Registration of a deed of gift for a land plot
What is a land donation agreement? Under a gift deed, the donor transfers ownership
Is it possible to move a kitchen into a living room: how to make a living room from a kitchen, is it possible to move it and how to legalize the redevelopment, photo, video
Competence. Reliability. Comfort
Redevelopment of an apartment A kitchen combined with a living room is a very rare occurrence, but undoubtedly an original Process
Options for re-registering an apartment to a relative without tax
How to transfer an apartment to a stranger without costs on both sides and taxes?
Legal topics are very complex, but in this article we will try to answer the question “How
Redevelopment of an apartment with a mortgage from Sberbank
Housing problem You must admit that not everyone can boast of their own home. Since there are no wealthy parents
How to issue a deed of gift through the MFC for an apartment, house or land plot
Of course, a lot becomes clear when you fully study and become imbued with the registration procedure. But here too
Who has the right to inheritance after the death of her husband?
Who can claim the values ​​of the deceased husband? Inheritance is represented by a procedure during which the right
Sample statement of claim for recovery of deposit
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Intentional deterioration of living conditions
Every month an employee receives a salary, in common parlance this is called salary or pay.
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How to transfer agricultural land to individual housing construction: registration rules and cost
Types of plots of land Plots fall into several categories. All of them are prescribed in the Land Code
Photo 12
How to apply for temporary registration - where to apply, deadlines, documents
Is it possible to extend registration without leaving? You can legally obtain a migration card only at the border,
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