GU ZHEK-5 ZHKO KEU OF MOSCOW Extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with the digital signature of the Federal Tax Service
What is a housing office? The term “housing maintenance office” itself became outdated in the Russian Federation back in 2005
Certificate of temporary registration
Differences between registration at the place of stay and at the place of residence
The significant difference between a person’s place of residence and temporary stay is the time, during
What are permanent residence, individual housing construction and private household plots?
Land that is acquired as a property or lease can only be used for its intended purpose.
Privatization of housing for social rent
And a number of citizens mistakenly consider municipal housing to be “theirs”, believing that they
Is a permit required for the construction of a non-stationary retail facility?
How to get permission to build a house in 2020
Documents for obtaining permission to build a house How to obtain permission to build a house? IN
How to find out taxes if you haven’t received a receipt
A2226 › Blog › Note for the driver The easiest way is to contact the nearest
Responsibilities of housing and communal services for home maintenance
Your own lawyer 2) demand access to the workers’ living quarters at a pre-agreed time
What documents are needed to obtain a passport?
When is it issued? During the period of re-issuance or restoration of a passport, citizens often do not know how
What's the difference between rent and utility bills?
Utility payments 06/01/2017 We come across the concepts of “rent” and “utility payments” every month before payment,
What is living space in an apartment
What is the total area of ​​residential and non-residential premises? In an apartment building, in addition to the apartments themselves,
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