Expert opinion on No. 271-FZ “On major repairs of apartment buildings”
What is the difference between major repairs and current repairs? Current repairs are the maintenance of communications and engineering
Replacement of rights in another region without registration
Is it possible to change the rights not at the place of registration 2020
Is it possible to change the license in another city, not at the place of registration? Is it possible to change
Algorithm for redistribution of land plots between two owners in 2020
Redistributing land plots is quite simple if you turn to professionals and learn some things yourself
Which USRN extract is needed for registration?
Definition of the concept of registration - the residence address of a citizen, a specific place where he is permanently located and
Tax on gifts between relatives
All articles 27604 2020-03-13 This article will help determine what needs to be taken into account when drawing up a contract
Agricultural land for gardening, is it possible to build a house 2020
Basic definitions Land type SNT what is it? This is part of the land allocated for summer cottages,
How many years is a mortgage loan for?
What is the minimum mortgage term? Many borrowers who take out a mortgage from a bank try to reduce
Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia) dated August 17, 2012 N 518 Moscow “On the requirements for accuracy and methods for determining the coordinates of characteristic
Standards for indentations from the boundaries of a land plot Basic requirements for indentations from the boundaries of a land plot, for
Man filling out documents
What does a deposit mean when renting an apartment?
What is a security deposit when renting an apartment? The concept of “security deposit” is not regulated in any way
Features of a certificate of non-participation in privatization
Why might you need a certificate of absence of privatization? This document is taken to prove that you
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