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In what cases can you get by with a complaint against the Criminal Code? The first step in resolving the conflict is
Termination of DDU at the initiative of the developer
Termination of a contract for participation in shared construction Advice from practice: evidence in proceedings of this category
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Who owns the basement in an apartment building? Thus, the technical floors of apartment buildings are
Permission to build a garage
In the Russian Federation over the past ten years, the number of cars and motorcycles has increased significantly. According to
Information about the cadastral number
Where to View the Inventory Cadastral or Conditional Number of a Real Estate Property
Object number code in 3 personal income tax for 2020 In addition, using this
How long can you make noise and make repairs according to the law in Belarus 2020
How much noise can you make in an apartment without violating the law “On Silence” In Russia it is not
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Annuity and differentiated mortgage payments - what are they?
What is the difference between differentiated and annuity payments? The graphical diagrams show that with
Is it possible to build a house for personal farming in 2020?
What can be built on private farm lands? It is worth noting that for country and gardening non-commercial
Instructions on how to remove the encumbrance from an apartment after paying off the mortgage
When can you remove the mortgage from your apartment? The encumbrance on mortgaged real estate can be removed
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How is property divided after the death of a father?
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 In cases where one party to an official marriage is experiencing
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