The tenant does not bear the costs of maintaining the common property.

Every electricity consumer needs a meter replacement; The question: who should change and at whose expense this is done is very relevant. The reason may be a breakdown of the meter or the end of its service life. The subscriber does not have the right to install/dismantle the control equipment independently. Otherwise, the sales company may regard this as an attempt to hide the deception.

The replacement of the electricity meter must be carried out by a qualified and authorized specialist. The work is carried out on the basis of an application previously submitted to the institution supplying electricity.

Housing Code - replacing the electric meter

Servicing a device for metering consumed kilowatts is the responsibility of the service company or utility supplier. The order of installation of meters is specified:

  • in the Civil Code;
  • in Federal Law No. 261, adopted on November 23, 2009;
  • in Government Decrees No. 491 and No. 530, issued in 2006.

Monitoring the current condition of devices, timely verification and maintenance are the responsibilities of energy supply structures and management companies. The need to replace the meter is usually reported to the property owner. If we are talking about privatized square meters, then the owner is obliged to pay the costs. The local administration is responsible for maintaining housing provided under a social rental agreement.

Who should change the electricity meter in a privatized apartment?

Residents of privatized apartments where the device is located indoors bear full financial responsibility for the condition of the device. That is, all costs for the purchase, repair and maintenance of the meter are borne by the owner of the privatized apartment. He has the right to choose the time for maintenance of the device, and also to refuse to replace it, but at the same time pay an increased tariff.

There are times when it is necessary to change an electricity meter located outside a residential premises, for example, in the entrance of an apartment building. Then all costs are borne by the management company, the energy supply company or a third-party company that has entered into an agreement with them, since it is common property.

The exact rights and obligations, as well as the procedure for replacing the electric meter in a privatized apartment, are specified in the agreement between the homeowner and the energy supply company. It must clearly indicate who should change the electricity meters in a privatized apartment.

Who should install or change electricity meters?

Replacement or verification of metering devices located on landings in an apartment building must be carried out by a service organization, in agreement with power engineers. If control equipment is installed inside a living space, then the question often arises: who is the owner of the accounting device?

On the landing

The procedure for replacing electric energy meters often leads to conflict situations. If the device is installed within a living space, then the owner of the square meters will have to pay for the installation work. The responsibility for maintaining and replacing equipment installed in a common place lies with the chairman of the management company.

Important: the responsibility for replacing electric meters can be shifted to the residents of a multi-storey apartment building, so before signing an agreement with the management company, you need to carefully read each point.

In the apartment

If the metering control device reflects incorrect information or its operational life has expired, a written application must be submitted. Doing work on your own to remove old equipment and install new equipment is prohibited by law. The sales company may impose an administrative penalty on the violator.

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Tip of the day from ⚠️How to trust an electric meter?⁉️ First it must be dismantled. To do this you need to call a specialist. Then take the meter to TsSM, pay about 800 rubles and wait two weeks. Attention - for verification you need a PASSPORT for the metering device, in which a verification mark is placed. Afterwards, pick up the meter and again ask the electrician to install it. When everything is done, you need to go to the energy sales organization and fill out an application to put the device into operation. All you have to do is wait for the inspector to come to you and seal the meter.. ⚠️During the time you did not have a meter, you will be charged according to the standard. Is it worth checking the meter? You decide. But in most cases, it is easier to replace a regular apartment meter with a new one. This will save time and money. ☝In our company, the replacement price along with the meter itself is 1600 rubles.

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