How to register an inheritance for a house and land
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house layout
Mortgage for construction using maternity capital
The essence of the program for preferential lending to military personnel The Government of the Russian Federation launched a housing program in 2005
Who is above the HOA? Inspection of financial and economic activities: audit of HOAs by regulatory authorities. Grounds for checking the HOA
An HOA, like any business organization through which large sums of money pass, does not always
How to do :: Register ownership of a technical floor
Few apartment buildings are complete without an attic. Dear readers! The article talks about typical
Electricity Mop How They Count In 2020
We resolve legal and financial issues In connection with numerous appeals to the administration of the Gusevsky Municipal
Claim for recognition of inheritance and recognition of property rights
What is actual acceptance of inheritance? The loss of a loved one is a serious stress for everyone. Far
How to save on utility bills during self-isolation: simple rules
Payment of utility bills is the responsibility of every modern citizen, and therefore the current legislation
Is it possible to leave the house without the owner?
Hello friends! Recently the following situation arose in my family: my brother wanted to sell an apartment,
Compensation for lack of a place in kindergarten
How to find out which kindergarten is near your place of residence?
Features of compensation for failure to provide a place Many women are forced to continue to “sit” at home with the child, because
Sample of filling out a declaration on dacha amnesty for a garden house
House Declaration for Dacha Amnesty Form 2020 In Word
Sample of filling out a declaration for a garden house 2020 Being owners of land plots, many people independently
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