Are major repairs included in utility bills?
Until 2014, fees for major repairs were not charged to owners of apartments in multi-apartment buildings.
How to get a tax deduction if you are not working now
What is a tax deduction? A tax deduction is a guarantee established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, which can
The main thing is a positive attitude. Photo from the site
How to properly clean a private home
Living in a private house is pure pleasure, walks on the lawns and an incredible opportunity to eat
If the light is not on at the entrance - where to go?
Light in every entrance is an important element that ensures the safety of people's movement. That is why it is extremely
everything a labor veteran needs to know, benefits, payments, allowances, grounds, conditions for receiving All a labor veteran needs to know - benefits, payments, allowances, grounds, conditions for receiving
...The citizen paid the share contributions to the GSK for the construction of the garage in advance in the full amount - 7,000 USD. Payment was made in rubles at the ruble to US dollar exchange rate established by the Central Bank on the payment dates. Before entering
How should this certificate sound correctly? The chairman told me that the share in GSK had been paid
The wife's parents gave the apartment as a gift, but... registered it in their own name. Do you know why?
Registration of a deed of gift for an apartment for a daughter who is married. The legislation of the Russian Federation tells us about
Contributions for major housing repairs: a little about their legal nature
Legal disputes involving a regional capital repair operator are usually of two types: the operator collects the debt
Legal basis for donation
Donation agreement for a plot of land... a plot of land and a house
Who can be officially recognized as close relatives? First of all, you will need to determine who is receiving legal
cadastral engineer
What to do if your neighbor doesn’t sign the land survey: lawyer’s advice + people’s experience
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Power of attorney for representation in court from husband
How to write a power of attorney to represent the interests of a husband or wife in court? In accordance with civil procedure