Deposit agreement or preliminary agreement
Buying or selling an apartment is a serious step for any citizen. But if you found
Preparation of documentation for a land plot
How to draw up a deposit for the purchase of real estate in the form of an agreement
Why is the document being drawn up? The deposit agreement is drawn up in two cases: The buyer does not have
What is the period for state registration?
Article 8. Terms and place of state registration 1. State registration is carried out within a period not
How is the inheritance divided between the wife and mother after the death of the husband?
When and how to enter into an inheritance after the death of parents
People often ask the question: how to enter into inheritance rights after the death of their mother? Which
What to do if your apartment is flooded?
What to do if your neighbors flood your apartment?
Not always when damage occurs, in particular when an apartment is flooded due to the fault of the residents
How to Write an Application for Sewer Repair in an Apartment Building
Sample application for replacement of cold and hot water supply communications to the Director of the Management ________________________________ Full name of the applicant__________________________ Address
Receiving and issuing a certificate of the cost of BTI
Certificate of presence/absence of real estate ownership: what is it and when is it needed? If
Do I need to seal water meters?
When is meter sealing required? This year, almost all respectable citizens managed to register a meter
Agreement on the division of a land plot between owners: sample document, procedure
Redistribution of shares in the right of common shared ownership
Briefly about voluntary division Voluntary division of a plot in shared ownership has a number of advantages: Efficiency.
On changes in the payment procedure for housing and communal services in Domodedovo. MosObleIRC explains
History Linear barcodes have long become commonplace on housing and communal services receipts. However, not all organizations, especially
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