises is also not required if the registration of a child arriving with his legal representatives for permanent residence is registered in residential premises of a municipal, specialized or state housing stock.

If the parents (guardians, adoptive parents, trustees) of a child live and are registered in houses or premises owned by third parties, they have the right to register their minor children in these premises without asking the permission and consent of the property owners.


A person can be deregistered based on a variety of circumstances, and the possibility of renewing registration in the future is not always provided for.

Through the court, you can obtain a decision for return only in a situation where the owners of the premises refuse to carry out this procedure voluntarily, and the withdrawal was carried out on the basis of one of the following reasons:

  • The citizen personally submitted a request for deregistration in order to subsequently register in another housing. If he did not carry out this procedure on his own and applied for registration at a different address, then in this case the authorized employees of the registration authority will have to send a request demanding that the citizen be deregistered at his previous address.
  • The citizen was called up for service in accordance with the requirement received from the commissioner.
  • The citizen was forced to serve his sentence in specialized prisons in accordance with a court verdict.

If a person was deregistered in accordance with a court decision, which was subsequently overturned because the case was subsequently sent for a new trial, this can also be considered as grounds for reinstatement of registration.

In this case, it will be sufficient to provide a judicial act on the abolition of the decision, and it is not necessary to write out any additional determinations in this case. The person will be reinstated from the moment of removal.

Initially, a person cannot restore registration in court if:

  • disappeared without a trace;
  • was declared dead on the basis of a death certificate;
  • was evicted or his right to use the said property became invalid;
  • During the registration process, I received false documents due to the fact that I incorrectly indicated the necessary information.

In accordance with current legislation, a minor child is considered a person under the age of 18 years. It is worth noting the fact that a child under 14 years of age must necessarily live exclusively with his guardians, parents or adoptive parents.

If a child arrives to live in municipal, state or any specialized real estate, then in this case his registration can be carried out even without the consent of all kinds of employers, landlords or simply citizens living on the territory of the specified real estate on a permanent basis.

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If the parents live separately, then they can enter into mutual consent for the child to live with one of them. If one of the parents is against such a decision, then in this case he will need to go to court to obtain an appropriate decision, and objection or consent in this case can be expressed orally.

The place of residence of a child during a divorce can be determined independently by the parents or the court, but in the vast majority of cases this means a certain premises in which one of the parents who takes custody of the minor lives.

A minor child will need to provide registration within seven days from the date of arrival at their place of residence. Once a child reaches the age of 14, he or she has limited legal capacity, that is, he already has the right to act independently, but must obtain consent from his legal representatives.

He can completely independently send an application for a resolution to be registered at the place of residence of one of the legal representatives, and in addition he will need to receive an application drawn up by the representatives and certified by a notary, confirming the absence of objections on their part.

Orphans, as well as children left without care, must obtain registration in the appropriate institutions.

If a person has lost or destroyed his documents for any reason, then he will need to record the reason for this situation and, as a result, submit an application on the basis of which duplicates will be issued. Additionally, you will be able to file a statement with the police in case you need to defend your rights in court for any reason.

The procedure for deregistration from residential property involves the following steps:

  1. Submitting an application for the discharge of a minor to the passport office or the Federal Migration Service. The application must be submitted by one of the parents or jointly. If the child is 14 years old, then he is present during the procedure; if not, the parents act independently.
  2. Filling out the departure form at the passport office or the Federal Migration Service (form and sample).
  3. Receive documents in a week.
  4. Registration of the child at a new address.

To obtain an extract, you must provide the parents’ passports, the child’s passport (after 14 years), the house register, and documents for the apartment.

Where to obtain a certificate of registration of a child at the place of residence

But, if suddenly for some reason it is missing, then it can be issued at any medical institution that has a license for this type of activity. True, in this case, the child will have to undergo a number of examinations, information about which is entered into the card: from an ophthalmologist, neurologist, dermatologist, surgeon, otolaryngologist, speech therapist and others.

  • Certificate in form 3 – temporary registration at the place of residence.
  • Form 8 – Certificate of Permanent Registration.
  • Form 9 is an extended type of document that includes a list of persons registered at a specific address (another name is “family composition certificate”).

In order to certify to inspection organizations that a newborn has a registration, it is necessary to obtain one of two types of certificate - in form 3 or 8.

How to obtain permission from the guardianship authorities?

To obtain permission from the guardianship and trusteeship authorities, you must write an application to the guardianship authorities at your place of residence.

Both parents must apply, unless one of them has been deprived of parental rights. In addition, the presence of a child over 14 years old is mandatory.

In the application, they must name the place of new registration of the child and provide documents for it.

When submitting an application, you must provide the following documents:

  1. Issue a certificate of persons registered in the living space (extract from the house register).
  2. Parents' passports.
  3. Passport or birth certificate of the child.
  4. A registration certificate or floor plan of the premises where the child will be registered in the future.

The guardianship authorities check and evaluate the submitted documents and after 2 weeks invite all applicants for an interview.

The interview is conducted with the participation of a USZN inspector. The guardianship authorities issue permission to discharge or prohibit.

Form No. 8 is issued only to minor children who have not yet reached the age of fourteen. In this case, form No. 8 is issued for a small citizen if:

  • he had just been born;
  • parents moved to a new place of residence or purchased a new home.

In any case, registration, even for children, is a mandatory step for any parent who is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The certificate is issued completely free of charge. This document is valid until the child turns fourteen years old.

The validity of the certificate can be canceled if the child is discharged or when he receives a passport, in which a special stamp is placed on the place of permanent registration at the place of residence. The registration process takes several days (from 3 to 7), however, if the application was correctly drawn up and all documents are in order, you can receive the certificate much earlier, even on the day of application

It is important to note the fact that Form 8 is valid together with the minor’s birth certificate, since, by and large, it is a simple addition to it.

Certificate of registration at the child’s place of residence

To obtain a certificate of registration at the child’s place of residence (for school or for any other reason), it is necessary to correctly register the minor. What exactly will allow you to register a child and not violate the current legislation of the country?

The legislation does not provide grounds for refusing to issue a document. However, it is a common practice to refuse to issue a certificate due to arrears in payment of housing and communal services at the address where the teenager is supposed to be registered.

Basic information and form

The certificate form is made on plain A3 paper. After receiving it, you can bend it for convenience, since it is not the form that is important, but its completed contents. The document is valid only if the person has a passport.

The temporary registration certificate contains the following information:

    A certificate of temporary registration is valid only if the person has a passport

Document Number.

  • Full name of the person to whom the certificate was issued.
  • Date of birth of the registered person.
  • Temporary residence address.
  • Duration of temporary status.
  • Information about the document to which the certificate is attached (it is assumed that this will be a passport).
  • Date of issue of the certificate.
  • Name of the authority that issued the certificate.
  • The name of the person who manages the registration authority and his signature.
  • The certificate itself does not contain information about where the applicant previously lived, at what address he was registered on a permanent basis, which of the homeowners contributed to his registration at the current address where the applicant’s children are registered.

    However, all this data is entered into the application, which is submitted to the MFC or the Main Department of Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for filing a notification and registering at the place of stay.

    The form of the required application is defined and established by Appendix No. 4 to the previously mentioned Administrative Regulations.

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