fine for illegal renting of an apartment
What happens if you rent out an apartment unofficially?
Relevance of the article: March 2020. In recent years, the activities of government bodies in Russia have been tightened,
apartment purchase
Tax deduction for housing purchased as shared ownership before January 1, 2014.
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How to register a mortgage at the MFC when applying for a mortgage
The main purpose of the appeals is the need to register property rights or perform other legal actions.
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Inheritance by will by right of representation
Nephews - children of the testator's brother or sister, are not included in one of the lines of inheritance
Statement sample cracked balcony slab
Free legal consultation online The involvement of lawyers in legal disputes is due to the need to fully protect personal
Why do you need an apartment appraisal?
Apartment appraisal for Sberbank of Russia without prepayment. IP Kiselev Roman Anatolyevich is officially accredited as an appraiser with Sberbank of Russia, and is one of the bank’s partners in the field of real estate appraisal
Why is real estate appraisal carried out at Sberbank, what does it depend on? Valuation is required not only
Check out of an apartment with rent arrears
How to check out with rent arrears? So, is it possible to check out of an apartment with debts?
Is it possible to buy housing from parents and close relatives? The state supports families with children
Girl fills out documents
Documents for an old-style plot
Grounds for re-registration of land in the name of another person To convert a land plot into ownership, you must have
Bats in the house
The procedure for eviction from an apartment of an unregistered person, not the owner of the premises
Initial actions Living space can be used on the following grounds: a rental agreement with the owner of the apartment; rights
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