Repair of heating pipes in an apartment at whose expense
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Military personnel have the right to privatize service housing or receive monetary compensation
Legislative norms The main regulations of the procedure are contained in the law “On Privatization...” No. 1541-1 and the Government Decree
Electricity tariffs in St. Petersburg 2020
Zones divided by hours Peak: from 7:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00
Claim for invalidation of the privatization agreement
Claim for invalidation of the privatization agreement
Court decision to invalidate privatization DECISION In the name of the Russian Federation March 11, 2011
Disposal of the premises on the basis of the state service, extract from the Unified State Register. How to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register through the public services portal?
What is the difference between the Unified State Register and the Unified State Register? The Unified State Register is an outdated structure, which was replaced by the Unified State Register.
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Features of the transfer of ownership of real estate
The process of transferring ownership of real estate must be recorded
The entrance is a common area. How to influence its livability?
The numbering of entrances to houses is carried out according to SNiP points. To ensure standardization, it is carried out on the left
Checking the correctness of rent calculations
Intentional or unintentional errors and inaccuracies in utility receipts are not so
Is the renovation of the local area included in the overhaul?
From this article you will learn: What are the features of a major renovation of a country house? What are the typical
Interaction of management services with HOAs and other organizations
Agreement for the management of an apartment building with a homeowners association
Management of a large apartment building can be transferred to a management company, or you can organize your own residents’ association.