Advance or deposit when purchasing an apartment. A girl with a laptop thinks what to do
When should I pay an advance and when should I make a deposit?
An advance or deposit when purchasing an apartment is a way for the parties to confirm the seriousness of their intentions
To inherit real estate, you need to prepare an impressive package of documents
Certificate of right to inheritance
By the way: We provide online consultations. Reliable, expert, confidential. More details The inheritance procedure is not the most
Mortgage at Sberbank: what documents will be required?
To whom is rural mortgage available? Citizens of the Russian Federation living in the country have the right to apply for a state loan.
Clause in the agreement on termination of the agreement sample
Grounds for termination In legal terms, the conclusion of any agreement, change of any of its clauses,
Certificate of absence of debt on utility bills: necessity and procedure for obtaining
Some Russian residents regularly violate housing laws and for some reason do not pay fees
Is it legal to pay for hot water supply (hot water supply) in the receipt is divided into 2 payment points: 1 - water supply (for me = 331 rubles); 2 - heating it (1100 rubles). After all, the water already comes heated from the thermal power plant?
Drainage on Receipts Utility receipts often raise questions. One of them -
How to get a mortgage for an apartment as a pensioner?
Under what conditions can a pensioner get a mortgage from Sberbank in 2020?
Free legal consultation: +7 (499) 938-42-95 Moscow and region. +7 (812) 425-13-93 St. Petersburg and
Use of land not for its intended purpose concept and consequences
Use of land not for its intended purpose concept and consequences
Special and industrial purposes. This period does not include the time required to develop the site,
Contents of the document
Technical passport for a residential apartment building
Where can I get a technical passport for an apartment building? Technical passport for a residential apartment building -
Mortgaged property
What is this - a mortgage on an apartment?
A mortgage note is a document that has the characteristics of a security and certifies the right
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