registration in the SNT cadastre
How to register a land plot in cadastral registration in 2020
SNT is an abbreviation that stands for “garden non-profit partnership.” The organization allocates land plots (LP)
What is included in the development area of ​​a land plot?
Concept and meaning What is the building area, which should be determined as for a residential building,
Why is it necessary to have a cadastral passport for an apartment?
Why is it needed Dear readers! The article talks about typical ways to resolve legal issues,
Repeated Surveying In Which Cases
Land surveying: the price of the issue and the cost of land Taking into account innovations in legislation, those who have planned
Illustration for the article: registration of private household plots for land ownership documents. vegetable garden lph
How to register a house on a private plot
What is a private plot? We register a private plot as a property. How to get land for a private plot for free. How much?
buying land with a house
How to get a tax deduction To return money from personal income tax paid, you must follow the step-by-step instructions.
Do pensioners pay land tax in 2019 - latest news
How to apply for land tax benefits for pensioners, large families and other categories of taxpayers eligible for this
What documents are needed? If you belong to one of the categories of beneficiaries, you will need a document proving
Transfer of land from agricultural use
Transfer of agricultural land to SNT Before starting the procedure for transferring land between categories, establish
Determining the value of real estate
Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia) dated March 18, 2011 N 113 Moscow “On approval of the procedure for determining the cadastral value of real estate objects
Home Business Services Valuation of cadastral value is an issue that worries many and
obtaining land ownership for free
Land ownership - what is it?
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