What is direct home control?
According to Art. 16 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, residential premises include: residential buildings or parts of houses;
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Registration without the right to living space - how to register in an apartment without the right to property?
Current Russian legislation provides for mandatory registration. It applies to citizens of the country and visitors
What do electricity tariffs consist of?
What determines electricity prices Electricity enters homes through three stages: Manufacturers
How to rent an apartment without intermediaries + 10 expert tips
A rental agreement is a document, the presence of which will help insure against unexpected situations
Redevelopment according to the project
How to coordinate redevelopment in Moscow:
What can and cannot be done in the process of remodeling an apartment There are regulations in
connect your electricity today
Obtaining technical conditions for connecting electricity from 15 kW is real! Having purchased a plot of land
Briefly about Article 24 of the Land Code.
What is free use of land?
Not only its owner or tenant can use a land plot. The legislator provided for the possibility of “free
Order a cadastral (technical) plan
From 2020, a technical plan for any real estate property: residential and non-residential premises, land plot
MKD control methods
Article 161 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation Choosing a method of managing an apartment building
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find out the cadastral value of your property
Calculation of the inventory value of a property
Providing information in the form of certificates defining the cost characteristics of the object (according to the state of cost indicators
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