What is the difference between cadastral and technical passports?
What is the difference between cadastral and technical passports?
Ordinary citizens, far from jurisprudence, often confuse concepts such as “cadastral passport” and “technical
Payments for a third child in 2021 in Russia
For the third child they will be given housing instead of land. Citizens with three or more children,
What to do if you receive someone else's debt for housing and communal services
Moscow, 09.09.2020, 09:05:38, editorial office of FTimes.ru, author Zoya Zharkova. The difficult situation due to coronavirus has led to
Why register a house as a property on a summer cottage?
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How to assign a share in an apartment to a child
Joint ownership A minor child, along with adult family members, has the right to own property
How to refuse an inheritance?
How to refuse an inheritance The heir appointed in the will has the right to refuse the share due to him
What benefits will remain for Muscovites in 2014?
FEDERAL BENEFITS FOR PENSIONERS Citizens belonging to preferential categories have the right to choose which form of receipt
Registration of place of residence
Registration of the owner in an apartment with shared ownership
The need for registration Registration, which among citizens is more often called propiska, is a notification to the state about
transfer of individual housing construction into commercial
What is the difference between individual housing construction and DNP
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How and where to register a water meter
Published by lpunity on November 12, 2018 You need to know: if you have registered water meters with the EIRC, through