How to Use Maternity Capital for the Reconstruction of a Private House
Use of maternity capital in the reconstruction of a private house According to Article 7 of Federal Law No. 256-FZ dated December 29, 2006. one
coordinates of the plot by its cadastral number
Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia) dated August 17, 2012 N 518 Moscow “On the requirements for accuracy and methods for determining the coordinates of characteristic
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How to get housing subsidies for low-income people
How to get a housing subsidy for the low-income, a subsidy for housing and communal services
Among the many government programs created to provide financial assistance to Russian citizens, we can especially highlight the provision of
where to start for a novice realtor
Text of the book “Your own realtor. Solving your housing problem"
How to become a realtor: where to start? Before choosing any direction of work activity,
Differences between a technical plan and a technical passport
Ordinary citizens, far from jurisprudence, often confuse concepts such as “cadastral passport” and “technical
If no one is registered or living in the apartment...
How are utility bills calculated if no one is registered and there are no meters? If the apartment
Changes in legislation on NIS
On the right of military spouses - NIS participants (1) to other forms of housing provision as members of military families
We receive many questions about the fact that now all contract workers will be mandatory participants
Complaint to the Moscow Housing Inspectorate about neighbors
A complaint to the housing inspectorate about the redevelopment of neighbors is a written appeal, which indicates
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10 things you shouldn't carry in your passport
A stamp is placed in the passport. During temporary registration, the state fee is 1000 rubles. term
How much does an extract from the USR cost in 2020 for individuals MFC
In order to pay the state fee for the extract, you will need to find out the details of the recipient organization in advance. Otherwise main