How to discharge a person registered there from a non-privatized apartment
Registration is a mandatory registration of the place of residence of citizens. Moreover, regardless of whether it is populated
Redevelopment of an apartment in a new building
Free planning Legally, there is no such thing as free planning. This term is used by developers
How to register in a purchased apartment
Registration rules: where and how to register in the owner’s apartment
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Child registration
Registration of a minor child: registration conditions
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how to register correctly
On state registration of rights to real estate Article 18. State technical inspection of buildings, structures and (or) their components
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A step-by-step algorithm for concluding a gift agreement, as well as how to draw up a deed of gift for a share in an apartment or 1/2 of it, and where can this be done?
What is a share? When considering not the whole apartment, but its share, you should decide on the concept.
Conditions and procedure for registering ownership of an apartment in a new building
Is it necessary to register a property before registering it in the cadastral register? Earlier, if the property
Organizational documents: we collect and store
What is needed to open a cooperative? To the most important documents required for the registration process and
Coordination without affecting load-bearing structures
What is best to decide on your own in approving the redevelopment of an apartment, and what to delegate? Living in
SOCIAL HOUSING FUND Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with the electronic signature of the Federal Tax Service
As a result of amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, persons who are not low-income, however,