Debt on utility bills - what the threat is
Debt for utility bills bailiffs
Housing and communal services in Russia If the consumer partially pays for the utilities provided by the contractor and
How to pay rent through Sberbank Online
What housing and communal services are paid for in Sberbank Online? Accommodation in an apartment, private house or on
When can you remove the mortgage encumbrance?
Deadlines for removing mortgage encumbrances in Rosreestr
Basic concepts of encumbrance According to the Civil Code (Article 209), the owner of a home has the right: ownership.
The procedure for calculating housing subsidies for military personnel
See Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation dated July 21, 2014 N 510 “On
registration at Russian Post for foreigners
Is it possible to obtain temporary registration at the place of stay via mail and how to do it?
How to register at Russian Post for foreigners How to register at Russian Post
How an apartment is assessed when applying for a mortgage: description of 4 methods and report form
Why do an apartment appraisal with a mortgage?
The cost of real estate remains a very hot topic among all potential participants in the real estate market, however, the largest
Removing a person from registration
What the law says. What are the grounds? Deregistration at the place of residence occurs only
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How to register a garage as your property: what you should know in 2020
Why is it necessary to register a garage as your property? Everyone wants to legalize their ownership of the garage
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Samples of the Agreement of Donation of an Apartment to a Relative
All articles 27603 2020-03-13 This article will help determine what needs to be taken into account when drawing up a contract
Agreement for the right to operational property management
The concept of operational management law In the early 60s, the Soviet legal system was expanded, and