Current repairs of the entrance to an apartment building at whose expense

How to write an application to the management company for the repair of the entrance: we draw up a letter according to the sample

Nowadays, you can often find houses whose entrances have not been renovated for many years.
It’s scary to enter such entrances. Peeling walls, mold on the ceiling and broken mailboxes are terrifying, creating an unpleasant atmosphere. At the same time, residents of this entrance, repeatedly turning to the management organization with requests to carry out repairs, are refused. We will explain in detail how to write a statement to force the management company to fulfill its duties in this article.

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How to write an application for replacement of windows in the entrance

Do not hesitate to defend your rights and fight for comfort in your home. Lack of repairs in the entrance, broken mailboxes, scurrying rodents or mold on the walls - all this is not normal! After all, we all pay for utilities and should not suffer because of the criminal negligence of building management companies. The final authority is the court. Write a statement of claim without hesitation, in judicial practice there are many cases when housing and communal services employees not only eliminated all their deficiencies, but also paid the plaintiff for material damage.

Typically, utility workers refuse to carry out repairs at the entrance. They say that this is supposedly not their responsibility. But this is not true at all. According to the Rules and Standards for the Technical Maintenance of Housing Stock, the building management company is obliged to restore walls, ceilings and floor coverings.

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How to force the management company to make repairs at the entrance?

There will always be a remedy for the unfair work of the management company. only two options by which you can force the management company to make repairs:

It is possible that representatives of the management company will still take the owners’ claim seriously. And they will begin to actively develop a plan for carrying out repair work. However, this does not always happen, and in some situations only a trial can bring unscrupulous utility workers to their senses.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions

To do this, you need to correctly draw up a claim and send it to the organization’s address. Algorithm of actions:

  1. We come to the management company office and ask for a plan for carrying out repair work.
  2. We are making a claim. It must include all the work that the organization must perform.
  3. We write in a separate line the requirement to reduce payment for services. If they do not fulfill their duties to the proper extent, let them receive an appropriate reward for this.
  4. We indicate the exact period within which management company employees are obliged to carry out all necessary repair work.
  5. We certify the claim from other residents of the entrance by affixing personal signatures of each.
  6. We send the document to the office of the management company.

You can find out all the details about how to write an application to the management company for repairs here, and in what time frame you should receive an answer, read here.

Application to the housing office for replacement of windows in the entrance

They are apparently produced in the same nursery. The more people living in the house file a complaint, the faster the utility companies will be required to fix the problem. Dear Galina Petrovna, I have a question about a “thorny issue” - technical basements in apartment buildings. Wherever I have addressed this issue, they shrug their shoulders, answering that such a procedure is not prescribed anywhere. I know that the installation of water and sewerage into the house is paid in full by the owner of the house. Yes, the larger the room, the more garbage, but in a place where no one lives, there is no garbage. The joints of the handrail inserts must be welded and cleaned. Proklova, a limited liability company, but with unlimited possibilities - this is definitely about our management company!

What will the state pay for during major repairs, and what will the residents pay for? Lomonosova, 57 UK - MUP "ZHEU" failure to carry out routine repairs is explained by the presence of a huge debt for work to replace heating risers in 2006, which began in January in thirty-degree frost. which were allegedly carried out in debt to any meeting of owners, the repair of the heating risers was not carried out, and the very need to replace the pipes was caused by the fact that due to the unsatisfactory work of the utilities, the heating system of the house was unfrozen. Registration of common property and the rights of owners to it is primary. According to Federal Law No. 21. After completing the work, residents of the entrance receive notices to pay for housing and communal services, where they are billed for current repairs. Do not offer Chinese bamboo wood. The entrance to the house is in terrible condition, the walls are peeling, damp, broken bricks are visible in some places, there is a plaque on the walls in some places that looks like mold or mildew 2. In what time frame should repair work be carried out to seal the interpanel seams after the apartment is flooded with rainfall? ?

What are the repair responsibilities?

The repair work that must be carried out at each entrance includes the following items:

  • wall treatment before painting (putty, primer, etc.);
  • painting walls;
  • ceiling preparation;
  • painting the ceiling;
  • repair of the vestibule, entrance to the entrance;
  • repair of entrance canopies;
  • replacement of glass in windows;
  • replacement of windows, frames and other window-related repairs;
  • repair, painting, inserting locks, replacing mailboxes;
  • repair of flooring and its individual parts;
  • painting, repair and replacement of batteries;
  • painting, repairing and replacing railings;
  • repair work related to garbage chute breakdowns;
  • repair work of lighting devices, as well as replacement of lamps, fixtures, etc.

If we talk about major repairs, then the repair of the entrance has nothing to do with it. The overhaul includes:

  1. Basement renovation.
  2. Roof repair. You will learn how to write an application for roof repair after a leak in another article.
  3. Repair work related to malfunctioning elevator.
  4. Facade and foundation of the house.

Entrance repairs are considered routine repairs, not major repairs.

If the Criminal Code refuses

There are times when you can hear a refusal from managers due to the fact that this is not part of their responsibilities. However, they can carry out repair work for a fee. It is also a very common excuse that these services are not specified in the concluded agreement. All these excuses are a direct violation of Russian legislation.

Moreover, the resolution clearly states that repair work must be carried out at least once every five years. Moreover, the management organization is obliged to repair the entrance, even if this clause is not in the agreement.

A separate fee can and is legally charged from owners only for major home repairs. Everything related to the concept of “major repairs” is regulated by Article 166 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

For those who want to know what to do and where to go if the Criminal Code is inactive, we have prepared this article.

How to achieve it?

There are three options:

  1. Filing a claim (what types of claims are there?).
  2. Collective complaint addressed to the general director of the management company. Read about complaints and applications to the Criminal Code here.
  3. Proceedings in court. We talked about this in more detail here.

Sample application for replacement of entrance door

The housing office or any other management company must maintain the engineering and technical systems in an apartment building. Problems with heating, hot water, electricity, gas supply - no matter what the managers of management organizations say, they must still maintain this property using money from residents’ payments Other content housing For the most part, lawyers help draw up an application from residents for the repair of the entrance, guided by this particular category of mandatory services from the management organization.

  • Data that the management company must be guided by the norms of Art. No. 161 Housing Code of the Russian Federation - it is in this article that you can find information that the management organization is obliged to comply with the standards for creating favorable conditions for citizens to live in the houses under its jurisdiction.
  • It is not necessary to provide the full registration details of the management company, but it is possible.
  • It is worth adding the line: “In connection with the monthly payment of the payment document from the management company, I ask you to oblige the director of the organization, Full Name, to comply with the law and carry out routine repairs to the entrance, carry out cosmetic repairs, glaze the windows and repair the canopy.”

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How to write an application to the management company for the renovation of the entrance: sample and tips

It is better to file a complaint in three copies at once , with one redirected to the local administration. If the management company has not ignored your letter and is making contact, then we follow the algorithm:

  1. We are drawing up a list of works that must be approved by the general council of residents of the house.
  2. We enter the list into the defective list. This should be done carefully and very carefully, since the management company will carry out work according to this list. If you miss something, it will be your fault. Also, all work specified in the defective statement is covered by a guarantee.
  3. We draw up a work commencement act.

It is best to monitor the repair process yourself. Control is necessary so that during the work you do not miss those details that may be associated with the overhaul and relate directly to it.
And, if unplanned additional work is confirmed, you will have to pay a separate fee for it. It is also necessary to carefully check whether workers are removing accumulated waste. If something is forgotten or not seen, you should remind and make comments. Otherwise, you will have to do it yourself. After completion of the repair work, a document is drawn up, which is called an acceptance certificate.

At whose expense are cosmetic repairs carried out?

Cosmetic work at the entrance is carried out at the expense of the management company in one case - there is an agreement with the organization, which contains this condition.
If there is no such clause in the paper, then the repairs will have to be done on your own.

Such work is considered planned. They are held once every five years. Repairs are preceded by wear checks.

Unscheduled work is also possible, but to carry it out, residents must organize a general meeting at which a statement is drawn up to the housing office. The request for routine repairs of the housing and communal services entrance must be collective.

What does porch renovation include?

It also indicates the frequency of repairs to housing and communal services entrances - once every three or five years. The exact frequency depends on the type of building.

Let's consider the composition of cosmetic work:

  • painting and whitewashing of walls, ceiling structures;

  • eliminating cracks;

  • painting the railings;
  • glazing works;
  • installation of new doors;
  • restoration of floor covering;
  • restoring mailboxes or installing new ones;
  • lamp replacement;
  • repair of visors;
  • replacement of waste chute elements.

The list of services for major repairs is set out in Article 166 of the Housing Code.

This list includes:

  • restoration of the building foundation;
  • repair of utilities;
  • restoration of the facade, basements.

The list is not exhaustive. Below we will talk about how to correctly write an application to the housing and communal services for the repair of the entrance (a sample is attached below).

What are we complaining about?

Important! Please keep in mind that:

  • Each case is unique and individual.
  • A thorough study of the issue does not always guarantee a positive outcome. It depends on many factors.

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Each resident of an apartment building receives a payment once a month from the management company. It contains a column for housing maintenance and repair. What exactly do we pay for?

First you need to understand that the main document by which lawyers can track the relationship between the owners of apartments in the building and the management organization is the contract for managing the building. It is concluded with each of the residents. It must also spell out the requirements, which in turn must be fulfilled by representatives of the management organization. Often such an agreement is not concluded.

No problem. In any case, the responsibilities of the management company are spelled out in Government Decree No. 290. Primary requirements:

The management company must maintain the load-bearing structures of the apartment building in proper conditionProblems with the foundation and walls, stairs and beams may be a reason to write an application for repairs to the entrance to the management company. Yes - because stairs are both an integral part of the house and part of the common property located in the entrance.
The housing office or any other management company must maintain engineering and technical systems in an apartment buildingProblems with heating, hot water, electricity, gas supply - no matter what the managers of management organizations say, they still have to maintain this property using money from residents’ payments
Other housing maintenanceFor the most part, lawyers help draw up an application from residents for entrance repairs, guided by this particular category of mandatory services from the management organization. This includes cleaning the entrance and keeping it in order. Plus – maintenance of the local area and land plot of an apartment building.


Current repairs of entrances to apartment buildings, in accordance with Resolution No. 290, include:

  • Maintaining walls and ceilings in standard condition - painting, whitewashing them
  • The railings at the entrance should be maintained similarly.
  • Window frames, doors and the elevator must also be in good condition, including painted
  • Glazing of windows, plus work to eliminate cracks and gaps between walls and frames
  • Maintaining and replacing doors between the entrance and the street

This is ongoing repairs that should be carried out without reminders from residents. There are also repairs at the request of residents in various critical and controversial situations. Let's look at this below.


Residents often ask questions about the premises in the hallways, which seem to relate to both the common property of the house and the apartments. This:

  • Tambours in houses with “Czech” and “hotel” layouts
  • Small premises on the ground floor in “Khrushchev” and “Brezhnevka” buildings
  • Attic spaces in modern houses
  • Technical floors in nine-story buildings built in 1980-2000.

You need to understand that everything that does not belong to the area of ​​the apartment is, accordingly, common property. Therefore, you can safely justify your demands with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation if the management company begins to invent excuses for its inaction. And yes, you can also write an application to the Criminal Code for cosmetic repairs of the entrance - it will also be illegal to refuse such requests. Therefore, we feel free to write an application, for example, for cosmetic repairs of the entrance, and indicate the necessary premises. A sample can be viewed on our website below.

Everything that is not included in the area of ​​the apartment is common property.

Entrance canopy

A frequent stumbling block is the canopy over the exit from the entrance. Representatives of the management company sometimes say that they will not maintain it, since it is property outside the home. In fact, in this situation they are wrong:

  • They are obliged to repair the entrance canopy as well as the entrance itself and any other property in the apartment building.
  • A collapsed canopy in the entrance threatens the health of the residents of the house and their guests, so it is the direct responsibility of the management company to keep it in order.

But - if the canopy is not included in the general plan of the house, but is installed illegally, then the application for repair of the canopy over the entrance may not be satisfied for completely legal reasons. Therefore, be careful in your requirements.

Broken windows

People often ask whether it is correct to write an application for routine repairs of entrances if their windows are broken. On the one hand, representatives of the management organization may state that this is not the general maintenance of the house, since the windows are broken and have not fallen into disrepair for natural reasons. On the other hand, these are not the residents’ problems. Why?

  • The management organization must keep the entrances in order, and windows are included in the list of non-load-bearing structures in an apartment building.
  • It is the management company that must contact the police regarding broken windows due to hooligan actions of a known or unknown person
  • And the management company must civilly recover from the culprit the cost of replacing the windows.

To put it simply, even if the hooligan who broke the windows is known, the management company first repairs the windows, and only then deals with this hooligan. Residents should not be concerned about the problems of the management company when fulfilling the mandatory requirements for maintaining the property of an apartment building.

Application to housing and communal services for the repair of an entrance: sample and features of preparation

The application is drawn up in free form and signed by all owners at the general meeting. A sample can be taken at the Criminal Code office.

The application requires:

  1. Make a list of all items that need repair. You can supplement the description with photographs.

  2. Indicate the dates on which the last scheduled repairs were carried out.
  3. Specify deadlines for fulfilling the owners' requirements.

The appeal is submitted to the secretariat department of the Criminal Code; it is advisable to make a copy of it with a note about registration of incoming ones. This paper will be required if necessary to resolve the issue through other authorities.

After the management company has received the application, an assessment commission is sent to inspect the entrance. She checks the condition of the room. If it is emergency, cosmetic repairs are replaced by major ones. An act of commencement of work is drawn up.

How to force housing and communal services to make repairs?

Let’s say you know how to write an application to the housing and communal services for the repair of an entrance (a sample is attached above) and you wrote it. However, the management company may simply not respond to the actions of residents. How to force housing and communal services to make repairs at the entrance?

  • An application is drawn up from all owners addressed to the head of the management company. The shape of the paper is arbitrary. It duplicates the demands of residents;

  • a complaint is being drawn up about the inaction of the Criminal Code. You can send it to the housing inspectorate or district administration;
  • The last resort is going to court. It is better if a lawyer handles the claim.

Complaints can be sent to the following authorities:

  1. city ​​housing and communal services department (an inspection must be carried out based on the results of the application).
  2. Consumer Rights Protection Department.
  3. Prosecutor's office.

Residents will need to prove that they tried to resolve the issue pre-trial, but the company did not respond to the submitted appeals.

If the housing and communal services are regularly inactive, you can change your management company. This decision is made at a collective meeting of residents.

How to arrange them correctly?

The easiest document to prepare is an application from residents for entrance repairs.

It must contain a request to repair the entrance, indicating the necessary changes and the approximate date of the last repair, with the obligatory justification of the requirements by the norms of the Housing Code.

Be sure to indicate the date of its compilation and verify it with the signatures of the persons applying with an expression of will. An application for the need for repair work is drawn up on an A4 sheet and can be written on behalf of several owners or one citizen.

A complaint about poor-quality repairs at the entrance must necessarily contain a list of violations committed and a requirement to eliminate them (to confirm the violations, a report is drawn up, described in detail in paragraph 110 (1) of the Rules for the provision of utility services).

X. The procedure for establishing the fact of provision of utility services of inadequate quality and (or) with interruptions exceeding the established duration

110(1). If the contractor fails to carry out the inspection within the time limit established in paragraph 108 of these Rules, as well as if it is impossible to notify him of the fact of a violation of the quality of the services provided due to improper organization of the work of the 24-hour emergency service, the consumer has the right to draw up a report on the quality of the provided utility services in the absence of the contractor. In this case, the specified act is signed by at least 2 consumers and the chairman of the board of an apartment building in which a partnership or cooperative has not been created, the chairman of the partnership or cooperative if the management of the apartment building is carried out by a partnership or cooperative. (clause 110(1) introduced by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 16, 2013 N 344)

This document is confirmed by the owners of the property in the apartment building and sent to the management company, and if there is no response from it, to higher authorities.

When drawing up a contract between the management company and the contractor company, it is worth paying attention to the start and end times of repair work, as well as the presence of several stages of acceptance and transfer of work performed and the compliance of the contractual estimate of the work required for execution with the list that was previously agreed upon with the management company.

In the process of drawing up an acceptance certificate for repair work, carefully check for defects and, if they are found, describe them in this document, indicating the need to eliminate them in order to accept the work and the period within which they must be eliminated.

All these documents will allow you to successfully complete the ongoing repair process and monitor its completion. Remember - you have every right to do this.

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Nowadays, you can often find houses whose entrances have not been renovated for many years. It’s scary to enter such entrances. Peeling walls, mold on the ceiling and broken mailboxes are terrifying, creating an unpleasant atmosphere.

At the same time, residents of this entrance, repeatedly turning to the management organization with requests to carry out repairs, are refused. We will explain in detail how to write a statement to force the management company to fulfill its duties in this article.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve legal issues, but each case is unique.

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Alternative option

If the management company is in no hurry to act, and the entrance needs urgent repairs, you can do it at your own expense. It is extremely important to keep all receipts for the purchase of repair materials.
After the work is completed, these checks are submitted to the management company with a claim for reimbursement of costs. If the company refuses to pay, the owners have every legal basis to go to court. You can recover from the company not only the costs of the residents, but also compensation for moral damage.

Action plan for emergency repair units of housing and communal services

If an emergency condition of the entrance is detected, a complaint should also be filed. After this, the evaluation commission is obliged to conduct an inspection. Based on its results, emergency repair work is carried out.

It is possible and necessary to influence management companies. This is done through written requests. Typically, the situation is resolved at the stage of submitting an application to the head of the management company. If the organization does not respond to complaints, it is better to change it.

Repairing entrances, how to get a management company to do it?

If the house is under the control of a management company, then, naturally, the management company (or HOA, housing cooperative) is the first authority to contact if the entrance needs repairs. You can also, of course, write a statement to the Housing Office. But let's look at all the options in order!

  • Who should do repairs at the entrance, where to go

According to official regulations, repairs at the entrances of apartment buildings are the responsibility of management companies.

However, there are often cases when these organizations refuse to fulfill these obligations, citing, for example, a lack of funds or the absence of a corresponding clause in the contract. You should know that in this case it is not the contract that is in force, but the legislation: specifically, the Rules and Standards for the Technical Operation of the Housing Stock, which clearly indicate the frequency of repairs, and also directly indicate the fact that it is the management company that must ensure compliance with the approved frequency of carrying out the relevant repair work .

  • Frequency of repairs to entrances

According to the above-mentioned “Rules...”, management companies must ensure that repair work is carried out every five years, and if necessary, even more often. In the event of an emergency condition of the entrance equipment (windows, frames, staircases, steps and railings, walls, ceiling, window glass, etc.), residents have the right to demand that the management organization take measures to eliminate these problems.

When drawing up an appeal to the Criminal Code, you should take into account the difference between the concepts of “current”, “cosmetic” and “major” repairs: the differences between these types of repairs are indicated below.

  • Current repairs of the entrance to an apartment building according to standards

According to the standards, current repairs of the entrance include the following work:

  • driveway canopy repair
  • reconstruction of stairs and railings;
  • replacement of window frames and glass;
  • work to renew the covering of walls and ceilings;
  • repair/replacement of entrance flooring;
  • repair of electrical wires, replacement of lighting fixtures, lamps;
  • restoration of garbage chute functions;
  • replacement/repair of mailboxes;
  • reconstruction of electrical switchboard areas.
  • Cosmetic renovation of the entrance - what is included in it

Redecoration of entrances should include the following renovation work:

  • plastering and finishing of ceilings and walls;
  • elimination of cracks and crevices;
  • updating the paint on the railings;
  • if necessary, replacement of dilapidated structures (doors, frames);
  • porch repair.
  • Major renovation of the entrance

Major repairs of the entrance should cover the following responsibilities of the management company:

  • roof replacement;
  • foundation repair;
  • replacement of elevator equipment;
  • repair work on façade finishing;
  • repair work in the basement of the entrance.
  • How much does it cost to renovate an entrance?

Depending on the complexity of the repair, the condition of the premises and the volume of repair work, prices for repairs at the entrance can vary significantly.

The exact cost of repair work and finishing of entrances can only be calculated when drawing up a detailed estimate.

  • How to achieve repairs at the entrance

The first step towards urgently needed repairs at the entrance should be to contact the management organization directly. The decision to send such an appeal is best made at a general meeting of residents, providing it with appropriate arguments.

If for some reason the management company refuses to comply with its direct responsibilities for carrying out renovation work, you will have to contact higher authorities.

  • We are writing a letter to the management company for the repair of the entrance

So, the first priority action for receiving the premises repair services due to the residents of the entrance is a letter to the Criminal Code with a requirement to carry out repairs. The claim must contain all the necessary arguments and specify all types of repair work that residents want to receive from the management company.

In addition, it should be indicated what the maximum period of time is allotted to the management organization to make the relevant decision and enforce it (the minimum period in this case is 15 days).

The claim, drawn up in at least two copies, must be certified by the signatures of the residents.

  • Letter to the roof repair management company

The roof of a house can be a source of trouble for residents of the upper floors: leaks of various types can impair the quality of living and cause damage to personal property. The situation with roof repairs is complicated by the fact that the funds allocated by the residents of the house for major repairs must be evenly distributed among all major repair items (see list above), so at the right time there may be a shortage of funds specifically for roof repairs.

In any case, this problem should be resolved by sending a letter to the management company outlining the need to repair the roof.

  • Sample application to the Housing Office for entrance repairs

It is important that the application for repair work corresponds to the established template and contains all the necessary information.

A sample of such an application to the housing office can be borrowed directly from the housing maintenance office in charge of the house. Today, similar samples are also freely available on the Internet.

  • Application to the Criminal Code for entrance repairs, sample

An application to the management company about the need to repair the entrance is usually drawn up in free form. The application contains information about the problem with a request to solve the problem.

An extremely clear document will significantly reduce the time it takes to consider an application in cases where it was not possible to agree on repairs with the management organization, and the application is transferred to the housing inspectorate or court.

  • How to force the management company to make repairs

If there was no response to the residents’ letter to the management organization, or the management company refused to carry out repair work, in order to oblige the management company to carry out repairs, first of all, care should be taken to send a complaint to the housing inspectorate. The retaliatory claims of the management company, citing, for example, the debt of some residents to pay for housing and communal services, in fact, have nothing to do with legal argumentation; requirements for the repair of the entrance, on the contrary, represent the legal right of residents.

Entrance repairs, broken windows and tiles: where to go and what to do

“Usually utility companies refuse to carry out repairs at the entrance.” I will say more, they are not obliged to make repairs at the entrance, because it is done by “housing and communal services” (Housing and communal services - Housing and communal services - Housing workers maintain and manage the housing stock, and public utilities supply resources: water, gas, electricity (RSO). From your words, it is necessary to force Vodokanal or Heating Network to do repairs. Residents do not refuse to fulfill their obligations under the management agreement, they do not have such an opportunity. I will explain with an example: MKD, "point", 12 floors, 66 sq. 1984. The amount of accruals for line current repairs: 196,000 rubles (emergency work 25% of the amount) “cheerful neighbors”, graffiti lovers, etc. 1. cosmetic repairs of the staircase from 250 thousand rubles 2. replacement of the hot water supply riser, cold water supply - 86 thousand. rub. 3. bottling of hot water, hot water (bottom, top) - 180 thousand rubles. The plan for current repairs is drawn up at annual meetings of owners. Attendance of the chairman and council of the apartment building + 5-8 residents (this is the real maximum.) Even if in person -by absentee voting, a decision was made not to do cosmetics, but to change the windows; the management company cannot object to them (the owners’ money!). There were examples when the Criminal Code fined the State Housing Inspectorate for failure to comply with an order, based on the proposed complaints for precisely this reason. The average management company has 100 houses (more than 15 thousand inhabitants) - you are proposing the usual sabotage of the management company’s work (processing one request takes quite a lot of time). It is necessary to encourage people to actively take part in the life and fate of their home, and not create complainants (GZHI is now overwhelmed with such work).

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We will answer right away - it should, based on the Rules and Standards for the Technical Operation of the Housing Stock that we have already mentioned. Housing department employees must repair any damage to the floors immediately.

What papers need to be drawn up to repair the entrance?

Firstly, for the successful start of the repair process, the will of the owners of the residential areas of the apartment building will be required, expressed in the form of an application for repairs at the entrance to the management company in simple written form.
An application to the housing department for repairs to the entrance is written in the name of the management of the management company under whose jurisdiction your apartment building is assigned.

How to write an application to the housing office for the repair of an entrance: you can see a sample below.

Secondly, after the application is accepted by the person obligated to repair the entrance, it is necessary to draw up a list of what needs to be replaced during the repair process.

Thirdly, you need to select a contractor company for the repair work being carried out, and monitor the content of the contract concluded with it.

Finally, during the repair you will need to prepare acceptance certificates for the work performed, and if various types of violations of the quality of the services provided are detected, you will need to file a complaint about the provision of poor-quality services.

Application to the housing office to replace the door at the entrance

In an apartment, such places are the corridor, kitchen, bathroom and bathroom. Repairing common areas and maintaining them in proper condition is the common responsibility of all residents and is regulated by law.

How to draw up and submit an application to the Housing Office? The quality of services provided by housing workers leaves much to be desired, so you need to fight for your rights by filing complaints and statements, the more, the better. If, for example, there is an accident in an apartment and a person submits a request to the dispatcher for a mechanic to come out, then naturally he will come running, because this is his additional income - a hack job.

When might they be needed?

A letter to the management company for the repair of the entrance from the homeowners in writing, sent to the address of the legal entity obligated to take steps to repair the entrance, is a mandatory element of the beginning of the process under consideration.
A list of what needs to be eliminated during repairs appears after the stage of acceptance of the application and is necessary for the correct drawing up of the contract.

The latter is concluded after coordination of actions with the person organizing the repair and follows the choice of a contractor that suits the parties involved in this process.

Acceptance and transfer certificates are a mandatory element of control over the execution of a work contract (Chapter 37 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), and can be met either once - upon completion of the entire scope of work, or several times if repairs are carried out in several stages.

With their help, you can monitor the implementation of the work specified in the contract and the quality of its execution.


There are two ways to influence the management organization, which management company representatives prefer to remain silent about.

  • Meeting of owners of residential premises of apartment buildings and a decision on carrying out any types of repairs
  • Application for repair of the entrance from the owner of the residential premises to the management organization

Laws in the housing sector provide for priority management of the house by the residents themselves. Representatives of management organizations often talk about this. But current housing repairs - glazing of windows, repairs in the entrance premises, canopy - all this must be maintained in standard condition and without the intervention of a meeting of residents. That is why any home owner can write an application for repairs to the entrance to the management organization. This will be even more correct.

Complaint to the Criminal Code

By default, it is incorrect to assume that the management company will not repair the entrance and in every possible way avoid fulfilling its responsibilities for maintaining the house. But it would be legally correct to write not just a statement, but a statement-complaint, with which you can then immediately go to the inspection authorities.

Before filing a complaint, collect evidence. For example, photographs of a destroyed visor or broken windows.

How to write

Writing an application for renovation of an entrance to an apartment building is quite simple. In fact, it is prepared in free form. But it will be correct to comply with the norms of civil law.

  • We prepare the application on a regular A4 sheet.
  • First, we draw up a header - write where exactly the application goes. For example: “To the manager, address is such and such a city, such and such a street, such and such a house.” The name of the management company can be found on the payment slip that comes to you monthly for housing payments
  • The word “Statement” and let’s get to the point. “I, full name, owner of apartment No. N in the building at (indicate the address) ask you to fulfill the obligations imposed by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 290 and to fulfill the obligations for maintaining the property of an apartment building. In particular…". And then we describe the essence of the claims.
  • You need to specifically, but without emotion, describe the problems that need to be eliminated. There is no need to write that it is cold in the entrance because the windows are broken. Need: “I demand glazing in entrance No. 1 of building No., since this requirement is specified in resolution No. 290.” There are no emotions, there are no causes or consequences - you simply demand that the management company do their job.
  • Add evidence of your words to the application - photographs of what requires repair
  • Enter the date, provide your details – full name and address, contact phone number. Sign it.

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A sample application for the repair of an entrance can be found on our website ().

Representatives of the management organization must respond to your application within a month. There are two ways to transfer paper:

  • Make two copies of the application to the Criminal Code for the repair of the entrance and take it to the office of the management organization. The secretary must put a date stamp indicating that the application has been accepted for consideration. If you are refused, don’t waste your time and move on to option number 2
  • Just send it to the address of the management organization, which you can find out from your monthly payment receipt by mail. Send by registered mail with a valuable inventory - this way you can then prove that there was definitely a complaint.

That's the whole algorithm of actions. Let's repeat:

  • Collecting evidence
  • We study a sample application to the UK for the repair of an entrance
  • We transfer it to the management company
  • We are waiting 30 days for the results of the repair.

If nothing happens, it’s time to start influencing the management organization with regulatory authorities.

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