How to Convert an Apartment to Part of a Residential Building in 2020
How can residential premises be converted into non-residential premises in 2020? Isolation in the presence of a separate
How to return money or contributions for major repairs of an apartment building
Is it possible to return the purchased apartment and get the money back? You purchased a suitable premises, but
penalty from the developer
Collection of penalties from the developer for equity participation
Many people prefer to purchase apartments in unfinished buildings. This gives them the opportunity to get housing
Mortgage without down payment for a young family
Where can newlyweds get a mortgage? A mortgage is not issued without a down payment. Usually it is 15
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Property tax: if the building is not on the cadastral list
House tax In the window that appears, you will have to indicate: the cadastral number of the property (not necessary, but
Is inherited property subject to division?
Pravozhil.com > Real estate registration > How to draw up an agreement on the division of inherited property between a group
List of documents required to obtain a construction permit
Application for permission to build a private house sample
Free legal consultation over the Internet 24 hoursLawyer for housing issues in St. Petersburg. Free legal consultations
How to obtain a certificate of family composition?
What does the term “family composition” mean? When an economic and social situation arises in a family, the concept of the term
Who has the right to inherit?
Will for an apartment to a stranger
Who has the right to inherit? Current legislation does not impose age restrictions. Number of lives
Additional costs when applying for a mortgage
Everything you need to know about a mortgage before you take one
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