Permission for reconstruction of a private house
What is it? According to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation (Article 1), the reconstruction of houses is a change in parameters
Mortgage secured by existing housing
Is it possible to take out a mortgage using an existing apartment as collateral? Which mortgage is more profitable: targeted or non-targeted?
Examples of real estate valuation using the income approach
A car valuation report for a notary; the need to deliver a car; arrival of an appraiser to the location of the car; how much
Is real estate valuation a necessity or a right of the owner?
The need for real estate assessment and direction of use of assessment results
General information Valuation of an apartment as a service is the determination of the market price of ownership,
Assistance program for mortgage borrowers in 2020 - mortgage restructuring with state help
The fall in oil prices and Western and US sanctions led to a slowdown in economic growth.
Elderly couple
What is the property tax for pensioners?
There are two additional conditions under which real estate is exempt from tax: the real estate is not used
“Pitfalls” when buying a second-hand stroller
“Pitfalls” when buying a second-hand stroller
What does the apartment seller want? Get the biggest profit. What does the buyer need? Maximum benefit at
What you need to know when buying an apartment
What you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment, what nuances to consider in order to protect yourself during the transaction
May 9, 2020 GetHom expert 29,182 In each of the articles we try to convey
How long do you need to register after discharge in 2020?
How long does it take to register ownership of the apartment after signing the deed Contents: no? term
Real estate tax in Moscow for individuals and legal entities. New property tax
Tax on movable property of organizations: we apply a rate of 1.1% Since 2020, the taxation procedure has changed
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