Can the lights be turned off for non-payment: if there are children, without warning.
The collective antenna can be part of the common property of the apartment building or the private property of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation
Seizure of accounts for debt on utility bills
We are all periodically visited by the terrible thought that all of us and our children
Payment for non-residential premises in an apartment building
Major renovation of non-residential premises - what is it? The definition of major repairs of premises is given in
Can they sue for non-payment of capital repairs?
What are the consequences of failure to pay for major repairs? Let's figure out what will happen if you don't pay into the capital fund
Russians began to pay less for utilities
If You Pay Your Debt For Light, How Long Will It Take You To Turn On The Light?
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Legal topics are very complex but, in this article, we
Is it possible to be criminally liable for debts?
Until what date is the debt for housing and communal services subject to write-off? From the date of the court's ruling on
What is VKGO maintenance on an apartment receipt - should I pay or not?
Why do we need a common house meter? Do we need a common house meter if apartments have IPUs?
A 78-year-old pensioner has been living without hot water for almost 10 years. She receives payment receipts for non-existent water. Debt is constantly growing
No one lives in the apartment, the verification period for the meters has expired, and a large fine has been charged. Question:
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How to formalize a refusal to privatize an apartment: grounds, pros and cons
Why they may refuse to privatize an apartment: reasons, grounds All reasons for refusal can be conditional
Agreement on donating property to a grandson or granddaughter: how to draw up a deed of gift for real estate (apartment), payment of taxes and how to conclude a deal if the donee is a minor
Please tell me what is better - a deed of gift or a will for an apartment? It is better for the owner to have a will, because